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POSEUR is at Project Donate!

POSEUR has a lot of poses, props, and poseball sets out, including five great items for charity!

POSEUR - SoCal PinUp Lounger

Loaded with lots of sexy pin-up style poses, the SoCal PinUp Lounge will provide you with lots of fun and tasty ways to show off your latest favorite skin, lingerie, or just… well, YOU. 😉 This is a versatile little staple that photographers and models will want in their collection of pose props.


If you love taking snapshots of yourself in different locales (or if you simply love photographing that latest cute outfit you put together), then you’ll want the Ganguro poses!

The next five items are currently available only at the Project Donate sim, with proceeds going to UNICEF to help provide relief for people affected by the Pakistan flooding. Visit us at Project Donate!

POSEUR - smorgasbord minipack

The entire Design Team at POSEUR have pitched in to create our Smorgasbord mini posepack! Smorgasbord has a little bit of something for everyone… there’s even a surprise in there that ends with a sexy pose that I love. Lol…

You’ll find this pack especially hard to resist: it’s priced at just 100L, and 100% of the proceeds will go to UNICEF.


Possibility is a pose prop for couples, and is right on schedule for the fall season. 🙂 It’s equipped sweet little falling leaf particles, and you can even choose to lay on a bed of leaves with your loved one.

POSEUR - Just Friends (and More than Friends)

If you like collecting couple’s poses for you and your significant other to use, then you will love this; it’s actually a set of two couple’s poses!

Kawaii Maid

Ooh la la! SL wouldn’t be SL if we didn’t allow ourselves to indulge in the occasional fantasy that is heavy on the cute and sass. Join us in being a sweet little cartoon maid for a day, and be kawaii 😀

POSEUR - boy

Although we ❤ girls very much, POSEUR is also about the boys! Introducing our first posepack that is meant specifically for men (although some of these will work for the ladies, too).

The POSEUR design team would absolutely love to see how you’re using your poses in your photos! Please join our flickr group and share your pics with us. 🙂

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POSEUR Trooblad, Lil Posey, and Be Freeee

We may be approaching the end of August, but Summer’s not over yet at POSEUR! Our poses are still as hot as ever, and we’ve been feeling like baring some skin to cool off.

First up on our new release list is a group pose meant for three, but with a hide/show script it can easily be converted to a two-person pose.
Inspired by a popular show and an even more popular magazine, our Trooblad pose set just might be steamy enough to waken your own bloodlust. 😉

POSEUR - Trooblad POSEUR - Trooblad paint layers

We’re also excited to present you with our first pose props!

Lil Posey is loaded with ten sexy poses that will show off your curves, with a cute little texture-change table serving as a backdrop.
I’m really loving this prop, and I just know you’ll love it, too. A demo version is rezzed at our store, come on down and see for yourself!


Our Be Freeee pose prop is all about being… well, free! :p

Sometimes a gal just wants to bare it all for the camera. What better way to do so than with poses designed to convey that sense of freedom! This set also includes prim flower pasties that will strategically cover your bits if you don’t feel like baring absolutely everything. 😀

POSEUR - Be Freee

POSEUR’s subscriber base is growing and it looks like we’ll be hitting our 250 member mark soon! To celebrate this small milestone, we’ll be releasing a pose gift. Be sure to let your friends know about POSEUR so that they can join our list and take advantage of our special gifts and group offers 🙂

And don’t forget to submit your photos to our flickr group! We’ll be announcing a special flickr group promotion soon, you won’t want to miss it.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,
The POSEUR Design Team ❤

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New at POSEUR! Be a Lil Minx & Hold Me Tight ;)

New at POSEUR! Be a Lil Minx & Hold Me Tight 😉

Ladies & Gents, turn up the A/C because things are gonna get steamy, and I’m not talking about summer weather!

POSEUR - Hold Me Tight

KS Shim of POSEUR has made us some sexy new poses, as well as a sweet and inspired couple’s pose. Introducing the Hold Me Tight set, and the hot Lil Minx modeling poses!


And don’t forget to grab the free handbag mini posepack that’s currently in our Subscriber Kiosk at the main store. 🙂 It’s going to be there for only a little while more!

POSEUR minipack - ge handbag

Visit POSEUR to try out our poses!  POSEUR at Kuu Ipo 91, 158, 24

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Disco Bitch

Yay, I’m blogging on Grid Expectations now, people will actually read what I write! Comparing traffic stats between our Poseur blog and here was humbling.

Gogo teleported me to BP* because the lucky chair had a letter N. (Sucks for Niki that she wasn’t on!) She had been watching the chair there because of some fabulous hair that Triangle Caudron had posted. I can see why my circle of friends went a little chair camping mad for this hair! It can’t be bought, you can only get it from the chair.

I am calling this look my Disco Bitch look, thanks to Vivi for the excellent name suggestion.

I'm a disco bitch!

The pose is from mine and Nikita’s shop!

Sorry for not including the location where I got the clothes.  I had several messages all asking where I got this!  I got it from a lucky chair at an authorized reseller’s store.  Only the green version is in the chair but I think there were other colors for sale too.

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mela’s is now on SLExchange and OnRez

Wewt, so I finally finished getting my most recent stuff up on SLEX and OnRez 😀

I’ve been meaning to get my things on there but never quite got around to it.  Over the past couple of days, however, I’ve had several requests from people wanting to send the skin fatpack as a gift to friends… so I figured I should make gift-giving easier for people when they’re not able to find me online.  Or if I’m AFK (which is like, 75% of the time ^^).

Here are the linkies:

mela’s @ (you will need to enable mature content but I promise my pics are all PG!)
mela’s @ OnRez

On a side note, the girls from Poseur have been waiting patiently for their blog to be added to the Fashion Planet feed (they’ve been on the iheartsl feed for weeks now, though… sorry, couldn’t resist :p ) but since that’s not happened yet, they’ve been invited to use Grid Expectations to announce their stuffs or whatever.  ^^  You can view their blog at and check out a couple of their pose vendors at my shop in La Reina.

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