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A new line of woolly scarves and beanies was set out recently at KK Outfitters in Plush Kappa. The scarves, which include flexi-prims for the parts that hang down, come in a lot of different color combinations. The beanies also come in a variety of colors and sport several different logos on the front.

If you’ve followed my blog at all, then you may well be aware that yours truly is one hell of an indecisive person. (Case in point: it took me one whole hour to decide on what breed of dog I wanted from Zooby’s; after I decided to get a lab, it took another agonizing hour to choose between the black, the chocolate, and the yellow. Gogo can testify to this because I pestered her via IMs the entire time.)

Being confronted with the quantity of choices offered at KK Outfitters normally would’ve guaranteed that my avi’s feet would be planted on that store’s premises for a considerable amount of time, but in reality it took me only a few minutes. That’s because they’re priced so affordably, I just bought them all haha. :p (Note: these were all the colors that were available at the time I started on this post; more color options will be forthcoming.)

Red is my favorite color, but… I think I like the pink ones best!

KK Outfitters 01

KK Outfitters 02

And yes, it’s not your imagination… aside from the pink ones, those are all the colors representing the different Houses of Hogwarts! Do you know of any Harry Potter fans that treated themselves to the Hogwarts costume offered at Winter Moon? These will go perfect with the school outfit.

What pleased me in particular about these scarves is the fact that you get them pre-set in two styles. You can wear them backwards as well forward, without any fuss!

Also pictured below are two of the beanies, worn by Ary. My favorite is the one with the skull and crossbones. To get a larger view of these images, just click them and you’ll be taken to their respective flickr pages:

KK Outfitters 03

KK Outfitters 04 KK Outfitters 05

You can find these along with a killer selection of chucks and baseball caps at KK Outfitters in Plush Kappa.

Additional info:

1st & 2nd images: Hair – Truth, Amy Jane black; Skin – RaC, Tasha; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Sweater Dress – Last Call, Starley II Mini Sweater Dress; Scarves – KK Outfitters

Remaining images: Melanie ~ Hair – ETD, Kizzy black; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep, Sweater – Petit Ange, light blue & white / Ary~ Hair – Naughty Designs, Deviance; Beanies – KK Outfitters; Shirt & Tie – about, from the black suit set

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