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May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Hawaii Pono’i, nana i kou mo’i, ka lani alii, ke alii
Makua lani e, Kamehameha e, na kaua e pale, me ka ihe

Aloha kakahiaka 😀

May 1st in Hawaii Nei is first and foremost considered Lei Day, and while I do love playing at being all sorts of things in SL — a faun, a siren, a medieval maiden — there are times when I love being able to make my avatar feel like home, so I’m always tickled when I come across items in SL that remind me of my beloved island home. ^_^

Here are a few of my favorite items I’ve found; more info on the items below will appear after the cut (if the cut even works at all on the feeds lol):


Plumeria flowers are super common in Hawaii, so I was really pleased to find these well-made plumeria hair ornaments and this lei. The blossoms for your hair actually come in three colors, and go on either side of your head to indicate whether you’re single or spoken for, cute touch imo!

I’m infatuated with this hair, partly because it reminds me so much of the way the dancers from the hula halau will arrange their hair when about to perform in events like the Merrie Monarch Festival.

orchid lei

This orchid lei actually comes in two colors; I chose the white one but you can also get a pink version.

I had wanted to rez a copy of this lei in order to unlink it and create a matching hair ornament, but it’s no modify. I think I may suggest creating a matching blossom for tucking behind the ear, to the person who made it. ^_^


The kukui nut lei is often used for dressing up for formal events. I was thrilled to find this! The place where I found it also sells an anklet version; because they’re copy/modify, I was able to mod one into a bracelet. ❤ I might try rezzing a copy of one of the anklets later so that I can unlink the prims and mod a couple into a pair of matching earrings.

bone fishhook

This is not something I’d wear around my neck in RL, lol, but it’d definitely work as a decorative hanging in my car on the rearview mirror (right now I’ve got a dried orchid lei hanging there). I thought it looked really cool, though, so I picked it up :p

When my friend Tea (who is also from Hawaii) and I saw this hairstyle, it immediately reminded us both of home! The local girls often put their hair up in a style similar to this, myself included. After pairing this hairstyle with shorts and “rubbah slippahs” (flip-flops to all you mainland folk), I can almost smell the ocean, hear the chatter of people on the beach and the occasional braddah playing his uke and singing, and taste the spam musubi. 😀

ti leaf lei

The ubiquitous maile lei, common at weddings and graduation ceremonies and hula festivals all throughout the 808 State, is actually nowhere to be found in SL. The closest thing to it I’ve found are these ti leaf leis which mimic the look of the maile. These are at the same place where I found the orchid leis.

If you feel like listening to a bit of Hawaiian music, here’s a favorite stream of mine that’s on my parcel’s music stream changer, you’ll hear the likes of Israel Kamakawiwoole, Kealii Reichel, and Hapa:

Mountain Apple Company

When my friend Gogo found out about Lei Day, she decided to set aside a spot on Juicy just for celebrating this ^_^

Okay, and now for those details about what is being worn in the pics above…

1st image: Hair – Laqroki, Princess; plumeria lei – Juicy Beach Shack; hair plumeria blossom – Aitui

2nd image: Orchid lei – Pixelated Petals

3rd image: Hair – Laqroki, Loveaffair; kukui necklace – Aitui

4th image: Hair – Kin, Luv; necklace – Dee, bone fishhook necklace; slippers – Detour

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  1. Hi! I loved you post and love Hawaii…I was wondering…which side is which for taken or spoken for? 🙂 Have a great day!

    Comment by Bettye Dugan | May 1, 2008

  2. You are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for telling me about Lei Day, cuz now everyone is getting lei’d by me all weekend! 😀

    Comment by gogolita | May 1, 2008

  3. Check out Earthtones too – Lucas put out some great items today ❤

    Comment by Gillian Waldman | May 1, 2008

  4. You look so beautiful Mel, Happy Lei Day ❤

    Comment by Creamy | May 1, 2008

  5. Cuuuute, love seeing some things typical for/similar to your culture. I have to get that bone necklace 🙂

    Comment by Mariya Nesiote | May 2, 2008

  6. So happy to see you back posting!!! The leis are lovely.

    Comment by Cajsa Lilliehook | May 3, 2008

  7. @ Bettye, I’ve read quite a few sources who say one side or the pther, but the concensus seems to be to wear your flower on the left side for “taken” (nearest the heart, just like a weeding ring) and on the right side if you are “single”.

    Comment by Faerie | May 5, 2008

  8. Mahalo Melanie for the gorgeous lei’s!

    me ka aloha

    Comment by Sahoni Tigerpaw | August 9, 2008

  9. […] from Hawaii, so I’m always tickled when I find Hawaiiana in Second Life.  I recently spotted a Bare Rose hula girl outfit on Tori Heart’s blog; I haven’t had […]

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