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my latest celebrity morphs?!

What the hell?  Heather Locklear was on the list, too, but I’d chosen a template that only allowed five images.  o.o  I don’t think my avi looks like any of thoses celebs!!  So I tried again lol.

Okay I don’t think my avi looks like any of these celebs either (and apparently the angle at which your head is tilted affects your results) but whatev — Beyonce’s sooooo pretty, she looks good even without makeup on <333

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The Book Meme

Ryker tagged me ^^ I’ve been ignoring my blog for a few days, wups!

The Book Meme

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

The Book: Hyperion by Dan Simmons (<3 this book)

He was not sure if he was hearing and understanding Middle English or if the sentence had been simple Standard. He had no idea if the grizzled archer was another Command School cadet, an instructor, or merely an artifact of the sim. He could not guess if the slang had been correct.

Okay, I’m tagging anyone on the Juicy sim that has a blog.   (That means you, Gogo! :p)  I’ve been up all night and don’t have the energy to fire up the synapses to come up with five names to tag 😡

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My Candy Heart

I like hugs, I like them a lot. 😀 Saw this blogthing on the Devilish Cupcake blog so I figured I’d give it a spin. ^_^

Your Candy Heart Says “Hug Me”

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.
Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!Your ideal Valentine’s Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you’ve planned outYour flirting style: lots of listening and talkingWhat turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you’re hot: you’re fearless about falling in love

What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

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I dunno why I’m fascinated with these online blog quizzes that tell me what I’m like. Hence the new blogslut category. ^_^

I’m an INFP. That’s Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

You Are An INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.
In love, you tend to have high (and often unrealistic) standards.
You are very sensitive. You tend to have intense feelings.
At work, you need to do something that expresses your personal values.
You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.
How you see yourself: Unselfish, empathetic, and spiritual
When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Unrealistic, naive, and weak

What’s Your Personality Type?

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The Naughty Eleven

Okay, since it’s Ryker asking me to do this meme and she’s already followed through on another meme I passed on to her, I figure I’m obligated to answer. :-p

Name the avatar that you would most like to have second life sex with for…

1. … their avatar: anyone with a good shape that’s wearing RaC Cliff, lol

2. … their mind: Vivi ^_^

3. … their poetic/mystical/creative spirit: Salazar Jack */me sings that Eiffel 65 song*

4. … their social success/success in SL: Codie ❤

5. … their libido: I will get into trouble if I answer this honestly 😮

6. … wanting them to go against type for you. That is, if they are normally a top, you would want them to be your bottom, if they are straight and you are same sl gender: Arahan Claveau

7. … and you would go against type for this: Screw dat, I’m going against type for No One ^_^

8. … and you would most want to do a nothing-but-sex week with, who you are not currently having sl sex with: Any of the Lindens; instead of whispering sweet nothings in their ear I’d ask them to rig the jira so that my votes count twice as much as anyone else’s :p

9. … and you want a threesome, which two: I don’t like threesomes 😀

10. … “The forbidden,” the one that, you’d like to publicly confess to, but the consequences would be toooooo awful. Examples would be your best friend’s partner, a professional contact, someone you know rl who is here… Someone who you want, but have never been able to confess it too. Don’t post… Just answer with whether they are online right at the moment that you post your answer: Online 😮

11. … nostalgia reasons: Marquez ❤ Don’t wanna shag him, I just miss him 😦

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Eight Random Facts

Nadine Nozaki was tagged by Timothy Lilliehook to do the “Eight Randon Facts” meme; she, in turn, has tagged moi.  😀

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Okies, so here we go ^_^

1.   My vision is really odd.  My right eye is afflicted with myopic astigmatism (nearsightedness) and I’ve hyperopia (farsightedness) in my left eye.  I wear prescription glasses but I’m totally able to get away with not wearing them.

2.  The last time I took a typing certification test, I clocked in at 93 wpm, corrected.  That was a while ago and I’m quite certain I’ve become faster since then.

3.  True story:  I was once in a vehicle-pedestrian accident, and my alcohol consumption that night was probably what kept me from getting more badly injured than I had been; at least, that’s what the EMT dude told me in the back of the ambulance during our ride to the ER.  Wanna know what was really ironic about the whole situation?  The guy who’d hit me with his jeep was actually the designated driver for his group of friends that night.  o.o

4.   My dreams are extremely vivid and can be quite spooky sometimes.

5.   A list of facts about yours truly will not be complete without mentioning my hardcore Star Wars nerdiness.  Yeah, I’m one of those people.  😀  I have a little library of my own, a wall of books… and one entire shelf is dedicated to Star Wars books and comics.  I’ve since scaled back on the SW spendiness, though; it gets to be a bit much after a while and besides, I’ve run out of room.  :p

6.   I love poetry, and I am particularly enamored of the sonnet.  William Shakespeare and Edna St. Vincent Millay are gods, as far as I’m concerned.

7.   I’ve inherited my father’s love for music.  There isn’t a music genre (except maybe country, lol) that I don’t love.  I can play the piano, ukulele, drums, saxophone, a little bit of the guitar and even less of the violin.  I’ve also written a couple of piano pieces; if only I could sing, too 😦

8.  I visit the beach almost every day, which is easy to do since I live like two blocks away from the ocean.  ❤ Ke Kai

All righty, so there’s my list of random facts!  Here are the people I’m gonna tag:  Vivienne Graves and Morrigan Repine over at Second Impressions, Serenity Mercier, Ryker Beck, Allegory Malaprop, Eloh Eliot, Puma Jie, and Daniella Tobias over at D!ff.  😀

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Celebrity Morph

Gogo wrote about this a while ago. I finally got around to playing with it and got Aishwarya Rai, Kristen Davis, and Rachel Leigh Cook. ^^

Erm, okay I guess wordpress doesn’t like dealing with shockwave and stuff. o.o Static version instead:

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The Sorting Hat says Ravenclaw :D

The sorting hat says that I belong in Ravenclaw!

Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose intelligence is surest.”

Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable.
Notable residents include Cho Chang and Padma Patil (objects of Harry and Ron’s affections), and Luna Lovegood (daughter of The Quibbler magazine’s editor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created. Get Sorted Now!

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