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Eloh’s Christmas present to everyone

It was not too long ago that I’d blogged about Eloh Eliot’s new line of “E” skins at her humble little store, simply called Another shop! Her hand-drawn skins were priced shockingly low; so low, in fact, that I was hesitant about blogging the price because I hadn’t confirmed with her whether or not that was an error.

Well, looks like I shouldn’t have worried about that! If you follow the Fashion Planet feed at all, then you’ve probably read Fab Free’s and Rykerized’s entries by now and are already aware that Eloh has made the ultimate gift to everyone: she’s giving away her entire line of E skins for free, and with full permissions.

It doesn’t just end there, by the way. When you view the folder’s contents, you’ll see three textures: the makeup-less texture “tattoo” for the head, as well as the texture files for the upper body and lower body. Eloh hasn’t just opened the door for you to go and tinker with the skin, she’s practically taking you by the hand and leading you through it. I think it’s safe to say that she wants people to be able to customize their skins as they see fit. Ever wanted to have your three top clothing layers available for an outfit mash-up and still be able to wear tattoos? Now you can superimpose your tattoo texture onto the skin. Or perhaps you’ve been wanting that perfect shade of purple eyeshadow that no one seems to offer? All you need to do is download the face texture to your machine and then open up the file in your image editing program.

Well, yes, you need a bit of technical skill, too, of course — but the point is this: a skin designer is not only enabling you, but is outright encouraging you to modify her work. In a world where past incidents of skin “franken-modding” has led to a considerable amount of drama, this sort of handing over of the reins of control over your skin is virtually unheard of and is indeed a rare opportunity.

My immediate reaction, like most people’s I believe, was something like, “Omg… has Eloh lost it?!” And then, after the initial shock wore off and I gave it some more thought, I realized that this move seems very much in line with how she operates. Her store is one of the simplest stores you will ever see in SL, sitting on a parcel that does not even measure a full 512 sqm; she does not run an ad; she offers freebies regularly and refuses to put the word “demo” on her demo skins lest she mar their aesthetic quality; she makes her work accessible to everyone with her pricing scheme; in her picks tab on her profile, she lists her little shop with this sentiment included in the description: “This is where I sell crap to support my expensive shoes & hair habit.” Couple all of this with her apparent perfectionist approach to her skins, and you begin to sense that while she probably enjoys whatever profit she may make from her work, this seems very much to be about her art and it’s contribution to the SL community.

Or maybe I’m wrong and she has indeed lost her marbles. :p Either way, it’s incredibly generous of her, so please, if you take advantage of this incredible gift remember that reselling a freebie is a big no-no and is frowned upon, and drop her a note of thanks or something. ^_^

P.s. It did occur to me, too, that perhaps she’s developing a new skin… so I snuck a peek at her flickr. 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of Another shop holds!

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