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POSEUR loves cute couples, “crowds”, girls in poofy skirts and girls dancing in their undies!

POSEUR is offering four new items this weekend!


If you loved the Possibility pose prop that debuted at Project Donate, you will love this one, too! Equinox is a great deal; it comes with a posing stand and particle emitter, and is loaded up with five couple’s poses. Grab your significant other and capture sweet, romantic snapshots. ❤

POSEUR - Friends Forever

Three’s a crowd? Not at POSEUR! The more, the merrier! Friends Forever is a pose set for three persons, so grab a couple of your favorite people for a fun photo. 🙂

poseur - posepack poofy skirt

If you’re anything like me, you love poofy dresses and gowns, too. I loooooove gowns, I have far too many in my inventory. (Wait, what am I saying? You can never have too many… ) Anyway, I recently bought a couple of dresses and realized I needed poses that didn’t stick my hands right into my big skirts… so I made these. 🙂 I hope you find them useful for your poofy skirt pictures, too!

poseur - posepack room dance

Do you dance in your bedroom and sing in the shower when no one’s around? I had a lot of fun making this set of poses. 😀 I also completed my first animation ever; it’s nothing fancy and I’ve thrown it in with the posepack for free.

If you want to see what the animation looks like, here’s a tiny video clip:

Visit POSEUR (Kuu Ipo 249, 75, 22) to try these poses out. 🙂

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