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Assignment #5: Flaming Pear – Melancholytron

Although the filters in the Filtering Second Life group are introduced on a weekly basis, my assignment #4 and #5 posts are back-to-back because I’d taken my sweet time getting around to doing the fourth one. 😀

Okay, so I have a favorite method for vignetting; I think anyone who plays with image-manipulation has their various favorite methods, right? (FYI, it’s hand-painting on a desaturated layer with a soft brush, merging it with a filled layer, and setting it to Overlay.) Still, it’s nice to change things up, which is what I got to do with the latest featured filter. This week’s filter, which has been bestowed the awesome-sounding name Melancholytron, comes from Flaming Pear. It’s a sweet filter loaded with tons of options that makes achieving all sorts of vignettes a real cinch; play with the sliders a bit and voila! Talk about EASY.

** Please note, this isn’t a free filter; you can download a 30-day demo but if you want to keep it beyond that, you’ll have to spring $20 USD. **

Puma paid an impromptu visit a few days ago while I’d been setting up for some pics with my new green muslin background, and we ended up shooting some pics of her wearing Grace Winnfield’s black Gothica wedding gown. I chose to use Melancholytron on one of the shots I took:


This is one of those pics that looks better when viewed it in it’s original size.

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Assignment #4: Auto FX – dreamy photo, and Pseudo Assignment

The Filtering Second Life group was kept a little more busy than usual this week with two filters to play with.

The “official” filter assignment is from Auto FX and it’s called Dreamy Photo, and is available for both Windows and Mac users. 😀 This particular filter, although free, requires a quick and painless registration process before you are able to use it; simply fill out the online form and a serial number is e-mailed to you.

For this filter, I chose a sunset shot I’d taken in my home sim, Meddledown. (Note: I didn’t just use the filter on this image. I also added a desaturated copy of the original image and gave it a red-orange hue and painted over it with a soft large brush to add a more vivid, fiery feel to the sunset.)

original shot


retouched work

meddledown sunset

Our bonus assignment came from Gita Rau, who introduced the Luce filter from Antonino Perricone. This is a really cool filter that will cause soft rays of light to emanate from the subject. For this image, I chose to treat the filter as an overlay layer to make the lines a little more subtle.

original shot


retouched work

luce - raindance

I’m really liking the luce filter, going to have to play with it some more in the future. 😀

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Assignment #3: Mehdi – Projection

The latest filter to be featured in the Filtering Second Life group was an interesting one this week. It’s from Mehdi and it’s called Projection. (Sorry, Mac users — this is for PC users only. Apparently filters that work for both PC and Mac are extremely rare.)

I decided to use a picture of Gallia Plubeau modeling a body shape for Gogo’s store, Demoiselles, located in the new LicoLico sim.

original shot

Gallia modeling Kalani

retouched work

mehdi projection

In addition to the filter, I added a tri-color gradient to make the largest image of Gallia (on the right side of the pic) stand out more, and just a tiny bit of a gaussian blur which was screened at a lesser opacity.

Looking forward to next week’s assignment 😀

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Assignment #2: Cybia – ColourWorks (converse effect)

The filter being featured in the Filtering Second Life group at flickr is ColourWorks from Cybia. The filter has twenty different effects; the one I chose for my shot is the converse effect.

original shot

cherry girl

retouched work

Cherry Girl - converse

I didn’t do a whole lot to this image other than use the sliders that came with the filter — I adjusted threshhold and cropped a little bit. Looking forward to next week’s assignment 😀

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Assignment #1: Xero – Bad Dream

Ryker Beck recently sent me an invitation to join a new Flickr group called Photoshop Me: Filtering Second Life.

The basic premise of the group is simple: Once a week, a new filter is introduced to the group which everyone is subsequently invited to download. The filter is then employed in one of their works, the results of which are posted in the group to be shared with everyone.

This week’s filter is called Bad Dream and comes from Xero Graphics. I decided to use the filter on one of my older images, here are the before and after shots:

original shot


retouched work

bad dream

In addition to running the filter, I also made adjustments to saturation, threshhold, etc., and used a little bit of gaussian blur on a layer that was then screened. Cropping the image also made the Godzilla-ish monster dominate more of the space, making him seem even larger. I’m kind of happy with how the pic turned out. ^_^

Also posted this in my deviantART gallery.

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