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SL Poetry Group

I did my first poetry reading in SL yesterday.

even my avi looks nervous

I snapped that pic right before going up on the stage and reciting a sonnet over voice chat. This was pretty ridiculous of me, but I was like super silly nervous about it because the sonnet is something I’ve written. ^^ I’m usually extremely private when it comes to my writing but I was feeling kind of… well, anti-social for not sharing when everyone else was doing so. After a bit of waffling over whether I should do it or not, I finally took the plunge 😀

The SL Poetry Group is one of my favorite groups that I belong to right now, even though I’ve been a part of it for maybe only a month. There are quite a few people who participate and they meet at regularly scheduled times all over the place. In regards to the use of voice, everyone is accommodated. I personally prefer using voice at these gatherings because I like hearing the readers (there’s this one woman named Morgue with a voice that was meant for reciting, it’s like butter and her accent is so pretty), but if you aren’t able to hook up sound or use a mic, that’s not a problem — the poems are also fed into these things called “line readers” which will recite the verse in public text chat in a different color (so as to differentiate the poetry from actual resident chatter). You can also have another voice user recite the poem for you if you’ve no desire to recite it yourself.

There were some bongos on the stage where I recited, lol. They really worked if you clicked them, too — it made me think of Mike Meyers and his beat poet in So I Married An Axe Murderer so for fun I put together my own pretentious poet outfit :p :

SL Poetry group

What I’m wearing…

Hair – ETD, Janine black; Skin – RaC, Trisha smoky; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Sunglasses – Nea-Ban, wayfarers (scripted); Manicure – RaC, Manicure 04; Sweater – Artilleri, Oslo sweater black; Pants – Pixeldolls, Basic Jeans Black (freebie); Shoes – Maitreya, Dune black (foot only); Poses by Poseur; animated cigarette by Animazoo (freebie)

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  1. OOo ur so cute!! 😛

    Comment by Gogo | February 18, 2008

  2. that’s fantastic! Perhaps I should brush up on my poetry and check it out.

    Comment by Thema Felix | February 19, 2008

  3. Hehe thanx Gogo :p

    And yes Thema, you should join the group 😀 It’s pretty cool hearing everyone’s different writing/reading styles.

    Comment by melaniekiddofsl | February 20, 2008

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