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Vogel Swimwear

I’ve blogged about Schrottvogel Wei of SJA Customboards in the past — twice, to be exact. I’m a fan of his swimwear, so I was pleased to find out that the new shop called Vogel that was being set up at Juicy Del Mar is actually his latest venture. I really don’t blog much these days because my SL has become really busy, but I couldn’t let the opening of his new store pass by without sharing the news with the few people who read here. ^_^

You can view larger versions of the following images on my flickrstream if you’re one of my contacts (add me and I’ll reciprocate ^^).

vogel 01

Vogel’s bikinis come in a wide variety of vibrant colors, interesting patterns, and eye-catching designs.  Seriously, he’s made a lot!  Featured in this post are some of my favorites.  ❤

vogel 02

And once again, I’m extremely appreciative of the fact that they manage to straddle that fence between cute and sexy.  The tie strings on the sides look hot, and the cut of the bikini bottoms is such that you’re adequately covered up; no bits or pubes hanging out!  (I really hate when that happens o.o)

vogel 03

You can find these and more at Vogel, located on Juicy Del Mar (Juicy Del Mar 95, 206, 25).

Other items I’m wearing:  Skins by Laqroki, M&R Cupcakes, and Gala.  Hair by Laqroki, Muism, and artilleri.  Eyes by Mela’s and Simtropia.

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