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Fashion Vote: Petit Ange

Who doesn’t love browsing through the Japanese sims? Seriously, there are so many reasons to adore them. The builds and textures are almost always of a superior quality, what with innovators such as Hansode Miasma behind them; there are tons of whimsical creations being sold, wonderfully playful items that will grab hold of your imagination, such as houses shaped like mushrooms and robots and fishes, headphones made to look like fruits, or umbrellas resembling kalo/taro leaves; the prices you’ll find in these sims are often quite affordable (one of my favorite items is a leather belt bag that I picked up for only L$10!); and of course, the plethora of fashion offerings, a good portion of which are inspired by the fashion sub-genres borne out of the legendary Harajuku area in Japan.

I decided to treat myself to a little shopping excursion at a Japanese commercial sim called Aventi Island. It isn’t really a single island, however; it’s more like the sim is dotted with dozens of tiny islands, and on each of these are a single, different store. This refreshingly different approach to the traditional shopping mall actually made browsing the shops seem even more interesting; it’s as if the act of island hopping lends to the sense that you are exploring and discovering. 🙂

Aventi Island did not disappoint — combing through it yielded a lot of cute, interesting, and inexpensive items. For me, the highlight was landing at the Black Cats/Petit Ange location. Anyone who follows RL clothing trends to some degree knows that one of the biggest “gotta-have-it” items of this season is the sweater dress, and Petit Ange offers a whole bunch of them in both pastel colors and darker, richer colors.

Since I already have the beautifully done Starley II mini sweater dress set from Last Call, I was mainly interested in just the pastel set at Petit Ange. I was admiring the white and the pink sweater dresses, which were 110L each, when I saw the poster advertising all four colors — white, light green, light blue, and pink — in a single package for 390L. 😀 I dunno, maybe it’s the American in me who likes buying in bulk when she thinks she’s getting a great deal, but I ended up buying the set instead of just a single dress.

fashion vote - petit ange

These dresses come with an insane amount of options; I could almost hear my inventory groaning in protest at the newly added load, there were so many items in the folder. It was a little overwhelming at first, and I would suggest to anyone who buys this set to create a sub-folder for each color. The dress top comes on either the jacket layer, or on a combination of the undershirt/underpants layer. This was a great idea on the part of the designer because the top will look nice under, say, a leather jacket or open coat. There’s also two prim skirts in a large size and a small size, and prim sleeves that attach to the forearms. These have some great fringes at the ends, and the way the sleeve prims drape over the tops of the hands slightly is a nice touch as well. The shading is nicely done, too; there’s a relative flatness to the texture except for some highlights and shadows on the chest area, creating the illusion of figure-hugging knit material fitting smoothly and snugly over the body. The muffler prim also has the same fringes at the end and sways nicely as you move about; I found that if you’re wearing the muffler there’s really no need to also attach the prim collar since it’s almost completely covered up.

fashion vote - petit ange fashion vote - petit ange fashion vote - petit ange

In a couple of separate packs, there are yet MORE options in the same pastel colors. One pack comes with knit caps, mufflers with stripes at the ends, and adornments for your sweater, such as a knit teddy bear or a knit corsage. The leg warmer pack also comes loaded with leg warmers in each color, at two different sizes. The leg warmers have been given some nice details, too; the tops have strings tied round them, as if to keep the leg warmer from falling 😀 and the strings are decorated with little pompoms. You can also decide whether or not you’d like to continue the teddy bear motif by donning one of two left-side leg warmers; one of them will come with the teddy bear attached to the side and near the knee.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with these dresses and the additional packs. They weren’t terribly pricey, came with a bazillion options, the pastel shades are quite lovely, and the details like the teddy bears, fringes, and pompoms are really sweet. Petit Ange totally gets my fashion vote for this set. If you’re not afraid of a little extra bulk in your inventory and are in the market for lighter colored sweater dresses, you may want to pay a visit to Petit Ange’s store in the Sokri sim:

Other items I’m wearing…
1st image — Skin (Trisha) from RaC, hair (Amy Jane in black) from Truth, eyes (brown deep) from Simtropia, boots (white bloom) from Maitreya, shape is my own. 2nd & 3rd images — Skin (Deviant Nation Ether/Void Pure) from Celestial Studios, eyes (cerulean light) from Simtropia, shape (pink lady) from Mela’s. 3rd image, left side — hair (Rumor in red grape) from Cake.

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Mitsukoshi sim

While looking around some random Japanese sim a few days ago with Vivienne, I met someone by the name of Shoji Kumaki. After we’d conversed for a bit he told me he wanted to show me a place where I could get free kimonos.

We ended up at a beautifully constructed sim called Mitsukoshi. Mitsukoshi is actually the name of a fancy department store in Japan (think Harrod’s or Neiman Marcus), which has it’s roots in the kimono business dating all the way back to the 1600s. The landing point is located on a broad walkway surrounded by cherry blossom trees on green hills, which leads to a somewhat large teahouse.

Newbie named Yasso

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of the teahouse, you’re already offered two free hapi coats:

free hapis at the entrance entering the building

The details are beautiful. The floor is covered with a very pretty tatami mat texture, and there are several zabuton scattered around with kneeling animations. In the areas surrounding the teahouse, you’ll find cutouts of Japanese caricatures standing here and there:


Cutouts Sub?

And, who doesn’t love freebies, especially when they are pretty ones? ^_^ Those two hapi coats at the entrance are just the tip of the iceberg! Look around the teahouse and you will find at least eight more kimonos (some with the long sode, or sleeves, and some without), two men’s kimonos, two more hapi coats, and a variety of fans and hats. I say “at least” because after going back over my pictures, I think I may have missed some more!

Kimonos with great textures senbu and jingsa Kimonos and hapis





Of course, this is a sim launched by big business, so they’re not going to be content with simply handing over a bunch of free stuff, right? Behind the teahouse is another walkway flanked by white sakura, leading to a sort of courtyard. The area is dominated by two large, semi-transparent elevator shafts that take you up to a much more modern looking build about 140m into the sky.

White sakura Elevator shaft Gift Salon

The build in the sky is a fairly straightforward interface that will lead the user to Mitsukoshi’s website and services. It’s divided into several departments, such as Gifts, Fashion, etc.

UPDATE: I recently became aware of another blog that discusses this sim, have a look. 🙂

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