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Announcing the new feeds!

There’s a new development in the SL Blogging World that I’m extremely excited about and happy to announce!!!

The World of SL feeds are a brilliant concept — it’s just that lately, for all we know Tao Takashi could have fallen off the face of the planet. I don’t know what’s going on with him and I hope he’s okay and all, but when literally three months pass by after a request for a blog to be added is STILL not fullfilled despite there being reassurances that it will be, then you know it’s time to (1) quit complaining and (2) take matters into your own hand.

Hence I am pleased to announce a brand spankin’ new feed website,!

Get your bookmarks ready, folks; so far there are two feeds available on iheartsl:

iheartsl is built around the same premise as World of SL — blogs of feather are categorized under the same feed. The Fashion feed is meant for blogs belonging to fashion blogger and designers, obviously, while the Grid feed is meant for blogs that feature SL news, issues, and resident viewpoints.

Are you a designer who has been waiting to get onto the fashion feed, or a resident who has been wanting to feature their blog on the regular feed? If so, then WANTS YOU! Everyone who is currently featured on the the WorldofSL feeds have already been added. The site is still just one day old, however, so it’s possible that a few links may have inadvertently been overlooked. If you find that your link is missing, or if you’d like for your own blog to be added, simply visit for fashion blogs or for non-fashion blogs, and leave your URL/feed address in the comments, or send that info to

And YES — you WILL be added promptly! No more waiting for months on end for results; from the time you send in your request to be added, you should see your posts on the feed within twenty-four hours.

Do you own a blog that features content that should be featured on both feeds? Filtering your posts so that the right entries go to the right feed is super easy!

Let’s use my blog as an example…

I run Grid Expectations on WordPress. Although a lot of my entries are about fashion, I do manage to bang out a few non-fashion posts every now and then. To avoid having these show up on the fashion feed, I’ve simply created a category called Fashion.

Every category created in WordPress is assigned a numeric value. You can find the value of the category you’re going to be filing your fashion posts under by hitting your Dashboard > Manage > Categories:

Announcing the new feeds

In my dashboard, you can see that the Fashion category has been assigned #3737. All I have to do now is plug that number into the feed URL, which will look like this:

For those of you that run your blogs on the Google-owned Blogger platform, Blogger offers a Labels system that you can take advantage of. Just be sure to consistently add the label of your choice to all your fashion entries, and then use the labels feed syntax to create your URL feed.

Here’s an example of that syntax at work:  I have a blog at (seriously, don’t ask about that title, lol). Let’s say I wanted to blog about SL Fashion on there — I simply affix the label “SL Fashion” to each entry as is appropriate, and here is the feed URL for all my SL Fashion posts:

Easy as pie 😀

See you all at iheartsl!

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  1. It’s a good idea, Mel. Thanks for taking the initiative. But what I think we really need is a fashion feed that doesn’t have non-fashion on it. So there’s no mix – just designers or just designers and actual fashion blogs.

    Comment by Gillian Waldman | January 26, 2008

  2. Gillian, I totally agree, which is why there are the two feeds on iheartsl that I listed above, plus instructions on how to keep non-fashion posts out of the fashion feed. ^_^

    Comment by melaniekiddofsl | January 26, 2008

  3. I like it very much Mela!Such a good idea for those of us who have one foot on fashion and the other…elsewhere!Heeheh!And of course for all people who wanna have separate feeds!Easier for everybody i think!Way to go!:)

    Comment by Chrisy Jewell | January 26, 2008

  4. Right now, is my main resource for information about Second Life. I welcome! 🙂 …but it looks to me that it still lacks many feeds that are being aggregated to ‘Contributors’ list at is way shorter than
    ‘Subscriptions’ list at

    I understand that you’re going to include them as soon as the respective blog owners ask it to you. Well, I’d suggest you not to wait them: instead, import right now all feeds at I think that including some inactive blog feeds is not a big issue 🙂

    By the way you’re stating that ‘Everyone who is currently featured on the the WorldofSL feeds have already been added’, so maybe you already did what I’m proposing and I’m missing something 🙂 .. I am not english mother tongue so please forgive me.

    Comment by Opensource Obscure | January 26, 2008

  5. Yup – great job! I guess my question was whether there will be moderation as to whether *all* submitted links would be OKd for fashion (or the other).

    Comment by Gillian Waldman | January 26, 2008

  6. This is fantastic! Tao would only add me to the fashion feed (not the non-fashion one) even though I explained to him that I did not write a fashion blog. Now, I love the readership I have received, but it also makes people write me nasty-grams. 😦

    Thank you for taking this on!!

    Comment by Tymmerie Thorne | January 26, 2008

  7. Aw dang…I’ve been working on something for a few weeks Mel.

    I just haven’t announced it yet as I was still adding. This feed will be moderated and duplicate entries on multiple blogs removed. It will also be strictly FASHION.

    Comment by Carissa Crimson | January 26, 2008

  8. GMTA (great minds think alike). good for you and all of us mel.

    Comment by EnCore Mayne | January 26, 2008

  9. I’m glad to see that someone else is taking initiative on this as well. I have no idea on where to offer constructive criticism but since you seem to be involved Mela, maybe I can pass it along to you? I know the site is likely still being worked on, but I wanted to suggest using a more “eye-friendly” color scheme – the grey, hot pink, and light grey is murder on the eyes. Maybe something like what you have here would be better? Just a thought. *hug* 🙂

    Comment by Meara D. | January 26, 2008

  10. Yay! If I ever get a blog out again, I’ll know where to place it now. I think I was misplaced in the other sl fashion feed, when I found out I was showing up in there, I got very uncomfortable posting. My entries are mostly viewpoints and not fashion updates. But I didn’t know how to get out of that feed :S Great job to you guys. Many folks will appreciate this!

    Comment by Lashy | January 26, 2008

  11. I’ll just echo what everyone else has said and congrats to you for the great idea. My questions is somewhat like Gillian’s. There are certain blogs that I don’t care for at all and I’m sure more will come along the way that I have no interest for. Is there a way where we can omit or hide certain blogs from appearing on our end? Just thought I’d ask. 😉

    Comment by Lizbeth Saenz | January 26, 2008

  12. Awesome Melanie!!! YAY!(yay!)

    Tao’s been ignoring me too with my new blog 😦

    This past summer when Ravishal had to switch blog host Tao would never respond. Only after he got his readers to do a writing campaign to Tao did the feed get switched. I think it would be great if we could all migrate here since Tao seems to be asleep at the wheel.

    Comment by GoSpeed Racer | January 26, 2008

  13. The new color scheme is MUCH better so if it was you, Mela, or someone else, major thank you’s from me and my eyes. I know some of the formatting kinks must still be getting worked on, but it’s looking much better.

    And it’s no big deal if there’s other Fashion feeds Carissa. Great minds think alike and many people will likely add both anyway. 🙂

    Comment by Meara D. | January 27, 2008

  14. Excellent idea! I would also like to applaud Carissa’s project, the two of you together should provide perfect cover for readers; one covering all blogs, and the other a moderated version with only a selection of blogs. Bravo!

    Comment by Milla Michinaga | January 27, 2008

  15. […] With that said, while we won’t be your fashion police, we definitely intend to keep things running in an orderly manner.  What does this mean?  It simply means that we want to keep the fashion feed all about… well, fashion!  If it comes to the attention of iheartsl staff that there’s been some non-fashion posts appearing, we’ll simply approach the blogger and ask that they filter their posts. […]

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  16. I checked it out…. and am very excited! Only my blog isn’t on it… 🙂 Hoping it just got accidently skipped I know that the fashion of SL feed is HUGE. 🙂

    Comment by Rose Farina | January 27, 2008

  17. Hey Melanie, thanks so much for this post with information as I have absotively no idea how to do this without help. 🙂

    Comment by sidonie larkham | January 27, 2008

  18. Wheeee I went to write to ask to be added and already had been yay thank you who ever ❤

    Comment by Rose Farina | January 27, 2008

  19. Lashy said: “…when I found out I was showing up in there, I got very uncomfortable posting.”

    This exactly says what I have been thinking for many months. Our blog has always been a mismash of things we’re doing in our RL’s, thoughts, ramblings, as well as things we’re doing in SL, releases, that kind of thing. Once I started getting comments from people who apparently found us via the fashion feed, I felt that I had an obligation to cut back the “non-sl/fashion” related posts. I am thrilled beyond belief to have a work around.

    Thank you *SO* much for explaining how to do this, and for giving us the means to express ourselves as designers and as individuals!!

    Comment by Tigerlily Koi | January 28, 2008

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  22. Thank you so much Mel, and yes you so right it was time, my request is on its way :))

    Comment by serinajane | January 16, 2009

  23. […] was launched on January 26th, 2008 well over a year ago. At this time, I was not aware of any other feeds besides […]

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  24. […] had someone question the motives behind iheartsl.  As I’ve already stated in my two previous posts, iheartsl was born out of the simple fact that requests for blogs to be added to the worldofsl […]

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