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loreena and michael

My friend Brianna recently released a new skin named Loreena at her store, Le Pinceau. I think this time around, my favorite makeup is #03, with it’s bright pink lipstick and silvery, slightly smoky eyes. I thought the makeup on #00 was interesting; well, I suppose “makeup” is the wrong word since it’s a mostly nude look but she has sort of a flesh-toned lipliner on.

Clicking on the image will take you to a larger version on my flickr:

le pinceau loreena

Their 75% off sale is still going on, too, so if you’ve been curious about their new store now’s the time to take a look!

While I’m on the subject of skins, L’oring or Lazolli skins (or both? I am a little confused as to what the official name of the brand is, honestly) has a Michael Jackson skin that is probably the best one I’ve seen on the grid thus far. I never really paid much attention to the skin other than to think “wow good likeness” in passing.

Last night, though, while cruising around I saw the avatar name MichaelJackson —— pop up on my Mysti radar. Out of curiosity, I sought him out and said hi, and admired the likeness he’d achieved thus far. (I’m usually really shy about approaching people, but I guess the faux celebrity thing was too interesting for me to just pass by ^_^)  I recalled the L’oring (or Lazolli! lol) skin, so I asked him if he wanted to check it out. We headed to L’oring/Lazolli and this is how it looked on his av:

skin shopping with michael jackson av

😀 He tried on the shape demo that was offered at the store, but we both agreed his shape was a lot better. Then we did the Thriller dance, haha. A friend of mine recently gave me an attachment that plays a Thriller soundbyte while animating your avatar with the dance from the Thriller music video… it’s fun. If you want a copy of it to share with your friends, let me know and I’ll toss one to you! Just IM me, my name is Melanie774 Kidd. Here’s a quick vid of the attachment at work:

P.s.  RIP, Michael Jackson.

Other credits…
In my pic with MJ (sorry, I don’t know where he got his stuff):
My hair – Exile Rayne
My skin – Laqroki Claudia
Tube top – Tres blah (this is pretty old, not sure if it’s still available)
Shorts – Aoharu

In my video:
Tank Top – Mon Amie group freebie
Shorts – Maitreya (also pretty old and not sure if it’s available)
Socks – Lulu
Roller Skates – Pixel Mode

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Penelope at Le Pinceau

One of my friends Brianna Stenvaag and her partner Mogan Bezner are the designers behind the store Le Pinceau, and they recently released a new skin named Penelope. Prior to this Brianna has released an asian skin called Mei Mei that’s really cute, as well as another skin named Frida, but I think Penelope is my favorite from her so far!

Here is Penelope in Light Tan; this skin comes with seven fresh looking makeups.  Maybe it was because I was in a bit of a retro mood after picking up one of the new high-waisted hawaiian print bikinis from Artilleri, but my favorite Penelope makeup of the moment is 5, with it’s bright red bombshell lipstick and light dusting of pale blue eyeshadow.  You can click the images to view larger versions on my flickr page:

le pinceau penelope

Brianna and Mogan also offer some very beautiful eyes; I always admire them on Brianna whenever I see her.  They’ve got a whole bunch of colors and so I’ve decided to show just my favorites here, but there’s a lot more you can choose from when you visit the shop.

LP eyes blue 2

LP eyes blue 1 LP eyes lavendar 2 LP eyes turquoise 2 LP eyes honey 2 LP eyes green 1 LP eyes grey 2

You can check out La Pinceau on the Lost Sailor sim:  Lost 20Sailor 156, 102, 29

Credits for skin image:
Hair – Laqroki Fallen
Hair flower – G-field hibiscus

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