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Make Your Friends Smile :)

My friends Gogo and Wilma recently put up a couple of pictures on Gogo’s blog, in which they were sporting some really cute pink t-shirts intended to brighten a friend’s day and make her smile.  I thought it was really sweet of them so I got one of the Team Lizzie t-shirts, too 😀

T Junction Team Lizzie 01

I don’t even really know Lizzie except for what I see on her blog from time to time, as well as from all the hard work she puts into helping run the iheartsl bloggers group. Something about seeing my friends wearing these pink Team Lizzie t-shirts just kind of spoke to me, though; I guess it made me reflect on friendships and relationships. Let’s face it, SL is like any other community and will have moments of toxicity and it can be pretty easy to dwell on that.  In the end, however, what’s really worth the expenditure of our energy?  Not the negativity and drama fests, that’s for sure.

T Junction Team Lizzie 02

And so, yeah, while my wearing the Team Lizzie t-shirt is an acknowledgement of Lizzie and all her colorful commentary, great blog pics, and her contributions toward making the iheartsl bloggers group work, I’m also wearing the t-shirt in this post because I feel compelled to acknowledge the other message that’s behind it:  that there are good people out there who have their friends’ backs and are willing to proclaim it to everyone.

Yeah, I realize I might be sounding a wee bit Pollyanna-ish right now, lol.  But you know, when someone does something simple like put up a plurk saying “Hey, I really like you a lot :)” (something I’ve learnt from personal experience with Carson 😀  haha) or make a t-shirt letting you know they’re rooting for you… it just feels really, really good.  And I like being a part of that, even if it’s just peripherally and with a t-shirt.

Okay… on a side note, I’m becoming addicted to making my own poses for specific blog posts.  I made four for this particular post and I’m going to make them free just for this weekend at my store! I’ll probably have them up sometime later tonight. ❤

GE 2010.02.05 team lizzie

Other credits…

T-shirt – T Junction, Team Lizzie custom t-shirt (T Junction will create custom tees)
Hair – Truth, Caroline (tinted the barrettes to match t-shirt)
Glasses – HOC, Rectangle Framed Glasses
Jeans – Armidi, Grace Jeans
Shoes – Detour, Mixflip Sneakers – Pink Hearts
Earrings – Diamond Studs from Vivienne Graves, unreleased
My skin is from LAQ.

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“Questionable Ethics”

My friend Vivienne Graves just directed me to an interesting posting on her blog, Second Impressions.

Apparently she and another friend happened across a store that engages in some rather questionable business practices. This particular shop sells hats, and some pretty cool-looking ones at that. Upon closer inspection of these hats, however, one makes some unexpected discoveries:

My friend Morrigan Repine alerted me to a shop owned by one Chigadee London, called ‘Couture Chapeau’, which seems to be…well, I don’t want to say ‘ripping off’, so let’s say ‘inspired by’ Megg Demina’s justly praised Chapeau Tres Mignon. Ms London has a variety of hats for sale here, some that are rather striking…but if you do what we did and inspect the objects on display, you’ll see that most of the striking detail work is not Ms London’s, but was sourced from full-perms items by other content creators. For instance, the feather detail on the ‘Faerie Feathers’ hat, priced at L$400, turns out, on closer inspection, to be the work of Mistress Midnight, from her ‘Lace Wings’.

Inspecting the prims of the other hats on display (you’ll have to be quick, as they’re all on a temp-rez cycle) reveals that the butterfly on the ‘Secret Garden’ hat is the work of Saajuk Bogomil; the feather on the ‘Petite Caponita’ hat is by Natalia Zelmanov; the tassels on the shoes on sale in the shop are by Siggy Romulus; part of the detail on the ‘Callas Chapeau’ is the work of Billie Sunchaser; and the rose on the ‘Black Rose Chapeau’ is by Logan Bauer.

~ Vivienne Graves on Second Impressions

After reading Vivienne’s post, I decided to take a look for myself to confirm what she’d written. The right-click > inspect function does not lie :p Here are a couple of screenshots I took that will back up what she’s stated (clicking them will take you to flickr where there are larger versions of these images):

questionable ethics 01

questionable ethics 02

I take a very similar stance to Vivienne when it comes to modifying items in SL. I feel that if you’ve paid for something and it comes with Modify permissions, then you are free to unlink, relink, and alter the hell out of that item if you so desire, even to the point of Frankenstein-ing it with other items… you paid for it, mod perms have been granted, and *it’s yours* to do with as you see fit.

What, however, about this turning around and reselling products that contain parts cannibalized from other content creators’ works? It is true that we see creative collaborations all the time in SL (i.e., talented animator and celebrated fashion designer get together and put out a new purse that comes with a purse-carrying AO; knowledgeable scripter and innovative builder create a revolutionary product that forever alters the manner in which people photograph themselves in SL). In these cases, arrangements between the parties involved were obviously made and agreed upon before the items were ever entered into the market.

Does the granting of mod perms on an item for sale automatically imply this kind of agreement? Can I take that hairstyle in my inventory with the mod perms, unlink it to my heart’s content (pun not intended there), re-link selected prims from that hairstyle with other prims I’ve either collected from yet other hairstyles or created on my own, and then turn around and sell my newly modified project? By granting me mod permissions on that hairstyle, did the original hairstyle’s designer grant me permission to take individual prims out of her work to place in another object for resale?

I honestly believe that common sense would answer to this is a resounding, emphatic “NO”.

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