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Store space and parcels available at Kuu Ipo!

I’m looking for some new neighbors on my sim, Kuu Ipo, so if you’ve been looking for a parcel or a shop space, come check out what’s available! 🙂

8192 sqm, 1875 prims

10,784 sqm, 2468 prims

These two parcels pictured above are 8192 sqm/1875 prims, and 10,784 sqm/2468 prims, and I’m also open to splitting the larger parcel into smaller lots. There is a tiny island with a beach shack located at the center of the sim, where a teleport board will be placed so that visitors can TP to your location directly.

I also have smaller shop spaces available in the Kuu Ipo Beach Village area. The shops are all 50 prims for 300L, with extra prims available for those who may need more.

Kuu Ipo 004

Kuu Ipo 006

You can view more snapshots of what Kuu Ipo looks like so far by clicking here:

If you’re interested but have a few questions, please contact me; my avatar name is Melanie774 Kidd. (If I’m not online, you can drop a notecard on me.) The sim is open to the public, so feel free to stop by and have a look around! 🙂

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Welcome to Kuu Ipo!

I just got a sim!

I’ve named it Kuu Ipo.  Ku’uipo means “my sweetheart” in Hawaiian.  I thought about what to name my sim for quite a while, and I know it makes more business sense to name your sim the same as your business? But I followed my heart, instead, and chose a name for it that I love. 😀

I’m hoping to share all this space with a few people, so if you’ve been looking for land to rent for your store, I just might have a new home for you! I’m renting out a couple of quarter sims and another parcel that is a bit over an 8th of a sim. Kuu Ipo will be the main location for my own store, Mela’s, as well as the recently revived pose store Poseur, which is co-owned by a team of pose designers. The sim adjoins the popular Juicy Estates area (with sims like Malt, Juicy, Juicy Mirabella, Yabu, and more for neighbors) and is directly side by side with the Juicy De Costa sim.

I am still working on the sim, but here are a few shots and a short video of what’s there so far. Decorating the sim is proving to be a lot of fun!

My store at Kuu Ipo


Breaching whale

If you’re interested in renting, please let me know! You can IM me in-world, my SL name is Melanie774 Kidd. Or, you can leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you when I’m online again.

Please feel free to visit the sim!  Kuu Ipo 120, 128, 23

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