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Baiastice Haute Couture

I’m a sucker for gorgeous and luxurious gowns. Like, really. Case in point: when Simone held her 100L sale a few months ago, guess who was repeatedly hitting Right-click > Buy in the wedding gown section, even though she has no plans on getting married in SL anytime soon (or ever, for that matter). 😮 Yeah, laugh all you want, I know there’s tons of you out there who’ve done the same…

Anyways, I recently discovered Baiastice Haute Couture, a store owned by Italian designer Sissy Pessoa, and guess what she sells! That’s right, gowns and dresses. Okay, she sells a lot of other stuff, too, but trust me — when you arrive there, it’s the gowns and dresses that are going to grab your attention.

Here are two items that grabbed not only my interest, but my linden wallet as well (clicking on the images will take you to their respective flickr pages where you can view larger versions; credits and SLURLs are at the end of this post):

baiastice histoire

The Histoire gown is a floor-length strapless number in an unusual taupe print. Horizontal bands of slightly lighter material repeat from top to bottom, except for one darker band that lies just below the breasts. Also drawing your eyes to the cleavage baring gap is a different colored texture that seems to peek out at you from under the neutral print of the gown.

I should mention that the skirt prims were designed for an avatar that’s considerably taller than my own. (Fyi, my avatar is 5’9″.) Since the prims are modifiable and copiable, shrinking the prims to fit was a painless procedure. In keeping with the neutral tone of the texture, I opted for a terracotta shade of lip color, copper-ish nail polish, and gold bangles and earrings. Since the cleavage area already has a number of things going on there, I decided to forgo wearing any neck adornments.

baiastice alabastro

The Alabastro dress is the first dress that really took hold of my notice. This is a very flirty and very playful dress that shows off a lot of skin, from the almost completely bare shoulders and half-bared midriff to the exaggeratedly asymmetrical hemline and sheer front flexiprims that will show off your gams like nobody’s business. What keeps it from going over the top is the shimmery, almost monochromatic texture.

Because of the somewhat ostentatious feel of this dress, I felt it was only right that the rest of the outfit should keep up. I chose to accessorize the dress with diamond encrusted t-strap heels, diamond jewelry, and silver hair. Offsetting the glitzy look are a softer pink lipcolor and nail polish.

Those weren’t the only things that caught my eye, of course, but I didn’t want to go completely crazy in the store. :-p Two other outfits that I almost bought were the Greenwater gown and the Quiet Voice dress, which comes with a hat. I took the liberty of snapping a photo of the Greenwater poster:

baiastice greenwater

You can find these and other gowns and dresses at Baiastice Haute Couture in the Centro Italia sim.

P.s. When I went there today, the Christmas freebie gifts — a white gown and some lingerie — were still being offered. To find them, look in the hallway just past the second room on the ground floor. Since these freebies have a Christmas theme, I’m not sure how much longer they will remain there.

What I’m wearing:

1st image: Dress – Baiastice Haute Couture, Histoire; Hair – RaC, Southfork black; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Lashes – RaC, Black flirty lashes; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Manicure – RaC, Manicure 06; Earrings – Caroline’s Jewelry, Eva Gold Hoop Earrings; Bracelets – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gold Flexi Bangles; Shoes – Maitreya, Grace brown

2nd image: Dress – Baiastice Haute Couture, Alabstro; Hair – Armidi, Ginza silver; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Skin – RaC, Sofia; Body Shape – Mela’s, pink lady; Manicure – RaC, Manicure 01; Jewelry set – Muse, Limited Edition Dauphine set in silver/jet (group gift); Shoes – Paper Couture, strapped diamond heel granite

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