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Magnolia and Crochet

Okay, so I’ve been sitting on some of these images — the ones from Crochet, to be specific — since December. Yes, I’ve been meaning to post these for two months now. :p

Given the highly transient nature of a lot of SL businesses, I had to go back and make sure the store still existed, heh. The shops Crochet and Magnolia are apparently both owned by Magnolia Mayo (she has a third shop called Desiree Lingerie which is not featured in this posting).

I love cute dresses so I shall write about Magnolia first. ^_^ Her dresses are very affordable and the only items that I saw over 200L were wedding gown sets that included things like shoes, etc. If you’re a fan of dresses from places like Mimi Coral’s ❤ Cupcakes or Miko Omegamu’s *ICING*, then you might like some of what Magnolia has to offer.

First dress is my favorite, the Catavento dress in black and red:
Magnolia Catavento

This dress is also available in white with black details. I almost bought the white and black version because of Magnolia’s low prices; the only thing that stopped me was the fact that my inventory’s a mess right now (yay for insane quantities of Valentine’s freebies) and I’m afraid I’d buy the dress and then completely forget it even exists before I ever have the chance to wear it.

Next up is the Babado Mini Dress:

Magnolia Babado

The flirty, short hemline of this dress is what caught my eye. The ribbon attachment has a sash that extends past the hemline, making the shortness (and thus cuteness ^_^) of the dress even more pronounced. I initially had a bit of a problem adjusting the ribbon belt because of the perms (it was No Mod/Copy/Trans) but a fast IM to Magnolia Mayo solved that. She sent me a replacement bow soon after and I was able to edit it to fit my avi properly. I haven’t gone back t check if she’s updated her vendor with the modifiable bow but given how quickly she responded to my own IM, I wouldn’t worry about it.

One more dress I picked up is the purple Good Times dress, which came in a handful of other colors:

Magnolia Good Times

As I mentioned at the outset of this post, Magnolia also owns a shop called Crochet… and yes, it features items that sport crocheted textures. :p Lots of beachy, summery stuff in this shop.

My favorite item from Crochet is this candy bikini:

Crochet Candy

Crochet Candy II

The candy bikini is sexy as hell. When you wear the full set, it shows just as much skin as your average bikini, but holy cow it’s the *way* in which it exposes skin that makes it hot. The bikini top gives away an ample view of your avi’s “undercleavage” (not sure what else to call it) and those bikini thong strings riding up along your hips past the waistband of the skirt/shorts are all about emphasizing those feminine curves.

You can get more daring, in degrees, by removing the prim skirt and the pants layer shorts, leaving only an incredibly skimpy thong on, but be warned: if you don’t like the idea of your pubes showing from under a bikini (eww nasty), then make sure you’ve got a skin in your inventory that has a sparse amount of pubic hair, if any at all.

Last but not least is the Nanda dress in red:

Crochet Nanda

I liked the little yellow crocheted star details that line the hem of the flexi-prim skirt and the low waist of the pants layer. And just like at Magnolia, Crochet’s prices are low enough so that you can pick up a slew of sexy beach stuff without breaking the bank.

Other credits and SLURLs are after the cut.

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Fancy Fairy by Violaine Villota

Fancy Fairy by Violaine Villota

Heads up! This post will have oodles of pics plus a very short video. 😀

All right, so I am still on my fantasy fashion kick, where I’m wanting to dress my avatar in ways that I wouldn’t dress in RL. My last couple of posts in this series were about these crazy cute rabbit costumes from Love Soul as well as beautiful medieval-inspired gowns from Evie’s Closet. ^_^

This time, I’ve meandered into the realm of mystical fairies. The lovely Violaine Villota’s shop, Fancy Fairy, (which btw exists in RL, too! comes stocked with a great selection of fairy wings and costumes, and the range of prices you’ll find there will fit anyone’s budget.

Fancy Fairy Dew Petal II

Fancy Fairy Dew Petal I

First item we have here is the Dew Petal Steel Blue outfit. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful color and texturing of this dress, which almost makes it look as if you are wrapped in layers of diaphanous gauze. Along the chest area are dewdrops (hence the name of the outfit), and the edges of the skirt prims have this gorgeous, gossamer-frail-torn look to them, thanks to some mad-skillz alpha work. And look at those wings! They’re somewhat sheer and move nicely with you since they’re made of flexi-prims.

Fancy Fairy Dew Petal III

Like the dress but don’t want to flounce about as a fairy? The dress works great on it’s own — pair it up with some strappy heels and you’re ready to go dancing instead of fluttering. Violaine has thoughtfully included two skirt lengths, the top on multiple layers, and two glitch pants, of which at least one was modifiable (I forgot to check if the other one was modifiable, too, but it wasn’t really necessary since it was already the perfect length to go with the shorter skirt.)

Fancy Fairy Red Leaf I

Next up is the autumnal Red Leaf Fairy outfit. The layers on this outfit are simple enough — an asymmetrical system skirt (wear your dress shape unless you want to be a large-bottomed fairy 😀 ), a system shirt with a “strap” (dunno what else to call it, lol) going over one shoulder; but my goodness the artistry displayed by the textures is impressive! They’re a delicate blend of browns, siennas, burnt reds, golds, purples, dark blues… really marvelous looking stuff. Again, the alpha work along the edges of the top and the skirt are fab.

Fancy Fairy Red Leaf II

As beautiful as those textures are on the clothing pieces, however, the true crowning glory of the Red Leaf outfit are the set of wings that come with it. I know I’m totally going to sound like a broken record by the end of this post… but look at the texture! The gold highlights on the wings themselves, the highlighting along the darker spines, the mottled edges and the alpha where they’re “torn”… gotta love it. Yes, these are flexi-wings, but what makes them special is that they are scripted to flutter via (silent) voice command. I took a short video to show them fluttering:

Fancy Fairy Fae Lingerie I

And you know what? Fairies need lingerie, too. (‘Kay, I just made that up. :p ) This is the Champagne and Roses Fae Lingerie set, just in time for all you romantics who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. These pretties come with a two-piece bra and panty set, sheer pink stockings, and two corsets that have a lace-up detail along the back.

Fancy Fairy Fae Lingerie II

I personally was super-impressed with the panties, because for crying out loud I dunno how many times I’ve had undies that did not cover up the crotch area as much as I’d like. What’s more, I saw nary a hint of the dreaded texture bleed along the inner thighs that is often associated with panties/bikini bottoms. Amazing.

Fancy Fairy Fae Lingerie III

And talk about comprehensive… every piece is on every layer possible, so you can mix and match these with other items to your heart’s content.

Fancy Fairy Fae Lingerie IV

And yes, this would not be fairy lingerie if it did not have the requisite fairy wings 😀 These are flexi-prim wings and not scripted.

Fancy Fairy Flexiwings

Fancy Fairy has an ample selection of wings to choose from, and yes, all of them are bloody gorgeous. Pictured above are the Kira Grande White Pearl Goldflexi wings and the Kira Valentine Pink Flexi Wings.

The wings come in two types: “plain” flexi-prim wings (“plain” is in quotation marks, because really, these are anything BUT bland) and scripted ones that will flutter, in a wide variety of colors to satisfy most, if not all, tastes. I believe all of the scripted wings will flutter solely by voice command, which IMHO is great because the last thing I want to do is give up more of my client’s real estate over to space-sucking HUDs.

Fancy Fairy freebie

And finally, we have the Sun Fairy outfit. Guess what! It’s only 1L. You have no excuse for not being a pretty princess fairy now. :p This outfit features flexi-prim wings, sculpted sleeve attachments, beautifully done skirt prims, an off-the-shoulder top with a rouching detail all along the flattering neckline, a gold, velvety-looking corset that’s laced up along the backside, and a some beautiful prim leaves and ribbons decorating the breast. There’s even a glove layer so that you have proper looking sleeve ends that go over your hands.

There’s lots more available at Fancy Fairy, and what’s nice is that the Dew Petal outfits, which come in all sorts of colors, can do double-duty as both fairy and evening wear. You can find the shop in the Fushida sim, or just look up Violaine Villota’s profile and check out her Picks tab where she’s got all her locations conveniently listed.

And one more thing to note — this shop is yet another great example of a RL business that takes advantage of SL in a way that shows some common sense.  If you like what Fancy Fairy offers in-world, then you might like what it has to offer in meatspace, as well.  Check out the website at ^^

What I’m Wearing…

… with the Dew Petal outfit:

Shoes – Paper Couture, strapped diamond heel
Hair – Cake, Faith silver / RaC, Princess black
Eyes – Nomine, Drakonian blue / Simtropia, brown deep
Lashes – RaC, black flirty
Skin – RaC, Akisha / RaC, Trisha
Poses – Poseur

… with the Red Leaf Fairy outfit:

Hair – RaC, Raven black
Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep
Lashes – RaC, black flirty
Skin – RaC, Trisha
Poses – Poseur, Reel Expression
Video pose – Poseur

… with the Champagne & Roses Fae Lingerie set:

Hair – Cake, Rumor black
Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep
Lashes – RaC, black flirty
Skin – RaC, Trisha
Manicure – RaC, No 04
Poses – Juicy, Reel Expression

… with the Kira flexi-prim wings:

Hair – Armidi, Ginza silver (and the lingerie set, obviously :p )

… with the Sun Fairy 1L outfit:

Hair – RaC, Raven
Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep
Lashes – RaC, black flirty
Skin – RaC, Trisha
Shoes – Shiny Things, Classic Ballet Flats antiqued
Poses – Poseur

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Valentine’s gift from RaC!!

Oh my god, my head just about exploded when I found out that RaC is giving away this hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. I IM’d a bunch of friends and told them to get their butts over to RaC, like NOW, lol. Don’t miss this!!! This texture is gorgeous.

Natasha and I are wearing it in black and golden blonde. 😀 😮 <3333333 !!!111

zomg RaC Valentine's gift

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Oh, the irony…

Oh, the irony… lol :p

SL support page lolz

My home sim went offline twice — once yesterday, and once the day before. When I submitted help tickets via the support portal, Linden Lab response was swift. ❤ The sim was back up within ten minutes of my report. Yay!

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My Candy Heart

I like hugs, I like them a lot. 😀 Saw this blogthing on the Devilish Cupcake blog so I figured I’d give it a spin. ^_^

Your Candy Heart Says “Hug Me”

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.
Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!Your ideal Valentine’s Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you’ve planned outYour flirting style: lots of listening and talkingWhat turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you’re hot: you’re fearless about falling in love

What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

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More goodies at La Reina & Evie’s Closet

More goodies at La Reina & Evie’s Closet

Okay, so I know the hunt started like, yesterday, but there have been a few more additions to the freebies/dollarbies that you ought to check out. My friend Vivi shared some skins with me that she’d worked on, and they’re lovely! You can grab them for 1L each at my shop, Mela’s (the first one is my fav <3):

vivi skin IV vivi skin I vivi skin III

Another reason why you should return to La Reina even if you’ve already been there? Evie’s Closet has arrived! When I found out, my reaction was literally “omgggggg”… because I love her clothes. I have literally spent hours in her shop in the past, contemplating what to dress Medieval Melanie in next. Her designs and textures are lovely.

Anyways, she’s joined in on the freebie madness at La Reina 😀 This sweet outfit is free and I might be wrong but I think it’s available only at her La Reina shop right now:

evie's closet freebie

I also love the Devotion gown that I got about a week ago. It made me want to get a castle and a unicorn ^_^

evie's devotion

I’d also picked up her Peacock dress. The other two dresses depicted in the following image, however, are group freebies! If you love your avi, you will join her update group 😀

evie's peacock and gifts

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I’m participating in the La Reina Valentine’s treasure hunt ^^

I’m participating in the La Reina Valentine’s treasure hunt ^^

la reina valentine freebie

Okay, this is not such a great pic but I was too lazy to make a prettier one. :p

There’s a sim-wide Valentine’s Day treasure hunt happening right now at La Reina! All kinds of goodies stuffed in pink hearts that you can grab for either L$0 or L$1. Stores like Veschi, Fireflies, D!ff, Desmoiselles/Juicy Poses, Lounge, Celeste’s Angels, Davo’s Dancefloors, Digital Eyes… okay I can’t remember all of them -_- but there’s lots!

I’m also participating. Visit my shop, my heart is easy to find ^_^ In it you’ll find the skin that’s shown in the picture above. I’ve thrown in the eyebrows too (just go into Edit Appearance and hit the hair color slider to change them from black to whatever you want), as well as a set of three facelights configured to attach to your chin, nose, or mouth (y’know, options for working around your other face attachments).

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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Love Soul usagi

As I’d mentioned in my previous post, lately I’ve been wanting to take advantage of SL by dressing my av in ways I wouldn’t dress in RL.

There’s a shop that you can find in a lot of the Japanese sims called Love Soul, where they have all sorts of adorable things like hairpins, manicures, and headbands. The thing I really loved at their shop, though, were the two rabbit outfits. ^^

Love Soul I

Yes, this costume is extremely primmy because of all the fur attachments. Under the prim attachments are plain white cover-ups on the underpants, undershirt, and socks layers. The paw attachments that go on the hands are actually sold separately, but these items are so inexpensive you probably won’t even think twice about buying those to go with the outfit.

Love Soul II

Worth every damn prim, imo! Look at that lil cottontail and the pink pawpads. 😀

Love Soul III

The Love Soul MokoMoko Hand and Rabbit Wear items come in both white and black.

Full credits and SLURLs are after the cut…

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Queen of Checker

Several weeks ago I was floating around random sims, in search of something a little different. As much as I love fashion in SL, the thing that I truly love about playing dress-up in our virtual world is being able to doll up my avatar in ways that I will probably never dress up in RL.

On a whim, I paid a visit to Vindi Vindaloo’s in Plush Kappa. As soon as I came across the dramatic Queen of Checker dress, I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Credits and SLURLs are after the cut.

Queen of Checker I

A checkered print runs along the long sleeves and the bottom hem of the long flexi-prim skirt, which is nicely textured to give it a look of depth and volume. (The flexi-prims do not entirely cover up the system layer skirt so you will need to wear your dress shape lest your hips and buttocks look disproportionately large.) Black feathers adorn an ostentatiously large collar dressing.

A dress like this deserves an equally dramatic makeup — red lips, dark smoky eyeshadow, and the larger the prim lashes, the better.

Queen of Checker II

One thing to note about the collar attachment is that the alpha in the texture for the feathers will interfere with the alpha in the texture for the collar prim. This is not a direly negative thing, in my opinion, but it is something to be aware of, especially when going through your inventory of hairstyles. My first choice of hair had actually been one of those gorgeously textured hairs from RaC (the Lioness hairstyle, to be exact), but the textures did not play nicely together and the result was just weird looking. I ended up wearing the Eglantine from ETD instead, which worked out nicely.

Queen of Checker III

I loved the back on this dress because of the way it shows off the curvature of the spine as well as the small of the back. It’s darkly sexy, with mostly skin being shown off through a web of thin black strips.

Queen of Checker IV

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CodeBastard Redgrave and the Boudoir Rouge

I’d been meaning to post this for a while but I’ve had a full plate lately and I’ve been a cranky-pants too :p but I’m over it now so back to blogging!

I had the good fortune of meeting Codie (a.k.a. CodeBastard Redgrave) early on in my SL existence.  I could go on about how impressive her SL photography and art is, her coding skillz and just overall brainy-ness (is that even a word lol), her machinimacam and vids, the fact that she’s a content creator who can make avatar appearance things like eyes and skins and stuffs, and the fact that she was Avastar of 2007… but you know what?  All of that pales in comparison to the gargantuan generosity, kindness, and warm-heartedness she exudes.  She is hands-down one of the nicest and friendliest people you will EVER meet in SL.  Ever.

Codie began an art/photgraphy project called Boudoir Rouge, and you can view the fruits of her labor thus far on her flickr set, which I’m extremely honored to be a part of.  The set was meant to be a celebration of women in Second Life; in her own words, it is “an ode to all the beautiful, brilliant, sexy, geeky ladies of the metaverse. Pure avatar shots, in the most playful pinup style. Welcome to the Boudoir Rouge.”

It looks, however, that it may end up being much more than that.  According to her blog, she’s looking into selling the series with the intention of donating most of the proceeds to charity for AIDS research and cancer research.  It sounds like this is still very much in the early planning stages, though, so if you’ve any ideas on how to get this fundraiser project off the ground or know of some resources that can be useful in this undertaking, please don’t hesitate to speak up.  🙂

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