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Yet another update regarding iheartsl ^_^

Yet another update regarding iheartsl ^_^

We figured we would be thrown some curveballs and that there’d be a lot of work ahead of us when we launched iheartsl, and boy, were we right!  😮

First of all, working on iheartsl has been a real learning experience.  While I wouldn’t say we are complete luddites, we aren’t tech wizards either and we’ve had a bit of a crash course in XML, RSS, and the like.  There were a handful of blogs that requested to be added but we weren’t able to fulfill those until they fixed their feed markup errors ( is now our new best friend!), and we’ve spent hours searching for a site template that we could tweak to our needs.

Another unforeseen aspect of syndication we’ve recently begun grappling with is that of creating both an opt-in and opt-out feature on the site.  We want to do things in an organized manner and not haphazardly, so we spent most of Monday (read:  we busted our asses all freakin’ day long working on this) going through the list of blogs that are on the feed and organizing it by name, author, URL, and feed URL.  (No, the software we are using does not generate this automatically, unfortunately, and this project has been so wildly popular, we’ve got close to 500 blogs on here.)  We created this list so that we can methodically go through it, contact everyone on it, and personally ask if they would like to remain in the feed or opt out.  (Feel free to beat us to the punch by e-mailing us first 😀  Our e-mail is  Just send along a simple message about how you’d like to either remain in the feed or opt out, and state your blog name and URL.)

Looks like we started working on this not a moment too soon, as we’ve already had someone question the motives behind iheartsl.  As I’ve already stated in my two previous posts, iheartsl was born out of the simple fact that requests for blogs to be added to the worldofsl feeds were, for the most part, ignored for months at a time, and we were tired of waiting.  That’s all there is to it — we love our SL and we love reading about it, and we want a feed that keeps pace with us.  Judging from the amount of people who have expressed gratitude for the new feed and even a blog posting that wryly notes that “there’s nothing like a little fire on your arse”, I think it’s safe to say the majority is in agreement with us on this matter.

Another question brought up is that of the anonymity of the domain registration.  With all due respect, I think most people would immediately see the benefit of this; this is simply a matter of common sense.  Given the ease with which Vint was able to copy and paste what she did find in her WhoIs inquiry and thus dispense it to her large army of readers only serves to underscore our conviction that we were right to do a closed registration.

Finally, there is the matter of archiving.  Just about everyone we’ve spoken with likes the idea of being able to use the Search function to find older entries, and who are we to argue with the wisdom of the crowd?  Majority has spoken and archiving shall remain.  😀

Anyways… we’ve got a new FAQ set up that includes information how to get in touch with us (Gogo and I are serving as the points of contact) if you’d like to opt in, opt out, or ask about whatevers.  Don’t be shy!  Ask us whatever you want, it’d give a us a good idea as to what else we should include on the FAQ.  😀

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  1. I hadn’t considered a lot of what Vint raises – but I do agree on the the archiving function. In my opinion, content belonging to the blogs syndicated should not “live” here – it should merely pass through like it does on the Fashion Planet feed.

    Comment by Gillian Waldman | January 30, 2008

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  3. Also, when I said “here” – I meant I ❤ SL lol.

    Continued good luck!

    Comment by Gillian Waldman | January 30, 2008

  4. *hugs you both*

    I haven’t seen such amazing and hard work for the love of SL in so long.


    Comment by Ana Lutetia | January 30, 2008

  5. I love this! I used to be on Livejournal and my favorite feature of that was the friends page, so I could read all my friends blogs on one page. Since almost no one else uses LJ and I moved to wordpress, its been a lot harder finding all the blogs to follow. This is perfect- thank you thank you thank you. 🙂

    Comment by nikadreamscape | January 30, 2008

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  7. I think is a great idea, especially if/when can’t quite keep up. After all, it’s really not that much different from Google–it just happens to be more focused on Second Life (where, at least in-world, search and really any form of communication outside of rudimentary chat/IMs is still pretty much broken).

    As for all the detractors, all I can say is: fair use. I think people are becoming a little too over-protective of their intellectual property–of course, everyone should guard their IP in this day and age, but not at the cost of sharing the benefit and knowledge that others can derive from it–especially when no one gets hurt in doing so.

    Cheers to Mel and Gogo for all their hard work on!

    (disclosure: I’m a copylefting communist ^^;)

    Comment by Eloh | January 30, 2008

  8. i agree with vint on the archiving bit. if your site takes hits away from my site by ranking higher in google searches it’s not a good thing. i don’t see the need for this particular function. could you explain your intentions/needs in this respect? oh, btw, will you provide statistics as to unique visits, link hits, page reads and the like for us all?

    Comment by EnCore Mayne | January 30, 2008

  9. I think it’s fantastic you both took the initiative to do this, the information wasn’t getting through on the SL Fashion Planet feed and this was very frustrating for lots of people.

    I know from experience even a couple negative responses (which there always are) can be very disheartening, but the majority of people are delighted. You’ve done a good thing and you’ve learned a lot from it too.

    I think ihearts is here for the long run, good luck Mel and Gogo 🙂

    Comment by Creamy Cooljoke | January 30, 2008

  10. How about just grabbing a “synopsis”/ “abstract” from each blog post so if they reader whats more they can click through

    Comment by Noam | January 30, 2008

  11. Indeed, Noam, that is general practice and concidered ‘fair use’. Eloh points us to the article, but for easy reasoning, he forgets that Melanie Kidd is not Google.

    Google was considered passive in the activity—users chose whether to view the cached link. In addition, Google had an implied license to cache web pages since owners of websites have the ability to turn on or turn off the caching of their sites using tags and code.

    Whereas on Google you need to click ‘view cache’, the feed just saves a collection of articles on a page. And it’s rather easy to get Google to ‘not notice’ you: .

    When I posted, no contact information or way to opt-out was provided on the aggregator.

    So basically, yes, this is copyright infringement. A lot of people will not mind, I’m sure, but I don’t like not being asked if it’s ok first.

    If Melanie chooses to limit the archiving / syndication to a max of 400 words (which is probably the average length of my introductions, yeah, need to work on that), I would opt-in again.

    Comment by Vint Falken | January 30, 2008

  12. Um, nobody is being made to put their blog on here. That’s the first thing.

    Also, with all due respect to the organizers – I was personally turned off by the wording around that other new blog feed on the block. It gave *me* the impression that most of us are just not good enough. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying this is what the organizers meant and I’m not saying my perception is necessarily correct. I’m saying that’s what I thought.)

    I admit I don’t understand a lot of this debate here – but I will say, at least these folks got off their arses and did something. Moreover, they are paying for the website and spending their own time. Are the detractors doing that? I’m thinking with one exception mentioned above, nobody has. And as we know, great as World of SL is, Tao is a very busy man and just has not enough time to devote to this.

    Melanie has already said, she and Gogo took all freaking day to try to work on some things. I’m wondering again do the dissenters have that kind of time? Are they willing to put up some money or put up some time to help with fixes? My guess is that the answer is no.

    Yes, I would like my hits to go to MY blog page rather than to the feed. No, I do not want other people to own my content, such as it is. (I’m not writing Vogue or People on my blog, lol)No, I am not opting out until I give Melanie and Gogo a chance to fix these things. Already tons of people have im’d me and spoken to me to say that hey, they saw my blog. That says something very good to me.

    You ladies keep on heartin’ SL, alright?

    Comment by sidonie larkham | January 31, 2008

  13. PS: My comments on the other blog stream being organized, were meant to show that without, I would have no place to put my blog and have it be aggregated with others. That has turned out to be more important to me than I first would have thought.

    Comment by sidonie larkham | January 31, 2008

  14. There’s one thing I don’t like about Iheartsl, it’s taken Melanie from blogging here. Coming to read her blog has been a ritual that I miss.

    Comment by Cajsa | February 6, 2008

  15. I love the archiving – it lets me page back and catch up on posts I’ve missed. I think it is much better than having the posts fade away.

    Thanks so much for putting together fashion.iheartsl!

    Comment by Daria | February 25, 2008

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