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Yet another update regarding iheartsl ^_^

Yet another update regarding iheartsl ^_^

We figured we would be thrown some curveballs and that there’d be a lot of work ahead of us when we launched iheartsl, and boy, were we right!  😮

First of all, working on iheartsl has been a real learning experience.  While I wouldn’t say we are complete luddites, we aren’t tech wizards either and we’ve had a bit of a crash course in XML, RSS, and the like.  There were a handful of blogs that requested to be added but we weren’t able to fulfill those until they fixed their feed markup errors ( is now our new best friend!), and we’ve spent hours searching for a site template that we could tweak to our needs.

Another unforeseen aspect of syndication we’ve recently begun grappling with is that of creating both an opt-in and opt-out feature on the site.  We want to do things in an organized manner and not haphazardly, so we spent most of Monday (read:  we busted our asses all freakin’ day long working on this) going through the list of blogs that are on the feed and organizing it by name, author, URL, and feed URL.  (No, the software we are using does not generate this automatically, unfortunately, and this project has been so wildly popular, we’ve got close to 500 blogs on here.)  We created this list so that we can methodically go through it, contact everyone on it, and personally ask if they would like to remain in the feed or opt out.  (Feel free to beat us to the punch by e-mailing us first 😀  Our e-mail is  Just send along a simple message about how you’d like to either remain in the feed or opt out, and state your blog name and URL.)

Looks like we started working on this not a moment too soon, as we’ve already had someone question the motives behind iheartsl.  As I’ve already stated in my two previous posts, iheartsl was born out of the simple fact that requests for blogs to be added to the worldofsl feeds were, for the most part, ignored for months at a time, and we were tired of waiting.  That’s all there is to it — we love our SL and we love reading about it, and we want a feed that keeps pace with us.  Judging from the amount of people who have expressed gratitude for the new feed and even a blog posting that wryly notes that “there’s nothing like a little fire on your arse”, I think it’s safe to say the majority is in agreement with us on this matter.

Another question brought up is that of the anonymity of the domain registration.  With all due respect, I think most people would immediately see the benefit of this; this is simply a matter of common sense.  Given the ease with which Vint was able to copy and paste what she did find in her WhoIs inquiry and thus dispense it to her large army of readers only serves to underscore our conviction that we were right to do a closed registration.

Finally, there is the matter of archiving.  Just about everyone we’ve spoken with likes the idea of being able to use the Search function to find older entries, and who are we to argue with the wisdom of the crowd?  Majority has spoken and archiving shall remain.  😀

Anyways… we’ve got a new FAQ set up that includes information how to get in touch with us (Gogo and I are serving as the points of contact) if you’d like to opt in, opt out, or ask about whatevers.  Don’t be shy!  Ask us whatever you want, it’d give a us a good idea as to what else we should include on the FAQ.  😀

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Some updates regarding

Some updates regarding

Hey everyone, the response to the new feed sites we’ve set up at iheartsl has been overwhelmingly positive!  😀  Seems like we weren’t the only ones ready for a change.  There’ve been a few questions and suggestions, so I’d like to acknowledge some of those.

First of all, I’d like to make it clear that iheartsl is not “my” site or “my” feed or what have you.  Although I’d love to take credit for something like that, it was Gogo who first started kicking around the idea of a new feed back in November.  In fact, my initial dismissive reaction was, “Yeah that’s nice… ooh btw check my new ❤ Cupcakes dress?”  Fast forward to several months later, however, and the lot of us were kind of getting tired of seeing blogs being excluded from the Fashion Planet feed and we all warmed up to Gogo’s idea.

This brings me to another issue that has been raised; a few people have asked whether the feed will be moderated.

When the team behind iheartsl first began discussing the creation of a new feed in earnest, there was one thing that we were all definitely in agreement with:  the feed was going to be a comprehensive one.  Including the voices of designers and fashion bloggers that ought to have been heard in Fashion Planet months ago was our foremost motivation, after all.

I think the name of the site says it all, too.  We really do ❤ SL, especially SL fashion.  We love dolling up our avis, hitting various sales and hunts, squealing with delight over the latest gorgeous new sculpty boots, pretty much anything to do with enhancing our avatars’ appearances.  We also love being fully informed as to what is out there, something that’s becoming increasingly difficult as SL expands.

So yes, we want to involve all of the fashion community, in all it’s glorious and riotous variety!  😀  If you’re a designer or a fashion blogger, then we want to see and hear what you have to offer, and we want to provide you with a forum where you can be heard by the entire community.  We’re all about loving SL in it’s entirety — we’re iheartsl, not bloglines.  🙂

With that said, while we won’t be your fashion police, we definitely intend to keep things running in an orderly manner.  What does this mean?  It simply means that we want to keep the fashion feed all about… well, fashion!  If it comes to the attention of iheartsl staff that there’s been some non-fashion posts appearing, we’ll simply approach the blogger and ask that they filter their posts.

Speaking of keeping things orderly, we want the site to *look* orderly, too.  Please bear with us as we continue to listen to your feedback and tweak the appearance of the site accordingly.  Right now we’re playing with a template that has cornea-friendly colors (thanks Meara for the suggestion! 😀 ) and a left sidebar that won’t get tangled up with any large images that may appear.  The new template still sports the Search function, and we’re also very happy to finally get the Previous Posts link up and running at the bottom of the page!

We will always be open to your feedback, so please, if you have any other suggestions, let us know — this is YOUR feed, after all.  ^_^  We’ve also got what we think are some killer new ideas that we’re still hashing out before we can fully implement them, so keep an eye open for future developments.

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Announcing the new feeds!

There’s a new development in the SL Blogging World that I’m extremely excited about and happy to announce!!!

The World of SL feeds are a brilliant concept — it’s just that lately, for all we know Tao Takashi could have fallen off the face of the planet. I don’t know what’s going on with him and I hope he’s okay and all, but when literally three months pass by after a request for a blog to be added is STILL not fullfilled despite there being reassurances that it will be, then you know it’s time to (1) quit complaining and (2) take matters into your own hand.

Hence I am pleased to announce a brand spankin’ new feed website,!

Get your bookmarks ready, folks; so far there are two feeds available on iheartsl:

iheartsl is built around the same premise as World of SL — blogs of feather are categorized under the same feed. The Fashion feed is meant for blogs belonging to fashion blogger and designers, obviously, while the Grid feed is meant for blogs that feature SL news, issues, and resident viewpoints.

Are you a designer who has been waiting to get onto the fashion feed, or a resident who has been wanting to feature their blog on the regular feed? If so, then WANTS YOU! Everyone who is currently featured on the the WorldofSL feeds have already been added. The site is still just one day old, however, so it’s possible that a few links may have inadvertently been overlooked. If you find that your link is missing, or if you’d like for your own blog to be added, simply visit for fashion blogs or for non-fashion blogs, and leave your URL/feed address in the comments, or send that info to

And YES — you WILL be added promptly! No more waiting for months on end for results; from the time you send in your request to be added, you should see your posts on the feed within twenty-four hours.

Do you own a blog that features content that should be featured on both feeds? Filtering your posts so that the right entries go to the right feed is super easy!

Let’s use my blog as an example…

I run Grid Expectations on WordPress. Although a lot of my entries are about fashion, I do manage to bang out a few non-fashion posts every now and then. To avoid having these show up on the fashion feed, I’ve simply created a category called Fashion.

Every category created in WordPress is assigned a numeric value. You can find the value of the category you’re going to be filing your fashion posts under by hitting your Dashboard > Manage > Categories:

Announcing the new feeds

In my dashboard, you can see that the Fashion category has been assigned #3737. All I have to do now is plug that number into the feed URL, which will look like this:

For those of you that run your blogs on the Google-owned Blogger platform, Blogger offers a Labels system that you can take advantage of. Just be sure to consistently add the label of your choice to all your fashion entries, and then use the labels feed syntax to create your URL feed.

Here’s an example of that syntax at work:  I have a blog at (seriously, don’t ask about that title, lol). Let’s say I wanted to blog about SL Fashion on there — I simply affix the label “SL Fashion” to each entry as is appropriate, and here is the feed URL for all my SL Fashion posts:

Easy as pie 😀

See you all at iheartsl!

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