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Juicy & irkmade

man in the moon

Hap Underwood of Irkmade just released this fun sculpted moon. Embedded in it are several fun animations; I took a few quick snapshots but I just know there are tons of great photography opportunities to be had with this new toy 😀

man in the moon II

man in the moon III

Elven Dreamscape of Juicy Shoes provided such an opportunity with the release of the new scrumptious slingbacks. These sexy new shoes come in the same broad range of mouth-watering colors as their Classic Pumps, and the sitting pose on the moon came in perfect for showing them off.

man in the moon IV

juicy grape juicy tangerine

juicy slingbacks 02

juicy slingbacks 01

Elven’s worked sculpt magic again on these babies; the primwork is immaculate. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am picky about my shoes, mainly because I really, really, really hate when I put a shoe on and see slivers of foot gone “missing” due to some invisiprim parts sticking out and covering it. That drives me crazy. Elven’s deft touch with sculpts and prims mean you never deal with this type of glitch, and I can only think of a handful of other shoe designers that seem able to pull this off consistently.

Technical aspects aside, the aesthetics also please greatly — once again Juicy shoes hit that sweet spot with the toes, falling nicely between too pointy and too round. The buckles and the heelcaps also sport texture-changing so that you can change the metals from gold to silver, or you can make them black. As for the shoe’s color textures? They are gorgeous! They’ve got the right amount of highlighting/shine on them, and the array of colors means your wardrobe’s covered. In fact, there’s so many colors I didn’t bother taking pics of all of them… I got lazy. So I “stole” this pic off Gogo’s flickr, hehe :p

Other details about what I’m wearing in the images above may be found after the cut:

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Just in time for New Years!!! <33333

You *have* to watch this. 😀

My friend Hap Underwood of irkmade, the very talented, very creative dude behind the animated burlesque martini glass that I showed off my patterson shape in, has created the animated bubbly burlesque champagne glass, just in time for New Years! 😀

I’m totally tickled and flattered that he chose to have his model use the aurora II body shape that I have for sale at my shop Mela’s, because if there’s anything I know about Hap, it’s that he’s got the eyes of a hawk when it comes to detail. Anyways, she looks absolutely adorable in this vid! He has her done up very nicely with hair from Jetdoll, a dress from Pixel Mode, skin from Jezebel’s, hosiery from No. 9, and shoes from Jeepers Creepers.

Want to put on a sexy little burlesque show of your own? You can find these glasses at irkmade in the La Reina sim.

irkmade champagne glass

Okay, and since I have an excuse to post burlesque videos :p here’s my old one again… it’s not as pretty as Hap’s but I had fun making it. ^_^

And because it’s my blog, here’s me and Izzy 😀


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martini glass… & oh yeah, the patterson shape :p

I’ve made a new machinima, yay! This video features a burlesque pink martini glass that your avi can swim in, and omigawd it is just too cute and sexy 😀 Have a look!

I really love the martini glass. Seriously, it’s tons of fun to look at. ^_^ The glass was built, scripted, and animated by Hap Underwood and it is currently being sold in three “flavors” at his store. Mr. Underwood may be a relative newcomer to the SL scene, but he is by no means a stranger to animation work; a quick glance at his profile reveals his experience: he’s done design, animation, and art direction work on The Sims and numerous expansion packs, as well as work for notable names like Saban and Disney. I’m looking forward to seeing Hap’s future SL projects!

Check out the martini glasses and other cool scripted items at his store, irkmade, located in the uniquely shaped La Reina sim: La Reina 186, 216, 24

And speaking of shapes, that hot avi you just saw cavorting in the martini glass is sporting my newest shape which I’ve named patterson. Patterson is a gorgeous gal with a very feminine and curvy figure, and she stands at 5’9″. Her wide-set eyes and generous, full lips complete her beautiful, voluptuous look.

patterson poster

patterson skinned 01 patterson skinned 02 patterson skinned 03

irkmade burlesque martini glass

You can grab this newest release at my store, also located in the La Reina sim: La Reina 154, 137, 24

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