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Parcels Open at Kuu Ipo!

Welcome to Kuu Ipo!Kuu Ipo is a beautiful island-themed sim that boasts rainy mountainsides, quiet beaches, and lots of underwater marine life. It adjoins the Juicy Estate sims, and is home to POSEUR, Sacred Skins, Mela’s, BOOM Beach Wear, Naive, and Strawberry Panda Creative.

There are currently several parcels open, all of them available at reasonable rates! Here is a partial listing; to see all listings please visit this page.


Kuu Ipo - Parcel 01Parcel 01

1536 sqm
351 prims
3300L/month or 825L/week

This is a great spot, located between POSEUR and BOOM.
POSEUR has been getting great traffic ever since being showcased, take advantage of the traffic and set up shop next door!


Kuu Ipo - Parcel 02Parcel 02

4320 sqm
988 prims
7000L/month or 1750L/week

Take advantage of this main store opportunity!
Located next to Sacred Skins, overlooking a beautiful bay area that you will have partial rights to.

Kuu Ipo - Parcel 03
Parcel 03

3488 sqm
798 prims
6400L/month or 1600L/week

Another main store opportunity!
This parcel is very near the sim’s center; take advantage of traffic that maps directly to the 128, 128 coordinate.
Also located very near Sacred Skins and overlooking a bay area.

Kuu Ipo - Parcel 04
Parcel 04

2048 sqm
468 prims
4000L/month or 1000L/week

Also located very near the center of the sim (128, 128), between Mela’s and BOOM.
Be one of the first parcels seen when visitors arrive by mapping the sim!
This parcel is unique in that up to 500 more prims may be added if needed.


SPECIAL OFFER GOING ON RIGHT NOW: Rent a parcel at Kuu Ipo that is 2048 sqm or larger, and we will provide web hosting for your store website, free!*


For more information, please IM me in-world; my name is Melanie774 Kidd. Or, you can send me a message via this contact form and I will get back to you. Thanks!

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