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Vogel Swimwear

I’ve blogged about Schrottvogel Wei of SJA Customboards in the past — twice, to be exact. I’m a fan of his swimwear, so I was pleased to find out that the new shop called Vogel that was being set up at Juicy Del Mar is actually his latest venture. I really don’t blog much these days because my SL has become really busy, but I couldn’t let the opening of his new store pass by without sharing the news with the few people who read here. ^_^

You can view larger versions of the following images on my flickrstream if you’re one of my contacts (add me and I’ll reciprocate ^^).

vogel 01

Vogel’s bikinis come in a wide variety of vibrant colors, interesting patterns, and eye-catching designs.  Seriously, he’s made a lot!  Featured in this post are some of my favorites.  ❤

vogel 02

And once again, I’m extremely appreciative of the fact that they manage to straddle that fence between cute and sexy.  The tie strings on the sides look hot, and the cut of the bikini bottoms is such that you’re adequately covered up; no bits or pubes hanging out!  (I really hate when that happens o.o)

vogel 03

You can find these and more at Vogel, located on Juicy Del Mar (Juicy Del Mar 95, 206, 25).

Other items I’m wearing:  Skins by Laqroki, M&R Cupcakes, and Gala.  Hair by Laqroki, Muism, and artilleri.  Eyes by Mela’s and Simtropia.

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Magnolia and Crochet

Okay, so I’ve been sitting on some of these images — the ones from Crochet, to be specific — since December. Yes, I’ve been meaning to post these for two months now. :p

Given the highly transient nature of a lot of SL businesses, I had to go back and make sure the store still existed, heh. The shops Crochet and Magnolia are apparently both owned by Magnolia Mayo (she has a third shop called Desiree Lingerie which is not featured in this posting).

I love cute dresses so I shall write about Magnolia first. ^_^ Her dresses are very affordable and the only items that I saw over 200L were wedding gown sets that included things like shoes, etc. If you’re a fan of dresses from places like Mimi Coral’s ❤ Cupcakes or Miko Omegamu’s *ICING*, then you might like some of what Magnolia has to offer.

First dress is my favorite, the Catavento dress in black and red:
Magnolia Catavento

This dress is also available in white with black details. I almost bought the white and black version because of Magnolia’s low prices; the only thing that stopped me was the fact that my inventory’s a mess right now (yay for insane quantities of Valentine’s freebies) and I’m afraid I’d buy the dress and then completely forget it even exists before I ever have the chance to wear it.

Next up is the Babado Mini Dress:

Magnolia Babado

The flirty, short hemline of this dress is what caught my eye. The ribbon attachment has a sash that extends past the hemline, making the shortness (and thus cuteness ^_^) of the dress even more pronounced. I initially had a bit of a problem adjusting the ribbon belt because of the perms (it was No Mod/Copy/Trans) but a fast IM to Magnolia Mayo solved that. She sent me a replacement bow soon after and I was able to edit it to fit my avi properly. I haven’t gone back t check if she’s updated her vendor with the modifiable bow but given how quickly she responded to my own IM, I wouldn’t worry about it.

One more dress I picked up is the purple Good Times dress, which came in a handful of other colors:

Magnolia Good Times

As I mentioned at the outset of this post, Magnolia also owns a shop called Crochet… and yes, it features items that sport crocheted textures. :p Lots of beachy, summery stuff in this shop.

My favorite item from Crochet is this candy bikini:

Crochet Candy

Crochet Candy II

The candy bikini is sexy as hell. When you wear the full set, it shows just as much skin as your average bikini, but holy cow it’s the *way* in which it exposes skin that makes it hot. The bikini top gives away an ample view of your avi’s “undercleavage” (not sure what else to call it) and those bikini thong strings riding up along your hips past the waistband of the skirt/shorts are all about emphasizing those feminine curves.

You can get more daring, in degrees, by removing the prim skirt and the pants layer shorts, leaving only an incredibly skimpy thong on, but be warned: if you don’t like the idea of your pubes showing from under a bikini (eww nasty), then make sure you’ve got a skin in your inventory that has a sparse amount of pubic hair, if any at all.

Last but not least is the Nanda dress in red:

Crochet Nanda

I liked the little yellow crocheted star details that line the hem of the flexi-prim skirt and the low waist of the pants layer. And just like at Magnolia, Crochet’s prices are low enough so that you can pick up a slew of sexy beach stuff without breaking the bank.

Other credits and SLURLs are after the cut.

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Rashguards at SJA Customboards

I blogged about Schrottvogel Wei’s new line of bikinis at SJA Customboards just a few weeks ago; if you haven’t visited his store yet then now’s a great time to do so because he’s just set out more goodies, this time in the form of really pretty short-sleeved rashguards.

The new rashguards are colored to coordinate very nicely with SJA Customboard’s existing inventory of bikinis, which is good news for you freebie hunters: remember that free blue bikini? Well, now you can get your hands on a matching blue rashguard, also for free.

Rashguards at SJACustomboards3

Vogel sent me several review copies of the rashguards a few days ago, and I liked them so much that I IM’d him a few times to ask when were they going to be available in his stores. Call me a pest but I was eager to grab the rest of the colors. :p

Rashguards at SJACustomboards

Rashguards at SJACustomboards5

Rashguards at SJACustomboards2

Rashguards at SJACustomboards4

The first thing that caught my eye about these are the colors and prints. The hues are vibrant and fun, and as I mentioned above they go perfect with the bikinis I bought previously. I also really like these rashguards because Vogel has imbued them with a good measure of realism. They appear to have a snug fit but not without looking like they’re stiff and/or literally painted on. The shading and highlights around the breasts, clavicle, and the shoulder blades is very nicely done, and I especially liked the gentle shading that runs along the spine. He’s put creases on the material in all the right places — they appear alongside the torso, between the breasts, and around the armpit juncture, just like you’d see on the real thing. There’s also some light nipple shading on these just as there’d been with the bikinis, and once again the shading is more apparent on certain colors (white, red, and black) than on others.

The rashguards come on the jacket layer, so if you’re a tattoo enthusiast you can still wear your tats on the shirt and undershirt layers and catch those massive winter waves in style. 😀

You can pick these up at SJA Customboards in Chi. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to grab the free blue one!

Additional info:   Skin – RaC, Tasha; Body Shape – Mela’s, forthcoming release; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Hair – /artilleri/, dayna v2 *pink blonde*; Tattoos – Red Ruin, Live Fast Die Young Tattoo Sleeve; Bracelets – Cake, 80’s Pop Bracelet

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