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Featured in Torley’s photography guide and Brutal Honesty ^^

I found out from Lex a few days ago that my object matte photo “me and ary” got a little mention in Torley Linden’s “Torley’s guide to high quality photography!” 😀

Here’s the pic:

me and ary in object matte

Yeah, it looks funny… but that is how the image was captured in SL, no post-editing work was done on it. To get this look, you must use the Snapshot function (the snapshot button at the bottom of the client or Ctrl + Shift + S) so that you can view the snapshot dialogue, so soz but “snapshot to disk” won’t work. (Yeah, no sneaking in any silent pics, lol.) You must also select the “Save snapshot to hard drive” option in order to activate the dropdown menu in the Capture field (which is located at the middle of the snapshot dialogue). The dropdown will show “Depth” and “Object Mattes”.

Here’s an example of a shot taken using the depth option:


Another mention I got was on the Brutal Honesty blog. 😀 One of the contributors to that blog, Tina Travanti, recently checked out my store Mela’s. In spite of some trouble with a poster I’d priced incorrectly, she had some very nice things to say about my store, for which I’m *really* grateful:

I love my new shape and even with the mix-up I was transformed in just a few minutes and very happy with my purchase. Mela the Slider Surgeon has a great product and has put a lot of time and thought into what she’s doing. You have to check out her store. I fully enjoyed myself and I will be sending people there for some slider work.

I do try to put a bit of thought into my store and what I make, so it’s super nice when someone says something positive about it. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Tina!

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