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Holy moly, yet another psd from Another shop

Okay, I know I *just* blogged about Eloh Eliot the other day, but it can’t be helped; everything she does is noteworthy, and her latest offering is no exception.

She has just released her latest skin in the “f” line. And you know that .psd file she so generously offered just days ago? That was for the Lf0 skin. Get ready to acquaint yourself with the Cf0 skin:

omg more skin

Eloh has listed some minor differences between the Lf0 and Cf0 skins:

Lighter, more pinkish skintone
Eyelid creases are lighter and closer to the eyelid edge
Eyebrows are thicker in area, but less dense
Lips are slighty less pouty

The reason why I’m so excited about this is because I think it’s finally dawned on me just how much can be done with the files she’s sharing with us. Only our imaginations limit us. A new flickr group was created just for showcasing the different modifications people have made to Eloh’s skins, and the results are fun to browse.

My hands-down favorite skin mod so far is the male skin variation posted by Noam Sprocket:


Here are a few more images from the group:

Messed Up Beauty Queen In Another skin Memmi's makeup rising sun Closeup of the modified skin

Join in on the modding, it’s fun! Head on down to Suffugium to grab a copy of Eloh’s latest skin and show some appreciation with your lindens, and then download the skin file and crack open Photoshop. 😀

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Another Skin Mod Club

Morrigan Repine made an exciting post on Second Impressions a few days ago about how Eloh Eliot of Another Shop had made the .psd files for her latest skin available for download at no cost, and I finally had a chance to play with the files tonight.

I won’t go into too much detail other than to say that the level of quality is in keeping with everything else we’ve seen from Eloh thus far; the skin is beautiful.

I’m sure everyone’s either already downloaded the files and begun playing with them, or are planning to do so very soon, so I figured it would be fun to create a flickr group where everyone can post pictures of the results of their modifications. The group is open to anyone that has a flickr account, so fire up Photoshop, join the group, and show off what you’ve done. 😀

Here is the URL:

And now, here is my own very first, very amateur attempt :p

first skin mod attempt

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Eloh’s Christmas present to everyone

It was not too long ago that I’d blogged about Eloh Eliot’s new line of “E” skins at her humble little store, simply called Another shop! Her hand-drawn skins were priced shockingly low; so low, in fact, that I was hesitant about blogging the price because I hadn’t confirmed with her whether or not that was an error.

Well, looks like I shouldn’t have worried about that! If you follow the Fashion Planet feed at all, then you’ve probably read Fab Free’s and Rykerized’s entries by now and are already aware that Eloh has made the ultimate gift to everyone: she’s giving away her entire line of E skins for free, and with full permissions.

It doesn’t just end there, by the way. When you view the folder’s contents, you’ll see three textures: the makeup-less texture “tattoo” for the head, as well as the texture files for the upper body and lower body. Eloh hasn’t just opened the door for you to go and tinker with the skin, she’s practically taking you by the hand and leading you through it. I think it’s safe to say that she wants people to be able to customize their skins as they see fit. Ever wanted to have your three top clothing layers available for an outfit mash-up and still be able to wear tattoos? Now you can superimpose your tattoo texture onto the skin. Or perhaps you’ve been wanting that perfect shade of purple eyeshadow that no one seems to offer? All you need to do is download the face texture to your machine and then open up the file in your image editing program.

Well, yes, you need a bit of technical skill, too, of course — but the point is this: a skin designer is not only enabling you, but is outright encouraging you to modify her work. In a world where past incidents of skin “franken-modding” has led to a considerable amount of drama, this sort of handing over of the reins of control over your skin is virtually unheard of and is indeed a rare opportunity.

My immediate reaction, like most people’s I believe, was something like, “Omg… has Eloh lost it?!” And then, after the initial shock wore off and I gave it some more thought, I realized that this move seems very much in line with how she operates. Her store is one of the simplest stores you will ever see in SL, sitting on a parcel that does not even measure a full 512 sqm; she does not run an ad; she offers freebies regularly and refuses to put the word “demo” on her demo skins lest she mar their aesthetic quality; she makes her work accessible to everyone with her pricing scheme; in her picks tab on her profile, she lists her little shop with this sentiment included in the description: “This is where I sell crap to support my expensive shoes & hair habit.” Couple all of this with her apparent perfectionist approach to her skins, and you begin to sense that while she probably enjoys whatever profit she may make from her work, this seems very much to be about her art and it’s contribution to the SL community.

Or maybe I’m wrong and she has indeed lost her marbles. :p Either way, it’s incredibly generous of her, so please, if you take advantage of this incredible gift remember that reselling a freebie is a big no-no and is frowned upon, and drop her a note of thanks or something. ^_^

P.s. It did occur to me, too, that perhaps she’s developing a new skin… so I snuck a peek at her flickr. 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of Another shop holds!

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New line of skins from Another shop!

Eloh Eliot, the owner of that humble little roadside shop in Lippert, has just released her latest “e” line of hand-drawn skins.

And oh my goodness… she has OUTDONE herself. Seriously.

First of all, the standard information: The “e” line of skins once again come in four skintones, named Fe, Le, Re, and Se. Here they are:

another e standing four

The skin packages just scream thoughtfulness and generosity, from the ridiculously easy method for changing your eyebrow color (just click and wear, folks, no need to go into Edit Appearance for this), the choice in eyebrow thickness, to the choice — in EACH eyebrow thickness, mind you — to have freckles or not.

another e brow thickness another e brow colors another e freckles another e no freckles

Whew, and I haven’t even gotten into describing the great quality of these skins yet.

Eloh’s attention to detail is impeccable. As I inspected the skin from head to toe, I kept finding new features to coo over. The ear details are clear and well-shaded, so you can wear that short ear-baring hairstyle with pride. The lips are gorgeous, with a little bit of shine/highlight. The nose is among the best I’ve seen in SL, with the nostrils in just the right place and the perfect amount of shading — as Aunty MariaLani would say, not too much, not too little, but juuuuuuuuust right. Unlike the “d” line of skins, this time around you are given a choice as to whether you want your cute face sprinkled with freckles or not.

another e earanother e lower face

Her sense of humor shines through in the way she’s named them, too. :p Each folder of skin contains eight makeup variations, one of which has a bare and natural un-madeup look. That makeup-less look has been named after the virtue Humility, while the other remaining seven, all of which have varying lip colors and eye makeups, have been named for the Seven Deadly Sins. 😀

It’s a comprehensive range of makeup looks, too: “gluttony” is delicate and feminine with the light eyeshadow and pastel lip; “envy” pairs the smoky eye with the nude lip, a look that I am a huge fan of; “sloth” is like Molly Ringwald, all pretty in pink; “lust” indulges in luxe red lips. I think the fact that you get all of these makeup options in one crack, and at such a low price, is an incredibly generous gesture.

another e makeup 1
another e makeup 2

And that’s just the face, folks. Let’s take a look at some features on the rest of the body that impressed me.

another e torso front & back
another e legs front & back

Subtle clavicle shading that doesn’t make your collarbone look too sharp? Check. Cleavage shading that’s done so that you get the right amount of definition without having your breast size overly exaggerated? Check. Nipples that are sized with SL fashions in mind? Check. A belly button that actually looks like a human navel and not just some random black hole stuck on the abdomen as an aferthought? Check.

Seriously, I could just drone on and on about everything I dig about these skins. The shading on the backside, from the shoulder blades to the spine to the cute butt, is done very nicely so that while your skin is not just some flat-looking texture, there aren’t any harsh shadows either. The knees (both the fronts and backs of them) are among the prettiest I’ve seen. We are all aware of how ugly SL feet generally are, but it looks like attention has been paid to make sure the toes/toenails line up properly; no pinkies or big toes with nails angling off in unnatural directions. 😀

The variety of makeups and freckle options and eyebrow options, the well-balanced shading work all throughout the body, and the pricing makes this latest release of skins from Another shop! virtually irresistible to anyone. Whether you’re looking to dress up your bajillion alts without breaking the bank (yeah, you know who you are :p ), or if you’re in the market for some new skins, or are simply looking to expand your collection of skins with some quality additions, you’ll most likely want to run over to Lippert and grab these.

Additional info: Hair – ETD Roslin, Eyes – Simtropia, Body Shape – Mela’s pink lady

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Another shop! has another freebie skin

I just found out from Gogo (go check out her website btw!) that Eloh Eliot of Another shop! has generously shared yet ANOTHER freebie skin! This one sports freckles, just like the set of skins I’d blogged a little while ago.

The name of the freebie is Le0. I compared it against the Ld demo that I have, and while the skin tone is similar I’d have to say that the Le skin has a creamier, more “glowing” look to it. The shading is great — Gogo and I were going “ooh” and “ahh” over the details. Gogo pointed out the perfect amount of shine on the new lips, and I felt that the shading on the cleavage area and on the knees and legs are on par with some of the skins we see in the $L1000 range. Here are some quick shots that I grabbed (clicking on them will take you to their respective flickr pages where you can look at larger versions):

Snapshot_013 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_014

Go to the Lippert sim and grab your copy of Eloh’s latest free skin at her roadside shop!

Hair is from Cake, eyes are from Simtropia, shape is from Mela’s

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Do you recall balking at the price of skins when you were a newbie? I definitely remember thinking, no ways am I spending that much on a mere skin for what amounts to my virtual dollie.

Hoo boy, has my tune changed since then! I’ve since seen the error in my previous way of thinking. 🙂 (In fact, I am what my friend Gogo refers to as a “RaC Faithful”, hehe.) If you take any pride whatsoever in your avi’s appearance, having a good, quality skin that you are completely happy with is like having a really good makeup foundation in RL — it is absolutely necessary, utterly indispensable.

Enter my friend IsabellaMarie Oh into the picture: she has been in SL off and on for a few months now, but has never really spent much time in-world other than to rez the odd prim here and there. She was perfectly content with traipsing about in her default avi (the horror!) and the only reason why she now has a cute outfit from Last Call and a Minnu skin is because I nagged her and gave her some lindens.

Well, ever since getting her Minnu skin, Izzy has warmed up considerably to the idea of dolling up her avi. She’s remarked a couple of times on how she wouldn’t mind having different kinds of makeups, but she is still quite reluctant to blow L$1,000+ on a single skin, much less L$4,000 – 6,000 on a fatpack (even though it’s “cheaper” [per skin] that way).

So naturally, she was the first person I thought of when I saw that the new skins were put out at Another shop! These are hand-drawn skins, and they’re really quite adorable. They come in four skintones, and all of them feature freckles. The skins themselves are completely bare in the pubic area, but if that’s not your thing there are two pubic hair options that are thoughtfully provided; they go on the underpants layer and are called “full” and “landing strip”.

What really made me think of Izzy right away, however, was the price point — these are insanely affordable. Each skintone sells for only L$200, and your money gets you six (6) — yes, SIX — different makeups. Six!! Izzy ended up buying the Rd skintone, which she models in the pics below along with demos for the other three skintones:

another lineup 1

L to R in the picture above: Sd silver, Fd nude, Ld subtle nude, Rd subtle nude

another lineup 2

L to R in the picture above: Rd silver, Rd red, Rd pinup

Another shop!

L to R in the picture above: Rd nude, Rd dark, Rdº (this one’s a freebie!)

Izzy is also wearing the Phoebe hairstyle from ETD, the Indigo 2 eyes from Nomine, and a custom shape from me 😀 I am toying with the idea of offering custom shapes at my store, Mela’s; if you are at all interested in getting a custom shape done then send me an IM and we’ll talk. ^_^

Are you helping out a newbie friend with finding a nice variety of skins to play with but at a price that won’t single-handedly obliterate all of the linden dollars they’ve camped for? Or perhaps you want an affordable addition to your own collection of skins? Pay a visit to Another shop! in the Lippert sim:

P.s. Note to Izzy — I was just joking about your avi being horrifying, you were a pretty newbie :p

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