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016 to 020 of 365

More of my Project 365 shots.

016.  dancing on the moon

Day 16 of 365, dancing on the moon.
I found out that the Life Is Good sim is actually going to remain open for another month! Porta Fosse happened to be present at the sim so I asked him, and he said it’s scheduled to close on February 15, not January 15th as I’d previously thought.

While I was there, my Plurk friend Quaintly appeared and I watched in amusement as her little green arrow on my mini-map chased his green arrow down, lol.

By the way, speaking of Plurk!  Plurk is fun, there’s tons of SL’ers on there and it’s become a great tool for networking, getting to know your SL acquaintances a little better, or sometimes it’s just good for laughs.  It’s also addictive and they’ve sort of made it into a kind-of-game by awarding “karma points” for your activity.  I’m currently trying to enlist three more people so that I can unlock the “idiot” smilie (lol) sooooo… if you don’t have a Plurk account and want one, please please sign up using my link?!  CLICK CLICK, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO HELP ME GET MY SPECIAL SMILIES!

017.  baby pose

Day 17 of 365, baby pose.
Yes, I’ve become obsessed with my Zooby baby.

The baby has an AO built in so that when you ‘attach’ it, you can opt to have it sleeping in your arms, etc. The AO doesn’t touch the avatar legs, though, so you will have the noobish looking default anims on the bottom half of the av (but there is a nicely done walk anim included).

Getting my av to pose like this was slightly tricky, because my av’s head kept moving every which way and then her eyes wouldn’t focus where I wanted them to.

I finally got it though, and now I’m kind of toying with the idea of making baby poses.  Just for fun. 😛

018. last day of WinterChoice

Day 18 of 365, last day of WinterChoice.
Carson and I went to the WinterChoice Event Hall to do some last minute exchanging of cards.

I ❤ Carson 😀

019. hanging with the Deep Ones

Day 19 of 365, me and Baby Coqui with our new friends. 😛
I blogged about my visit to Innsmouth on a previous post, you can read about it here!

020. quick snapshot with carson

Day 20 of 365, I snuck a quick pic with Carson while we were both logged in. I wasn’t in SL very much on this day, and this was the only picture I took. I think Carson doesn’t like this picture, oops! 😡

So there you have it, my latest set of five images for my 365 project.  🙂  I’d originally intended for my 365 to consist exclusively of simple, unedited shots straight out of SL.  I quickly discovered that I sometimes want to play with the images, however, whether it’s simply cleaning up some sharp corners on the avatar body or just enhancing the light a little bit.  It’s fun!

I’m really just kind of fumbling about, though, when I play with filters and layers and what not.  Hell, I only just recently discovered how you can get more control over your black and white image by playing with the different channels under Hue/Saturate!  (Carson taught me that 😀 ) (PS CS3 has a black and white conversion tool that’s pretty neat, too.)

Hopefully, if I stick this project out and see it all the way through, I will see some kind of measure of improvement in my pics.  Hopefully.  😛


Some style credits…

Image 017:

Hair – Truth, Belinda
Nightie – Edelweiss, Night Wear Irie

Image 019:

Hair – Maitreya, Sasha
Top – MNK Shop, Knit Sweater Red
Jeans – Armidi Limited, A001 Jeans, black classic
Glasses – House of Curios, Rectangle Framed Glasses #001

Image 020:

Hair – LAQ, Tess (must be worn with a hairbase skin)

My skin is from LAQ.

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The new LicoLico sim!

A few days ago, I got a notice from Lico Nyanda, via her LicoLico update group, that her new sim was being opened to LicoLico VIP members only for two days with a 50% off EVERYTHING sale, before being opened up to the general public. I must have TP’d over to her sim about twenty seconds after having read her notice. :p

In case you aren’t familiar with LicoLico, it is a store where “doll” clothes are sold. We’re talking dresses that are very cute; frilly, lacy stuff with bell-shaped skirts, tights, and elaborate headpieces and ribbons. Lico seems to like rewarding her update group whenever it’s population hits an increment of 100 (so what are you waiting for, join the group!); the last time she had a big blow-out sale, she’d created L$100 grab bags, each of which contained three products. After trading pieces amongst friends, I ended up with a dozen new dresses for which I’d paid L$400. Not bad at all!

The sim has the same look and feel that her store had — it is predominantly white, with lots of pillars and tiles. Her store space takes up roughly half the area, and the other half is LicoLico Mall. When I first arrived at the sim, all of the vendors were Japanese, and I did not recognize a lot of them. 😀 It’s always fun to “discover” new stuff! Here are a few of the items I came across while shopping at LicoLico Mall…

First of all, there is this HUGE wall that stretches all along one edge of the sim, and it is a bargain hunter’s dream (or quite possibly the inventory organizer’s worst nightmare, lol). It’s nothing but boxed items that are either free or ridiculously cheap. How cheap, you ask? How’s about 15 pairs of wildly colored eyes for L$30? Or five pairs of colored tights for L$20? I personally splurged L$20 on a strand of black pearls, as well as L$10 on a leather belt and pouch with a matching bracelet.




I must say, I was particularly pleased with the leather belt and bracelet. The textures are very nicely done and the bit of flexi strands added on the side are a nice touch. Be forewarned, did have to do a bit of editing; the belt seems to have been made for a smaller avi. It is well worth the effort, though.


I also found a couple of outfits that I really liked. Mimi Eden had this super-kawaii ice-cream t-shirt and matching skirt, and what tickles me about it is the fact that the t-shirt is a freebie 😀

lico_mimi LicoLico - MimiEden

It’s always nice when designers put little extras into their clothes — things like a necklace here, a pair of earrings there, a prim belt that you can later mix with a different outfit. This autumn-inspired dress from Gallery Fumiwo came with matching ribbon earrings and a ribbon headpiece that I edited to sit on my headband.

lico_fumiwo LicoLico - Gallery Fumiwo

Edelweiss has a pretty big store location dedicated to it, much larger than the rest of the mall units, so I imagine we will be seeing more stuff added in the near future. I came across this white nightie set and I freely admit that this was totally an impulse purchase — I saw it, my brain said omgz kewt, and my trigger finger went *click* on the mouse. :p


And I finally treated myself to that pink dress I’ve been wanting from LicoLico 😀 I already have it in maroon and black, so I’ve resisted splurging on the pink version that came out later. Until now, woooo!


Oh, and last but not least? Stop by at my store, now located at LicoLico Mall! Yep, I rented a couple of spaces for mela’s and I’ve got a freebie t-shirt waiting on the floor just for you.

mela's at LicoLico sim :D

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