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mela’s update group

If you are part of the mela’s update group but somehow missed the latest notice that I sent out, make sure you take time to check out the notice archives soon.  We’re giving each member one free posepack, but this is a time-sensitive offer.  The deadline to send in your notecard is Saturday at 11:59 PM!

Please note that open enrollment to the group has been temporarily turned off, so make sure you’re still in the group after Saturday since I’ll be verifying that all notecard senders are group members.  😉  Enrollment will reopen once I’m done sending out the posepacks on Sunday.

While you’re looking in the notice archives, don’t forget to grab the free skins that came out on April 6th.

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Group gift from ROSEMAR

ROSEMAR group gift

Hi, it’s Natasha again!  If you are part of the update group for ROSEMAR, then you’ve already probably received this group gift.  It’s all twelve skintones with a new makeup.  The makeup includes blue eyeshadow, but the best part is the pretty pink blush and pink lips.

My favorites are the Manhattan, Teak, Twine, and Whiskey skintones, since they are closest in color to what me and Niki want.  The Almond and Cinderella skins are really pale and could even pass for one of those “goth” skins.  Rosemary Galbraith also has a good range of darker skins.  I may wear a lighter skintone but I notice these things, lots of skin makers will have a bunch of white skins and then only one black skin.  Darker skinned people are not all one color!

To join the update group, search for “Rosemar”.  You can see other makeups at the store located in Popfuzz:

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My new Nyte ‘n’ Day dress

Ever since I got the Valentine’s Day dollarbie tanks and undies set from Nyte ‘n’ Day I have been meaning to go back and treat myself to new clothes. Everything there looks really good and I like the prices there because I am very strict about limiting my spending in SL.

I found this in the “New” section of the store and it came in several colors but of course I chose blue!

nyte 'n' day

nyte 'n' day 2

Nyte ‘n’ Day:

Hair is from ETD, skin is from Dutch Touch, shoes are from Tricolore, manicure is made by Sin Skins but it was free at the L word sim and you can tint it, and pose is from Juicy.

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Disco Bitch

Yay, I’m blogging on Grid Expectations now, people will actually read what I write! Comparing traffic stats between our Poseur blog and here was humbling.

Gogo teleported me to BP* because the lucky chair had a letter N. (Sucks for Niki that she wasn’t on!) She had been watching the chair there because of some fabulous hair that Triangle Caudron had posted. I can see why my circle of friends went a little chair camping mad for this hair! It can’t be bought, you can only get it from the chair.

I am calling this look my Disco Bitch look, thanks to Vivi for the excellent name suggestion.

I'm a disco bitch!

The pose is from mine and Nikita’s shop!

Sorry for not including the location where I got the clothes.  I had several messages all asking where I got this!  I got it from a lucky chair at an authorized reseller’s store.  Only the green version is in the chair but I think there were other colors for sale too.

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