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I met M Linden! Well, sort of… lol

asleep on the job

While I was working at Laqroki yesterday, I happened across a newbie Linden. A quick look at his profile revealed that he was freshly rezzed (it was devoid of any other info at the time) so I IM’d him in the hopes that he’d eventually “wake up” and I could help him pick out some new goodies for his avi. After all, it’s not everyday that you get to give a Linden a makeover, right? ^_^

I stood around him for a bit but he never did leave Away status, so I figured I’d take a humorous little pic — the one you see above — and give it the smartass title, “Asleep On The Job”.

Well, guess what! I found out today he’s the new CEO of Linden Lab, lmaoooo… I am going to have to send this pic to him. ❤ Hopefully he doesn’t reject my inventory offer o.o

Welcome to the top place on the SecondLife™ food chain, Mr. Kingdon. May the lag not afflict you with too many ass-tachments 😀

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New blog for mela’s :o)

My blog is going back to being just that — my blog.  My little body shape shop that I started almost a year ago, mela’s, now has it’s own little home on the web which you can find here.  It’s being featured on the Fashion Planet feed, as well.

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mela’s update group

If you are part of the mela’s update group but somehow missed the latest notice that I sent out, make sure you take time to check out the notice archives soon.  We’re giving each member one free posepack, but this is a time-sensitive offer.  The deadline to send in your notecard is Saturday at 11:59 PM!

Please note that open enrollment to the group has been temporarily turned off, so make sure you’re still in the group after Saturday since I’ll be verifying that all notecard senders are group members.  😉  Enrollment will reopen once I’m done sending out the posepacks on Sunday.

While you’re looking in the notice archives, don’t forget to grab the free skins that came out on April 6th.

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mela’s group gift/preview

Niki made some new skintones and makeups! You can find this group gift/preview by looking in the group notice archives.

group gift skin preview

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