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The Girl Next Door AO!

While we’re waiting for Tao to add Gogo’s website to the feed, I’ve decided to add her to this blog because really, I tend to blog at a somewhat leisurely pace and awesome deals like a 1L AO should not have to wait for my slow ass to post them. :p

Now, with that said, please, if you’ve got a newbie friend or an alt and she needs an AO, just get this one. This is just my personal preference, but an AO that could pass for a frame out of Madonna’s Vogue music video just screams “noob” to me and looks… well, silly! I mean really, who goes walking around town with their hips constantly jutted out like they’re modeling at a photoshoot?

What’s great about this AO, too, is that the stands do not lock the head in place. I understand there’s probably a need for a stand that does that once in a while, but for everyday casual use I think a stand with a locked head looks unnatural. I’m talking from experience; I had a stand in my AO that does not allow my av to move her head when she’s looking at things or listening to people, and it’s a bit annoying.

Okay, I only meant to add a single sentence to the top of this post to explain why Gogo is now posting at Grid Expectations. :p Without further ado, please read on for Gogo’s announcement 😀 ~ mela

The Girl Next Door AO is now available at my shop on La Reina for $1L. This includes 5 low priority stands (the head/neck is flexible), 1 ground sit, and 1 chair sit. The AO comes fully mod so you can put any poses that you like into your current ao, or add more to it!

The Girl Next Door AO can be found at my shop on La Reina.

Also, Queen Coronet of ::::QC Designs:::: made this awesome New Year’s Tiara!! She sells a bigger version for $100L, but the small one I’m wearing in this picture is available for only $1L in her shop. Who can resist tiaras & feathers?! Come get your tiara here!

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  1. That’s a beautiful crown 🙂

    Comment by Arianna Psaltery | December 30, 2007

  2. Gogo…i love this AO. I know…..I’ve paid lots more for fancier ones. But this one I just wear and forget about it. And I love that it has options that only most of the expensive one’s have, like a timer for the stands. And it’s only 1L!! I mean, seriously!

    Thanks Gogo! Your generosity is amazing!

    Comment by Joonie | December 31, 2007

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