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Assignment #4: Auto FX – dreamy photo, and Pseudo Assignment

The Filtering Second Life group was kept a little more busy than usual this week with two filters to play with.

The “official” filter assignment is from Auto FX and it’s called Dreamy Photo, and is available for both Windows and Mac users. 😀 This particular filter, although free, requires a quick and painless registration process before you are able to use it; simply fill out the online form and a serial number is e-mailed to you.

For this filter, I chose a sunset shot I’d taken in my home sim, Meddledown. (Note: I didn’t just use the filter on this image. I also added a desaturated copy of the original image and gave it a red-orange hue and painted over it with a soft large brush to add a more vivid, fiery feel to the sunset.)

original shot


retouched work

meddledown sunset

Our bonus assignment came from Gita Rau, who introduced the Luce filter from Antonino Perricone. This is a really cool filter that will cause soft rays of light to emanate from the subject. For this image, I chose to treat the filter as an overlay layer to make the lines a little more subtle.

original shot


retouched work

luce - raindance

I’m really liking the luce filter, going to have to play with it some more in the future. 😀

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