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I’m selling my beloved Meddledown beach

Update. The parcel has been sold.

Congratulations to the buyer, you’ve scored yourself a real gem of a property.  Enjoy your new digs, and take care, and thank you 🙂


I’m sad about letting go of my Meddledown property.  It’s a gorgeous mainland waterfront parcel that boasts a gently sloping sandy beach and lots of water.  When I bought the property I made sure to get the parcels that had the entire beach coastline so that I wouldn’t have property lines cutting it up.  It also encompasses a huge chunk of the bay, and Meddledown’s only access channel to the adjoining water (void) sim, so there’s more than enough room to rez a variety of marine life, coral, etc.

It’s also a great home base for anyone who enjoys sailing in SL and loves exploring.  You can sail right out of the Meddledown property into the adjoining protected water sim and then start moving down the coastline.  There are over 75 water sims that my property connects to, including the ones surrounding the Nautilus sims (Nautilus is close by).

If you or anyone you know are looking for a parcel that connects to sailable ocean sims and gives you tons of prims to build on, please check this property out — this just might be what you’re looking for.  Here are some details:

* 12672 sqm, 2900 prims
* Includes the sim’s only water access channel to the continental ocean
* Connects to 75+ sailable ocean sims surrounding two continents and Nautilus
* Includes the entire beach coastal line — no property lines suddenly cutting you off at the sides
* Nice neighbors
* No covenant — you make the rules
* Mainland tier will be more affordable than the upcoming OS price hike

meddledown 04

meddledown 06

meddledown 02

To see more images, visit my flickr set.

Please IM Melanie774 Kidd if you have any questions, thanks. If I am not online when you IM me, it is best to send a notecard because my IMs get capped quite frequently.

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