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I like playing with machinima in Second Life. I am more of a hobbyist than a hardcore machinima maker, however; I use Fraps and Windows Movie Maker.

My laptop’s integrated graphics limit me quite a bit, so I rarely ever use local lighting and I tend to film high up in the sky lest my video turns out unwatchably “choppy”. This is quite annoying, as you can probably imagine, and I hope to rectify this in the near future with a machine that sports dedicated video memory. 🙂

All of my videos so far may be found on my YouTube channel or my LiveVideo channel.

Here are the vids I have created thus far, in descending order from most to least recent:

My Vacuum
My partner, Carson, bought me a vacuum and it was so cute, I had to take some shots of it!


swimming with a seal

Makeshift Skate HUD
Short vid I made to accompany my blog post on how to make your own Skate HUD using those old Skoopf skates.

thriller attachment
A brief vid showing how the free thriller attachment works. IM me if you want a copy of it!

reBourne dojo, koi pond, and asian house
This was a quick vid I put together to accompany a blog post about a prefab from reBourne.

shadow viewer short

editing prim hair


irkmade burlesque martini glass

all the rest

Cherry Girl

[livevideo id=C5773162F6DF413D9EA62ABD29AC02B7/498911/cherrygirl.aspx]
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