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Lately I’ve been lauding SL as a way to indulge in dressing up in fantastical ways that one would not in the real world. Sometimes, though, you come across an item in SL that makes you want to dress your avi in a way that is comfortably familiar and resembles the way you dress yourself in RL.

Tonight I came across a set of sculpted wedge shoes from HAYSURIZA that did just that for me.

haysuriza miki wedge autumn

Pictured above are HAYSURIZA’s Miki Wedge shoes in Autumn. Seeing these shoes instantly reminded me of my favorite pair of wedge heels and made me have a yearning for putting on the kind of laid-back, low-maintenance look that I favor for normal everyday use — a denim mini, a blouse, and then slap on some lipgloss and you’re ready to hit the road 😀

The Miki Wedges come in five variations. Pictured next is the Spring version, which is a creamy off-white color and comes adorned with some pretty pastel baubles:

haysuriza miki wedge spring

What appealed to me first and foremost about the Miki wedges is that they seem perfect for pairing with casual outfits; they’re pretty without being too dressy. I can totally imagine kicking these off and tossing them on the black sand at the beach without a second thought 😀 Up until now, I’d been wearing the Sunny and Brown Leather versions of my Maitreya Frisky wedges to death. (The brown leather version had been a group gift and I’m not sure if it’s available anymore.) These will make for a nice change. ^^

The texturing details on these shoes are very nicely done. I like the stitching details all along the strappy parts of the uppers, as well as the subtle highlighting. I especially like the textures used on the wedge heels for the winter, earth, and autumn versions, because they look so lifelike. Attention was also paid to the texture on the bottom of the shoe (which I did not take a picture of).

haysuriza miki wedge

Four of the Miki wedges are named for the seasons, and the fifth is named Earth. The Winter wedge is black with a silvery colored stitch, Summer boasts a pinkish-coral color with white stitching, and the Earth version is a light yellowish-brown color with like-colored stitches. All versions feature a silver-textured buckle on the ankle strap and a few silver grommets, except for the Autumn wedge, which is given gold-textured details instead.

You can demo all of these shoes for free at the HAYSURIZA shop. To check them out, visit HAYSURIZA in Osaka: Osaka 138, 48, 21

Other SLURLs and credits follow after the cut.

Skin, prim lashes, manicure, and hair is from RaC. Eyes are from Simtropia. Plumeria flower hair adornments are from Aitui.

1st outfit is the Yelena ensemble from Last Call, featuring the tunic in Olivine.

2nd outfit is the Sidney dress, also from Last Call.

If you want these outfits from Last Call, keep in mind that your time to grab these is very limited! After this month draws to a close, all Last Call items will be deleted from the Ginny Talamasca’s inventory.

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  1. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTNESSSSSS. Those are the best wedges ever.

    Comment by gogolita | March 21, 2008

  2. Great find Melanie! 😀 Im going to need to go take a look at these.

    Comment by Sofia Gray | March 21, 2008

  3. Where is the Yelena set in Last Call? I have flown all over that place looking for it and I can’t find it? I love that mini skirt!

    Comment by Terri Zhangsun | March 21, 2008

  4. Wow, another great find Mel. I’ve been looking for a new wedge sandal too, and those look like they’re exactly what I need. Thanks!

    Terri, when you TP to Last call and enter the store, walk forward to the staircase, turn right, then walk to the back wall and cam up. I’m pretty sure the Yelena set is on that back wall, up at the very top.

    Comment by Meara D | March 21, 2008

  5. WOW!! What a find 🙂 Going out to buy those now 🙂

    Comment by Arianna Psaltery | March 22, 2008

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