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new skins at laqroki — word up to my azn grrlz!

Laqroki re-opens it’s doors today at 11:00 A.M. SLT, and is launching an all-new line of skins!

The new Renaissance Collection is being introduced with four new female faces — Suzu, Clara, Jasmin, and Emily — and boasts a beautiful new body-skin to go with them.  Each face comes with lots of options, from a variety of makeups to multiple skintone choices, making it easier for you to customize the exact look you want.

I’ve mentioned this several times in the past, but I’m ever on the lookout for skins that befit my own RL ethnicity (mostly Asian, some Spanish), and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw the new Suzu skin.  Mallory Cowen has moved beyond the usual lighter-skinned collection of skintones for this Asian-influenced face, and has made it available also in darker tones (nougat, golden tan, cocoa) that would befit someone of a Southeast Asian heritage.

I haven’t taken pics of everything — just a small sampling.  You’ll have to come visit the Laqroki sim (and check out the new build while you’re at it!) to try on the demos.  You’ll love them, they’re beautiful 🙂

Click the images to see larger versions at my flickr stream.  No post-processing was done other than cropping and adding text.

laqroki suzu - olive

laqroki suzu - nougat

laqroki jasmin 02

laqroki jasmin 01

Visit Laqroki today to try the demos!

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