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Queen of Checker

Several weeks ago I was floating around random sims, in search of something a little different. As much as I love fashion in SL, the thing that I truly love about playing dress-up in our virtual world is being able to doll up my avatar in ways that I will probably never dress up in RL.

On a whim, I paid a visit to Vindi Vindaloo’s in Plush Kappa. As soon as I came across the dramatic Queen of Checker dress, I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Credits and SLURLs are after the cut.

Queen of Checker I

A checkered print runs along the long sleeves and the bottom hem of the long flexi-prim skirt, which is nicely textured to give it a look of depth and volume. (The flexi-prims do not entirely cover up the system layer skirt so you will need to wear your dress shape lest your hips and buttocks look disproportionately large.) Black feathers adorn an ostentatiously large collar dressing.

A dress like this deserves an equally dramatic makeup — red lips, dark smoky eyeshadow, and the larger the prim lashes, the better.

Queen of Checker II

One thing to note about the collar attachment is that the alpha in the texture for the feathers will interfere with the alpha in the texture for the collar prim. This is not a direly negative thing, in my opinion, but it is something to be aware of, especially when going through your inventory of hairstyles. My first choice of hair had actually been one of those gorgeously textured hairs from RaC (the Lioness hairstyle, to be exact), but the textures did not play nicely together and the result was just weird looking. I ended up wearing the Eglantine from ETD instead, which worked out nicely.

Queen of Checker III

I loved the back on this dress because of the way it shows off the curvature of the spine as well as the small of the back. It’s darkly sexy, with mostly skin being shown off through a web of thin black strips.

Queen of Checker IV

One of my best friends in SL had this to say about the outfit :D…

[23:14]  Mod: you look like a character from Bioshock
[23:14]  You: lol
[23:14]  Mod: heh
[23:15]  Mod: mixed with 20’s flapper

What I’m Wearing:

Dress – Vindi Vindaloo, Queen of Checker; Skin – RaC, Akisha; Hair – ETD, Eglantine; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Poses by Poseur and Juicy

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