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Cassie undies from Blowpop, LAQ’s Glow Drew, & cheapo knit button boots

As I said in my previous post, Annyka Bekkers of Blowpop very recently released a bunch of new items, and instead of putting everything all in one giant post, I want to savor each pretty 😀

Today I want to talk about Cassie! The Cassie Low-rise Boyshorts & Bra set, that is. Click on the images to see larger versions:

blowpop cassie front and back

The texturing on this set is gorgeous. Yes, it may all be virtual, but you can almost *feel* how soft and comfy these bra and panty sets are! The shading and highlighting are perfect, accentuating curves in all the right places. I really like the light shading right at the band above the ribcage area, which gives the bra a nice three-dimensional feel.

blowpop cassie fatpack

Cassie sets are available in a lot of delicious colors, and they all look fantastic. I also think these babies are a great bargain at the price they’re set, and I totally say go for the fatpack! That way you get to mix and match the colors, too, which is fun 😀 I own a lot of underwear, swimwear, and lingerie because I like to use these types of items in my shape ads for my store, and just based on my own personal consumer experience I’d have to say Annyka is arguably one of the best designers you’ll find on the grid right now, period. Seriously. I love her stuff.

button knit boots

The knit button boots I’m wearing in these shots are from a Japanese designer named Masami Niekerk. I’d actually found her boots by accident while browsing mindlessly through Xstreet. The boots are loaded with texture change options and walking sounds. I’m actually not a fan of shoes with sounds, but I loved all the sweet color options and it was only 10L! Speaking of Xstreet, I’m kind of sad about the impending changes that will be made to that site. I realize Linden Lab wants to create a marketplace that isn’t so cluttered, but once these new fees go into effect I sincerely doubt we’re going to find these sorts of gems anymore.

LAQ Glow Drew

I’m also using LAQ’s latest Glow Skin release, Drew. Drew was actually an original Portrait Skin line face, but Mallory Cowen has given her the Glow treatment and the result is beautiful. Drew is available in three skintones. With each tone pack, you get ten makeups and a hairbase option for each.

Around the same time I tried on the Cassie undies, Carson bought a vacuum cleaner for me! It’s the Meggasuc Vacuum from -RC- Cluster and when you attach it to your avatar, a vacuuming animation takes place. I think it’s super cute, and tried it out in our new skybox that Carson’s been putting together. I loved it so much I had to take a vid, hehe.

And, see? The undies are so comfortable I like wearing them while doing housework. 😛

Hair – Exile – Cherry
Underwear – Blowpop – Cassie Low-rise boyshorts & bra
Skin – LAQ – Glow Drew + Cleavage enhancer 2
Boots – Masami Niekerk – button knit boots

In the video…
Panda doll – Pink Fuel – Regular panda
Water box with straw – *mocorin* – sizuku pack water
Vaccum – RC Cluster – Meggasuc vacuum cleaner

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Smoky eye makeups from Rac!

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, now… my favorite skin from RaC has been updated with more makeup options!

*head explodes*

Mallory Cowen, one-half of the duo that runs RaC, has just announced a HUGE release of skins — older favorites such as Emma and Carina, as well as the newer faces belonging to Tasha (I love Tasha, too) and Sofia, have each been given six more makeups, all of them with smoky eyes.

As soon as the poster for my favorite skin appeared, I grabbed a pack and headed back to my sky platform to try them on. I know, I know; I’m really silly for getting this excited over a bunch of skins but I have been wanting more sophisticated makeup options for my RaC skin for quite some time now, so yayyyy! 😀

RaC Trisha smoky

Because I was so anxious to try on my Trisha skins, I didn’t grab demos for all of the new ones. :p I did take shots of the demos I managed to grab, however:

tasha sofia susan rita phoebe lily ida emma peach emma olive carina

Additional info: Hair in 1st image – Naughty Designs, Angel V black pearl; Hair in demo images – ETD, Madeline black; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Body Shape (used only for demo skins) – Mela’s, pink lady; Sweater – D!ff, Glitterold Stripe*d Sweater; Ears – Hybrid, Usagi Starter set

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