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B&B Skins – Rigging the Search Tool @ Skin Oasis

Someone posted an image on and I had to go see for myself, of course. I ended up with several shots, myself:

Gaming the Search Tool

This is such total BS. Other businesses hustle to promote their brand by paying considerable sums on advertising in SL, in magazines, on blogs and websites — this includes paying models, photographers, set designers, possibly even graphic designers and advertising agencies. They take the time to network with people, sometimes offering their items for review at websites like Linden Lifestyles and Second Style Fashionista or courting modeling/PR agencies. They try to attract customers with all sorts of innovative builds and special events, brainstorming different ways to get people to take note and get involved.

They work damn hard to make their business a success.

So yeah, it pisses me off when I see this kind of cheap stunt pulled because it seems like cheating to me. These people don’t care about the kind of lag they inflict on their visiting customers; all they can see are dollar signs associated with each green dot on the mini-map that isn’t an alt. And I sincerely doubt the avatars you’ll see in the following pictures are legitimate, paid accounts.

Clicking on the images will take you to their respective flickr pages, where you can view larger version. I’ve included the interface and HUD objects in the screenshots, but blurred out my linden balance because I don’t want anyone to see how poor I am. :p

Gaming the Search Tool 01

Gaming the Search Tool 02

Gaming the Search Tool 03

Gaming the Search Tool 04

Gaming the Search Tool 05

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Fix the yellow first, sheesh

It’s rant time for yours truly again.

I own a fairly large swath of land in a mainland sim that adjoins an empty ocean sim. I chose to invest in this property for several reasons: (A) it’s mainland property, and I like that I can do whatever I want with my land without being bound by estate rule restrictions, (B) the adjoining sim is an empty water sim, and (C) the sim reseller terraformed and carved out the parcels with great care, arranging them in a manner conducive to a nice looking neighborhood as opposed to simply selling off lots of little blocks of land. (The reseller, btw, was Jessie Beckham of virtuositydevelopment, and I totally recommend dealing with her if you’re interested in buying land, whether it’s mainland or estate.)

Here, let’s expand a bit on point C. The land in my sim was terraformed in such a manner so that there is land on all three sides that aren’t adjoining the neighboring empty water sim, while the water section in the middle opens into that same ocean sim. When Jessie cut up the parcels, she deliberately cut out a T-shaped strip of land in the middle of this water section and left it open and not for sale; the idea was that once the sim filled up with residents, she would return the strip of land to Linden Lab. This, in turn, would cause the land to be dubbed “Maintenance” and it would ultimately serve as an open ocean access channel for everyone in the sim, regardless of who has banlines and security orbs.

A few days ago, I discovered upon opening my world map that the access channel had turned purple. I quickly found that if a parcel is marked purple on the world map, this means it is being auctioned off.

What the hell?

When I look at the mainland, what do I see? Dollar signs and patches of yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, and yet more yellow. All. Over. The. Freaking. Place. Perhaps LL could, I dunno, focus on cleaning up that huge mass of yellowed parcels instead of worrying over an itty bitty strip of land in my home sim? I really did not need or want more land and prims, but since I wasn’t about to let some vile scum ad farmer plant his extortionist ass in front of my land, I participated in the tiny bidding battle that took place this afternoon.

And yes, I won the auction. Meh. Oh well, at least I am now the owner of one bitchin’ good mainland property, if I do say so myself. I’m only grudgingly happy about it, though.

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Common Courtesy

[15:30] Random Avatar: Hello Shopping Avatar, welcome to Corporation XYZ 🙂

Imagine there is an avi named Shopping Avatar, and she has just TP’d in to a store called Corporation XYZ to do some shopping. She is greeted with the benign statement above upon entry.

Let’s take a look at that greeting again, shall we?

[15:30] Random Avatar: Hello Shopping Avatar, welcome to Corporation XYZ 🙂

What can we glean from this statement? Let’s analyze:

  1. Public chat log clearly shows the name of every typist.
  2. We can see from public chat that there is a person operating an avi by the name of Random Avatar.
  3. Random just greeted a customer on behalf of the store.
  4. Therefore, Random must be an employee of the store.
  5. Random added a smilie at the end in place of an actual smile, to convey friendliness.
  6. Logic dictates that this store employee extending a friendly greeting is doing so to convey helpfulness, should the customer require any.

I extended this very greeting just this afternoon to countless people. Most people will sacrifice the roughly five seconds it takes to type back a brief acknowledgment, such as “Hi” or “Hello”. Some will even indulge in a few extra keystrokes and tack on a smilie of their own: “Hello :)”. Others choose to ignore the greeting; perhaps they did not see the greeting in their viewer.

One person, however, chose to respond with this:

[15:30] Shopping Avatar Stupid Cow: Hello person.

Again, let’s analyze:

  1. Public chat log shows that Stupid Cow, f.k.a. Shopping Avatar, has indeed recognized the fact that she was being greeted.
  2. Stupid Cow has the luxury of taking a few seconds to type a response.
  3. Stupid Cow has replaced Random’s name with “person”.
  4. Stupid Cow is looking at the public chat log, which clearly shows the name of the person who greeted her; therefore, her use of the word “person” in place of a more courteous pronoun is obviously deliberate.
  5. Stupid Cow is being condescending, and quite possibly finds enjoyment in this.
  6. Stupid Cow really is a stupid cow.

Okay, so perhaps item six on that latest list is more of an opinion than anything else, but really, how hard is it to simply be nice? It’s not like my fragile heart was crushed by this glaring display of rudeness, but I was a bit annoyed. It’s one thing to completely ignore someone; it’s quite another to willfully go out of your way to be a twat.

I know, I know — this is Second Life, develop a thick virtual skin (as it says somewhere on the SL website, don’t ask me where). The thing is, SL is a community like any other, it just happens to exist in a virtual setting as opposed to meatspace… and like all other communities, behaving like a civil adult when the situation calls for it, and displaying just a little bit of courtesy, really goes a long way towards helping everything run just that much more smoothly.

(And goodness knows, SL needs all the help it can get in running right. o.O)

Another thing to consider (and this one really seems like plain ol’ common sense): behaving like a decent human being is also especially important if you plan on taking on a business venture. The person that we refer to in this post as Stupid Cow (I won’t give her real name but here’s a hint — it rhymes with “Sibbon Tye”) states in her profile that she’s a builder accepting commissions.

With that winning personality of hers, I’m sure she’ll get tons of work.

Hello Reader, welcome to my blog 🙂


Retrospect is a great thing.  ^_^  I realize now I should have added the part where she actually took the time to explain to someone why she had chosen to address me as “person”.  Here’s a copy/paste from the comments section of this post:

I probably should have added to the post that another customer who was present overheard her, and actually called her on her bad manners.

She had the nerve to justify her actions by implying that *I* was the rude person in this scenario for having dared address her without introducing myself first. o_O I guess her powers of observation are in dire need of a tune-up if she is incapable of connecting the obvious dots that clearly indicated what my name is (hello, it’s right there in chat) and the capacity in which I’d been greeting people.

Then she went on to say that I was a person, someone she didn’t know, hence her use of “Hello person”… and that if she’d wished to be rude, she would have called me something else.

/me rolls eyes

If I were to apply her logic, then next time I see her I will have to say, “Hello idiot”. :p


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