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Fix the yellow first, sheesh

It’s rant time for yours truly again.

I own a fairly large swath of land in a mainland sim that adjoins an empty ocean sim. I chose to invest in this property for several reasons: (A) it’s mainland property, and I like that I can do whatever I want with my land without being bound by estate rule restrictions, (B) the adjoining sim is an empty water sim, and (C) the sim reseller terraformed and carved out the parcels with great care, arranging them in a manner conducive to a nice looking neighborhood as opposed to simply selling off lots of little blocks of land. (The reseller, btw, was Jessie Beckham of virtuositydevelopment, and I totally recommend dealing with her if you’re interested in buying land, whether it’s mainland or estate.)

Here, let’s expand a bit on point C. The land in my sim was terraformed in such a manner so that there is land on all three sides that aren’t adjoining the neighboring empty water sim, while the water section in the middle opens into that same ocean sim. When Jessie cut up the parcels, she deliberately cut out a T-shaped strip of land in the middle of this water section and left it open and not for sale; the idea was that once the sim filled up with residents, she would return the strip of land to Linden Lab. This, in turn, would cause the land to be dubbed “Maintenance” and it would ultimately serve as an open ocean access channel for everyone in the sim, regardless of who has banlines and security orbs.

A few days ago, I discovered upon opening my world map that the access channel had turned purple. I quickly found that if a parcel is marked purple on the world map, this means it is being auctioned off.

What the hell?

When I look at the mainland, what do I see? Dollar signs and patches of yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, and yet more yellow. All. Over. The. Freaking. Place. Perhaps LL could, I dunno, focus on cleaning up that huge mass of yellowed parcels instead of worrying over an itty bitty strip of land in my home sim? I really did not need or want more land and prims, but since I wasn’t about to let some vile scum ad farmer plant his extortionist ass in front of my land, I participated in the tiny bidding battle that took place this afternoon.

And yes, I won the auction. Meh. Oh well, at least I am now the owner of one bitchin’ good mainland property, if I do say so myself. I’m only grudgingly happy about it, though.

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