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look of the day: the jilted bride

I love my Jasmin skins from Laqroki. I don’t wear these skins all the time, but they are among my all-time favorites, and today I felt like putting on my Jasmin skin with the streaky mascara.

SL fashion has never been about being “hip” or “fierce” or “making a statement” for me; it’s all about letting your imagination run wild, and playing at using your avatar’s appearance to tell a visual story. Kind of like when you’re four years old and putting on that pretty pink princess costume and tiara. 😀 When I studied my avi’s streaked eye makeup, I decided she needed a reason for looking as if she’d done some crying.  I recalled a recent discussion with some friends during which I’d admitted to having a lot of wedding gowns in my inventory. Voila! The Jilted Bride, hehe.

Look of the Day:  2009-07-18 Look of the Day:  2009-07-18

Look of the Day:  2009-07-18

Out of all the gowns I own, this one from Last Call is probably my favorite.  I felt that the loose updo with it’s nicely placed tendrils falling here and there, worked great with this look.  It’s the Luna style from Truth.  I actually own the blonde pack of that hair, but since my skin’s brows are a dark brown I tinted the hair to look a bit darker.  (Please note, tinting does not always work nicely; textures will lose a bit of “shine” when you do this.  Also, always make a backup of your hair before you play with tinting.)

Look of the Day:  The Jilted Bride

I also wanted my av to have an expression that would befit her streaked mascara, so I edited my shape to give her a subtly sad look.  (I’ve posted about how to edit your shape for subtle expressions here.)

By the way, if you’re on Flickr and have some images that feature Last Call clothing, don’t forget to add them to the Last Call by Dazzle Haute Couture flickr group.  🙂

Skin – Laqroki Jasmin
Hair – Truth Luna
Gown – Last Call Josephine
Eyes – Exodi Zbilja

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Fashion Tip – When a non-flexi skirt/dress makes your butt look huge

I recently noticed that when I put a red dress from ETD on my avi, her butt seemed… well, larger. The same happened again when I put on a skirt from Nylon Outfitters. Later on, one of my friends confessed that she and her bf had actually had a brief discussion on whether I’d deliberately made it bigger or not!

none dress fix

We all put a lot of effort into the appearance of our avatars. Hell, I agonized for about two weeks just over what skin to get, as some of my friends can attest. Something like this, then, can be a bit of an annoyance, especially if it seems like it’s beyond our control.

I recently learned a great little trick for getting rid of the dress butt — it’s so simple, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier myself.

1. Put on a non-flexi skirt.
2. Go to Inventory and look for your shape.
3. Right-click your shape, and select copy.
4. Right-click again, and select paste.
5. A copy of your shape will appear; you should now see two identical shapes in your Inventory.
6. Rename the one you are wearing to something like “Shape – Dress”.
7. Edit your appearance, and using the slider adjustment, set your butt to a lower number, as preferred.
8. When your butt is looking normal in the skirt again, select Save.

That’s it! Now all you have to do is remember to wear this shape when you put on a skirt, and then change back to your original shape when you’re wearing other types of clothing like shorts, pants, etc.

dress fix

Now, if it were only that easy in real life! Hehe. I hope someone has found this information helpful. 🙂

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