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Psst… is Melanie gone?

Hey everyone. It’s Whit Korobase. You probably don’t know me but, yeah, I am actually supposed to be here. 🙂 I work at a design shop called Shelf Life Media in world and we’re helping bring a RL dressmaker’s designs and vision to Second Life.

What does that have to do with Grid Expectations, you say? Well, I’m pleased to announce Shelf Life and Mela’s will be forming a business partnership and we’ll be moving our work space to the new Mela’s Main Store in Lo Lo.

But before we move, we’re selling our main parcel in Hattori and wanted to get the word out in case you or a friend were looking to buy a lovely, quiet parcel of PG mainland.

Beautiful sim. Great neighbors.

Beautiful sim. Great neighbors.

Take a look at the pics of Hattori here. It’s 6144 m2 and holds 1406 prims. It also has a nice view of the beach and ocean.

We hate leaving Hattori, for sure, but are quite excited about joining with Mela’s soon.

P.S. We’re not totally leaving Hattori, as we still have an unattached parcel we’re using as a work space. It’s 3072 m2 with 703 prims and we’d entertain an offer for that, too. 😉

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