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Pleiades from Eloh Eliot

These days, my SL is so busy that it takes something pretty special and significant for me to bother with blogging.  Well, here we are with such an event!  Heads up, everyone:  Eloh Eliot has finally released her new Pleiades skin.  They sure are cute ❤ and she sure did a lot of uploading o.o  lol

Okay, vital skin info:  these skins are mod/copy/no trans.  They’re also 0L.  Yup, these beauties are freeeeee!

I’m mainly focusing on the face and won’t be going into detail about the body in this post; I encourage you to pick up these skins for yourself to take a look.  I will say this, though:  as always, Eloh’s work on the body is gorgeous.

There are four skintones available:  dark, fair, tan, and pale.  For each skintone, there are seven makeups available, all named after the Pleiades (of course).  This time around, Eloh has the hair color details painted on instead of being adjustable via the sliders (as the case is with her previous skins), and they have hair painted onto the skullcap as well.

You know, I’ve never been a big fan of the whole painted skullcap thing, except for at events where everyone will wish death upon you and your immediate family for not deprimming.  I liked that Eloh’s painted skullcap has a hairline that is pretty far up, and the hairline is drawn in such a way that it blends nicely with prim hair.

I am loving the lips on these, especially the makeups with the lighter and more natural coloring.  They have a delicious dewy and soft look to them — immediate favorites were the Maea and Merope makeups.  ❤

Anyways, enough of my yammering, right?  On to the pics!

There is no way I would have enough time to take a pic of every single skintone/makeup/freckle combination… so all I shall present here is a sample.  Besides, you’re going to want to see how it looks on your own shape anyways and at 0L you’d be pretty silly to not go and treat yourself (and your alties, hehe) to these.

Clicking on the images will take you to their respective flickr pages, where you can view full sized images (roughly 1000×1450) if you are on my list of flickr contacts.  Not on my contact list?  Add me, and I will reciprocate! All images have had no postproduction done on them, other than cropping.

tan body alcyone dark - brown hair alcyone fair - brown hair alcyone fair - brown hair freckles electra pale - brown hair maea tan - brown hair

Okay, I took a few more images but I just remembered I’m on the feed and some people get pretty bent when they see too many pics. o.o I’ll have these arranged in a flickr set later tonight 🙂

Okay, now that you’ve seen the pics, you’ve probably already TP’d your precious avi over to Lippert and won’t even bother reading the rest of this post 😛  But in case you are still here, there’s a bit more info on Eloh’s blog that I found interesting.  Yes, the skins are going to be open source.  She wrote,

I won’t be offering the same PSDs I work with–that’d just be sadistic. Instead, I plan on distilling my currently leviathan-esque PSDs into something more usable and intuitive–in both PSD and XCF (Gimp) formats in the very near future.

In the unlikely scenario that you’re still reading this, miffed at my reckless audacity to not actually offer the PSDs with which I work–fear not, in the following weeks I’ll post exactly (in excruciating detail) how you can produce those very PSDs from the AI files that are currently available on my repository (2) (3).

Eloh, you effin’ RAWK, do you know that?  ❤  Just had to tell you this in case you didn’t already know 🙂  I’ve personally played with Illustrator in a sort of scratch-the-surface manner and I’ve got a lot to learn, but this just might be the motivation I need to take a new crack at it.

To read more discussion on Eloh’s views on open-source skins, her experiences with creating/sharing them with the SL community, as well as updates on her latest, check out her blog at

As for the skins?  You can pick them up, for free, at her modest little Lippert parcel as always!  Here’s the SLURL:  Eloh’s at Lippert (74, 190, 169)

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