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New items at Mela’s

A new body shape is up at my shops in La Reina and LicoLico ^_^

Introducing akane, a modifiable body shape that comes packaged with ten skins, available for 500L.

poster akane 1024

If you’re not looking to get a new shape but enjoy collecting skins, then you can pick up the skins for 40L each. Better yet, you can save 50% by getting all ten skins in a fatpack for 200L.

skin fatpack 512

All skins are sold with three pubic hair options (bare, landing strip, and natural), and include a tintable eyebrow base. (Instructions on how to tint the eyebrows are included with the skins.)

Here are the makeups…

skin mermaid skin grocery run skin coffee candy skin cocoa break skin cherry bomb skin fantasy skin flamingo skin glam slam skin pink chocolates skin sorceress

I’ve also set out a new freebie ^^

skin elephant freebie

The freebie is also available at both my La Reina and LicoLico locations!

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Close-out sale on No Mod shapes

Non-modifiable shapes at Mela’s are soon going to be a thing of the past! I’ve decided to discontinue them.

Before I yank them from my shop space, I’m marking them down from L$200 to just L$50 each. Or, you can grab the fatpack containing eight No Modify shapes for L$200, which works out to only L$25 per shape.

sale_nomod 50L closeout

fatpack nomod closeout

I’m going to let this sale run until I’m ready to place the new batch of shapes I’ve been working on in the shop. I’ve no idea when this will happen; could be two days, could be a week, depending on what kinds of things come up during the week. 😀

You can grab these at my shop Mela’s, located in the La Reina sim.

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Three shapes and a freebie

Three new shapes in the store tonight… and one of them is a freebie! Hurry and grab your copy, because it won’t be free forever. ^_^ I am not sure how long I’ll leave the shape as a freebie; I never know how long I should time these things.

Let me show you the new shapes first, and then we’ll take a closer look at the shape that’s free. 😀

harcourt body shape

Harcourt is a willowy girl, standing tall and slender at 5’11”. Her generous pouty lips, coupled with large eyes and a dainty chin give her a unique look. The following images show her in full length, her facial profile, and in a dozen different skins:

harcourt poster

harcourt skinned 01 harcourt skinned 02 harcourt skinned 03 harcourt profile

aurora I body shape

Aurora I measures in at 5’9″. With her combination of generous curves, full luxurious lips, and pretty wide-set eyes, she is equal parts voluptuous vixen and sweet girl next door. Here she is in full length, her facial profile detailed, and in a wide variety of skins:

aurora I poster

aurora I profile aurora I skinned 01 aurora I skinned 02 aurora I skinned 03 aurora I skinned 04

aurora II body shape

Aurora II is 5’9″ and has the same attractive face (complete with full luxurious lips and pretty wide-set eyes) and the same basic “build” as aurora I, only there’s definitely more of her to love! Her shape was inspired by some of the lovely plus-size models that grace the world of fashion in RL.

Please note that nearly all of SL’s fashions are designed with the average, smaller avatar in mind. Because aurora II’s size is anything but average, you will most likely need to edit clothing articles and shoes/boots that come with prim attachments.

aurora II poster

aurora II profile aurora II skinned 01 aurora II skinned 02 aurora II skinned 03 aurora II skinned 04

All right, now about that freebie ^_^ The freebie I’m offering is the non-modifiable version of the aurora II body shape. The interesting mix of reactions that I got from friends who previewed this shape while I was still developing it was what led me to the decision to share aurora II with as many people as possible. She was shaped with “plus-sized” fashion models in mind, so although she isn’t anywhere near being obese she is definitely not a tiny girl. Here are some comparison shots so that you can see how she looks next to the aurora I shape:

aurora comp face

aurora comp body

If you’re in the mood for trying on a new shape, or if you’re a content creator toying with the idea of building clothing articles for a larger shaped avatar but never got around to developing a larger avi to design around… or heck, if you’re just plain curious about what it’s like to be a larger avi in SL, then stop by at my store in the La Reina sim and pick up your free aurora II shape. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, this offer will be good for a limited time only and then the shape will revert back to my standard L$200 price for non-modifiable shapes.

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mela’s fatpack

mela's fatpack

For a limited time only, I’m putting five modifiable body shapes in a single pack for only L$1,000. This package is available only at my main store in the La Reina sim (La Reina 154, 137, 24), and although I’m leaving the end date of this special sale open, I’m thinking I’ll probably end it Sunday night/Monday morning. If you’ve ever wanted to have a variety of body shapes, now’s the time to pick some up for really cheap!

mela's fatpack

Each modifiable and copyable shape comes with two dress shapes, a brow base, a copy of the poster texture and a notecard containing hair/skin/eyes information.

As I’ve said before, I tend to think of all of my shapes as my “babies”. 😀 I mean really, the analogy holds when I think about it — I lavish them with tons of attention, spending considerable amounts of time with (or rather, in) each one as I scrutinize their development, carefully correcting them and tweaking them for weeks before I feel they’re ready to go out into the world. I do not believe it’s possible for a shape to look good in *every* single skin that is out there, but it doesn’t hurt to try and achieve that anyways; therefore, I “test” my shapes in as many different skins as possible, painstakingly taking a picture of the shapes in each one and sharing the results in the notecards dispensed at my store. (My folder of skin demos is a mile long because of this.)

If you’d like more information on the shapes, visit my store in La Reina and click on the the posters for a notecard with all the pictures and details. Or, click on the following links to the various posts on my blog regarding these shapes:

pink lady body shape

the pixie body shape

crispin body shape

pacific rose body shape

patterson body shape

I’ve also been working on a new batch of shapes that I hope to release sometime next week. 😀

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martini glass… & oh yeah, the patterson shape :p

I’ve made a new machinima, yay! This video features a burlesque pink martini glass that your avi can swim in, and omigawd it is just too cute and sexy 😀 Have a look!

I really love the martini glass. Seriously, it’s tons of fun to look at. ^_^ The glass was built, scripted, and animated by Hap Underwood and it is currently being sold in three “flavors” at his store. Mr. Underwood may be a relative newcomer to the SL scene, but he is by no means a stranger to animation work; a quick glance at his profile reveals his experience: he’s done design, animation, and art direction work on The Sims and numerous expansion packs, as well as work for notable names like Saban and Disney. I’m looking forward to seeing Hap’s future SL projects!

Check out the martini glasses and other cool scripted items at his store, irkmade, located in the uniquely shaped La Reina sim: La Reina 186, 216, 24

And speaking of shapes, that hot avi you just saw cavorting in the martini glass is sporting my newest shape which I’ve named patterson. Patterson is a gorgeous gal with a very feminine and curvy figure, and she stands at 5’9″. Her wide-set eyes and generous, full lips complete her beautiful, voluptuous look.

patterson poster

patterson skinned 01 patterson skinned 02 patterson skinned 03

irkmade burlesque martini glass

You can grab this newest release at my store, also located in the La Reina sim: La Reina 154, 137, 24

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new shape: pacific rose

All right, new shape in the store tonight! Her name is pacific rose. Now while I tend to think of all the body shapes I create as my “babies” (yes, weird, I know) and put a lot of care and attention into developing them, I am especially fond of this particular shape because she was going to be for my own personal use. Yah… Melanie 2.0 if you will.

After creating what was supposed to be my new shape and tweaking her, however, I discovered that I am quite attached to my current avi’s shape, in spite of — or perhaps even because of — all her imperfections.

So I ended up editing the new shape intended for myself even more, and voila! Thus was born pacific rose. She has a gently curved 5’10” frame with a cute round face, button nose, almond-shaped eyes.

I am toying with the idea of making her a limited edition shape and limiting the number of times she is sold to like, 5 or 10 times or whatever. We’ll see! I have to think about that some more.

pacific rose poster

pacrose skinned 01 pacrose skinned 02 pacrose skinned 03

Visit my main store at La Reina, the only sim in Second Life that offers beachfront residential areas on heart-shaped and crown-shaped islands! 😀

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revamping mela’s

I’ve been something of a hermit crab over the past few days because I’ve been working on a new look for my store, called Mela’s. New logo, new pictures for new posters, plus (slowly) rolling out new shapes; in other words, new everything. I felt as though the old logo (which I fondly refer to as Mister Applehead) was a little *too* cute, and I wanted the posters to be more functional and impart more information than they had been. Sooo… the posters now show the full shape from three angles: back, side, and front. They also showcase the shape in three different looks along the side, with different colored eyes and hairstyles.

(I kept the apple theme, though :p I’ve several nicknames in RL, one of which is Mela, and my Italian friend Pier once told me that’s what they call apples over in Italy, hence the apple logo. All the body shapes in my store are named after different apple cultivars.)

One of the things I like to do when working on a shape is wear it with as many different skins from popular skin designers as possible, because I want to know that the shape is going to look good in more than just a handful of skins. It eventually dawned on me that I may as well take screenshots of my shapes while “testing” them in all of these demos, too, so I’ve done just that. These pics are now stuffed in notecards that may be retrieved by simply clicking on the poster.

Three shapes that are now being sold at my store:

pink lady body shape

This gamine’s shape has a slim build measuring in at 5’11”. She possesses a pleasantly cute and round face, and playful wide eyes.

pink lady poster

pinklady skinned 03 pinklady skinned 01 pinklady skinned 02

pixie body shape

The pixie has a cute, girlish appearance that measures in at a petite 5’5″. Her sweet heart-shaped face frames almond-shaped eyes and full, pouty lips.

pixie poster

pixie skinned 01 pixie skinned 02 pixie skinned 03

crispin body shape

The crispin’s lovely and moderately curvy figure measures in at 5’10”. With her pretty oval-shaped face and doe eyes, looking good in a wide range of hairstyles and skins is made easy.

crispin poster

crispin skinned 03 crispin skinned 02 crispin skinned 01

All shapes come with two dress shapes, a bald/brow base, and a notecard with skin/hair/eyes details. There are more shapes to come! I just need to finish the posters, heh.

Visit my store in the lovely La Reina sim:

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