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This jira issue needs your vote! More Busy Mode options plz

I admit, I abandon my avi in SL on a regular basis.  Sometimes for hours, even.  The amount of times that friends have found my avi on my sky platform staring blankly into space, uncommunicative and unresponding, probably numbers into the hundreds, no joke.

My profile makes it clear to people that I’m afk (Away From Keyboard for those of you not familiar with the term) a lot, but I’ve found that people in general don’t really pay attention to that little tidbit of information.  They also tend to ignore the part that says I may not respond to IMs in a timely manner if I’m busy working on something.  (Even some of my friends are guilty of this, writing persistent “hellooooooooo??!!”s when I’m working at RaC and helping customers.)

I used to use the Set Away feature a lot, but since all that does is put an “Away” over your av’s head it’s only useful as a visual indicator to people within your immediate vicinity.  People IMing you from remote areas have no idea that you’re AFK, there’s no auto-response message… unless you use Busy Mode.

So yeah, I used to use the Set Busy feature a lot, too, until I discovered that it automatically rejects ALL inventory offers.  I don’t want to do that, I want to be able to choose to accept the inventory when I come back to my computer.

My friend Vivi pointed to a posting on the jira titled Multiple Levels of Busy Mode, proposed by WarKirby Magojiro:

Busy mode blocks pretty much everything. It’s good for some situations, but not others. For example, when you want to spend private time with a single person, or a small group of friends, and be “busy” to the rest of the world.

Or even the opposite, being busy to the immediate company, while dealing with matters elsewhere remotely.

I’m proposing six different levels of busy mode.

1. Absolute Busy mode. Like we have now, blocks everything.

2. Friends only mode – Would block IMs and inventory offers from anyone who is not on your friends list. People on the list would be inaffected.

3. Important calls only mode – When someone IMs you, they would be displayed a message that you are only to be interrupted for important matters, and given a dialog box asking “Is it important?”. The message would be customiseable, so we can define what important constitutes. This would be a wonderful thing for busy business owners. Who could set the message to something like “Read the manual first, and visit our support website: <url goes here>”

4. Regional busy mode. Would act like the current busy mode, for everyone who is outside the current sim. Everyone in it would be able to communicate with you as normal. Good for when you’re in meetings, or enjopying private company.

5. Local busy mode. Like regional, but even more focused. only people within a user defineable radius (default 50m) would be able to communicate. All others would get your busy mode message. This would be good for private meetings in relatively public areas, like talking in a private room, at a busy party. Or just to avoid overhearing other people’s annoying chat, by setting the radius very low.

6. External busy mode. Blocks everyone within the current sim, only. Those outside it would be unaffected. This would be to allow you to avoid having to communicate with people in the area, without seeming rude. Good for lindens who want to seem busy 🙂

These all sound like excellent suggestions and I would love to see these implemented.  I would imagine lots of business owners would especially appreciate these sorts of Busy Mode options, too.

If you’d like more Busy Mode options, please go to the posting on the jira, log in, and vote on it!

Okies, that’s all.  I have to go afk now.  :p

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  1. That’s a really interesting idea. I wonder how hard it would be to implement and how much resource it would eat up.

    As for the current busy mode…it auto-rejects but you can find the stuff in your trash can anyway. The only situation I’ve come across where busy mode is annoying is for subscribe-o-matic notices…you pretty much have to go hunt down the SOM that you missed and check the history in it to find out what it was.

    Comment by doveswanson | March 12, 2008

  2. Ooooh I was thinking about this the other day when I was getting hugely distracted by IMs when I was trying to concentrate on something. (I leave my Avatar deserted in favour of RL a lot too). I get so many IMs everyday and I am one of these people who has to reply straight away, so I never get anything done.

    I never set myself ‘busy’ because if I am sent a notecard/object, it gets rejected. I wish that these would still be accepted when in busy mode, if there was some way it could be sent direct to inventory without interrupting and then all you have to do is search recent items later, surely if it chucks it in your trashcan it would be as easy for them to do this.

    Comment by Creamy Cooljoke | March 13, 2008

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