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New RaC male skins

Some new male skins hit the store floor at RaC this morning, so I had Machete run over to try on some demos.

RaC male skins

The names of the skins, from L to R: Cliff, Ethan 01, Ethan 02, Ross 01, Ross 02, Johnny 01, Johnny 02

When it comes to skins, I’m an absolute freak about eyebrows. I like them realistic; smudgy looking crayola-ish marks don’t cut it. These brows (and the facial hair, for that matter) definitely get my approval. 😀

Clicking the image will take you to it’s flickr page where you can check out a larger version of it.  Or, you can just head down to RaC yourself and demo them on your own shape for L$1.

What Machete’s wearing: Hair – Naughty Designs, OC in black pearl; Eyes – Simtropia, brown light; Sweater – /artilleri/, Skully knit sweater

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