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Farewell, Mori Pwani

Farewell to Mori Pwani

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Visiting Innsmouth

I recently visited Innsmouth (this sim is based on Lovecraft’s work, of course) because that was the latest location specified in one of my newest favorite flickr groups, The Rashomon Project. The build and atmosphere are fantastic, and this is one of those spots in SL that you really should visit if you haven’t already done so.

welcome to innsmouth

Yes, I’m a bad SL mom.  I haul my prim baby to all sorts of creepy locations.

innsmouth is a bit run down ;p

The build is fantastic, from the textures to the ambient sounds.

levitating book

Levitating book… spooky!

something lurks in the distance

Something is lurking in the distance…

019. hanging with the Deep Ones

Hanging out with the Deep Ones.  I think this might be my favorite Zooby baby shot.  My friend Vivi told me I should’ve placed my baby in the monster’s mouth for this pic.  :-O


This last shot was my submission for the Rashomon project group.  I thought it’d be nice to get an underwater perspective, but I forgot I had shadows enabled so there’s no anti-aliasing, wups.  (I’ve a few more pics from my visit to Innsmouth that didn’t make it into this post.  If you’re curious, you can check out my Innsmouth flickr set.)

walk in the snow

Of course, one of the joys of meandering about SL is dressing up your avatar and taking snapshots of the places you’ve visited.  Well, for me anyway. 😛  I really liked the outfit I put together for my visit to the Innsmouth sim and I ended up wearing it for a couple of days.

And I confess, I also like dressing up my Zooby baby.  They sell baby clothes, and uh… yeah I’ve bought three outfits already, lol.  So far I’ve bought her a dress, a t-shirt and jeans, and now a sweater/denim skirt/tights set.  I put the Zooby Heart Top & Denim Skirt set on her for these pics because I felt that outfit came closest to looking like winter clothes.  My friend Gogo says I might need a Zooby intervention 😛  I don’t think I’m that far gone!

Anyways, back to my outfit:  I took another picture at the IDIA Laboratories sim to get a better shot of it.  Here are the details for it:

Hair – Maitreya – Sasha, bistre
Top – MNK Shop – Knit Sweater Red
Jeans – Armidi Limited – A001 Jeans, black classic
Boots – Reek – Autumn Boots, Red! (50L Friday)
Glasses – House of Curios, Rectangle Framed Glasses #001
Skin – LAQ, Trisha

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006 – 010 for Project 365

Still catching up on my Project 365 posts.  ^_^

006.  blue

Day 6 of 365. Shot on the Life Is Good sim.

What is your favorite color?

I’ve always found this to be an interesting question, because favored colors, scents, tastes, etc. are always changing as you evolve as a person, or move through the days and events that map out life.

I’m somewhat inconsistent when it comes to selecting a favorite color. I like red a lot, especially a deep, rich, blood red; words like ‘vibrant’ and ‘passionate’ come to mind when I picture that hue. And then there’s the happy, almost fragrant and frolicsome quality of green.

But every now and then, there are moments when the contemplative serenity of blue is really soothing. ❤

007.  nap with baby coqui

Day 7 of 365, nap with Baby Coqui.

Afternoon nap pose with my baby 😀  (I don’t do the whole motherhood roleplaying thing, but omg having a Zooby baby is like the ultimate prop LOL.  The babies are ridiculously cute!!!  If you want to find out more about them, read Gogo’s blog!)

008.  planets

Day 8 of 365. Towing my zooby baby around while exploring the *little kasiopaya* Planets & Art Labyrinth.

I saw this location on M Linden’s flickrstream and had to come check it out for myself.

009.  dream

Day 9 of 365, dream.

My avatar’s eyes shut right at the moment I shot this, and it seemed appropriate.

010.  taking refuge

Day 10 of 365, taking refuge.

The word ‘refuge’ fits with this image in a lot of different ways. He knows why. ❤

Some style credits…

Image 006 & 007:
Hair –, Neva.2
Dress (lol a very SHORT one) – Luck Inc., Tankdress 50L Friday Nerdieh
Jeans – Armidi Limited, A001 Jeans Regular Classic
Shoes – UBU, Drunks
Image 006 was shot on the Life Is Good sim. You should make time to visit this sim, because Porta Fosse will be closing it down on January 15. 😦 Don’t miss it!

Image 008 & 009:
Hair – Exile, Jane
Outfit – COCO, WinterCSR Choice prize
Boots – Reek, Autumn boots Red 50L Friday

Image 010:
Dress – TRUTH Martini dress, group gift

My skin is from LAQ.

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Mitsukoshi sim

While looking around some random Japanese sim a few days ago with Vivienne, I met someone by the name of Shoji Kumaki. After we’d conversed for a bit he told me he wanted to show me a place where I could get free kimonos.

We ended up at a beautifully constructed sim called Mitsukoshi. Mitsukoshi is actually the name of a fancy department store in Japan (think Harrod’s or Neiman Marcus), which has it’s roots in the kimono business dating all the way back to the 1600s. The landing point is located on a broad walkway surrounded by cherry blossom trees on green hills, which leads to a somewhat large teahouse.

Newbie named Yasso

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of the teahouse, you’re already offered two free hapi coats:

free hapis at the entrance entering the building

The details are beautiful. The floor is covered with a very pretty tatami mat texture, and there are several zabuton scattered around with kneeling animations. In the areas surrounding the teahouse, you’ll find cutouts of Japanese caricatures standing here and there:


Cutouts Sub?

And, who doesn’t love freebies, especially when they are pretty ones? ^_^ Those two hapi coats at the entrance are just the tip of the iceberg! Look around the teahouse and you will find at least eight more kimonos (some with the long sode, or sleeves, and some without), two men’s kimonos, two more hapi coats, and a variety of fans and hats. I say “at least” because after going back over my pictures, I think I may have missed some more!

Kimonos with great textures senbu and jingsa Kimonos and hapis





Of course, this is a sim launched by big business, so they’re not going to be content with simply handing over a bunch of free stuff, right? Behind the teahouse is another walkway flanked by white sakura, leading to a sort of courtyard. The area is dominated by two large, semi-transparent elevator shafts that take you up to a much more modern looking build about 140m into the sky.

White sakura Elevator shaft Gift Salon

The build in the sky is a fairly straightforward interface that will lead the user to Mitsukoshi’s website and services. It’s divided into several departments, such as Gifts, Fashion, etc.

UPDATE: I recently became aware of another blog that discusses this sim, have a look. 🙂

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