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Eight Random Facts

Nadine Nozaki was tagged by Timothy Lilliehook to do the “Eight Randon Facts” meme; she, in turn, has tagged moi.  😀

Here are the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Okies, so here we go ^_^

1.   My vision is really odd.  My right eye is afflicted with myopic astigmatism (nearsightedness) and I’ve hyperopia (farsightedness) in my left eye.  I wear prescription glasses but I’m totally able to get away with not wearing them.

2.  The last time I took a typing certification test, I clocked in at 93 wpm, corrected.  That was a while ago and I’m quite certain I’ve become faster since then.

3.  True story:  I was once in a vehicle-pedestrian accident, and my alcohol consumption that night was probably what kept me from getting more badly injured than I had been; at least, that’s what the EMT dude told me in the back of the ambulance during our ride to the ER.  Wanna know what was really ironic about the whole situation?  The guy who’d hit me with his jeep was actually the designated driver for his group of friends that night.  o.o

4.   My dreams are extremely vivid and can be quite spooky sometimes.

5.   A list of facts about yours truly will not be complete without mentioning my hardcore Star Wars nerdiness.  Yeah, I’m one of those people.  😀  I have a little library of my own, a wall of books… and one entire shelf is dedicated to Star Wars books and comics.  I’ve since scaled back on the SW spendiness, though; it gets to be a bit much after a while and besides, I’ve run out of room.  :p

6.   I love poetry, and I am particularly enamored of the sonnet.  William Shakespeare and Edna St. Vincent Millay are gods, as far as I’m concerned.

7.   I’ve inherited my father’s love for music.  There isn’t a music genre (except maybe country, lol) that I don’t love.  I can play the piano, ukulele, drums, saxophone, a little bit of the guitar and even less of the violin.  I’ve also written a couple of piano pieces; if only I could sing, too 😦

8.  I visit the beach almost every day, which is easy to do since I live like two blocks away from the ocean.  ❤ Ke Kai

All righty, so there’s my list of random facts!  Here are the people I’m gonna tag:  Vivienne Graves and Morrigan Repine over at Second Impressions, Serenity Mercier, Ryker Beck, Allegory Malaprop, Eloh Eliot, Puma Jie, and Daniella Tobias over at D!ff.  😀

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NanoGunk’s “fleshmelt” solution

One thing I’ve never liked about wearing system layer pants in SL is the ugliness that occurs on the area that’s between your avi’s ankle and the leg flare of the pants. As I’m sure most of you are already aware, the area takes on your avi’s skin texture, resulting in an unsightly and unnatural sort of “fleshmelt” as I once heard someone describe it.

NanoGunk offers an extremely simple and painless solution: their tintable pantleg socks and sleeve gloves. Witness it at work in the following pics:

nanogunk 01

nanogunk 02

The glove layer sleeves work in the same manner for your shirt and jacket layer items that have loose sleeves. Because tinting them is super easy, I’ve been able to use these babies with my colorful kimonos, and they’ve blended together without any problem or confusion.

These have become an indispensable part of my SL wardrobe; I use them so much that I simply keep them in a folder marked “!FAVORITES” for easy access. You can purchase the pantleg socks and sleeve gloves together as a set at NanoGunk.

P.s. If you’ve not yet heard the name Ryker Beck, then do yourself a favor and get acquainted with her via her blog and her flickr stream. The woman is a freakin’ genius with Photoshop, and her blog is chock full of goodness, including some of the most thorough reviews on skins you’ll ever come across, including her latest write-up on Eloh Eliot’s wonderful skins.

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Smoky eye makeups from Rac!

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, now… my favorite skin from RaC has been updated with more makeup options!

*head explodes*

Mallory Cowen, one-half of the duo that runs RaC, has just announced a HUGE release of skins — older favorites such as Emma and Carina, as well as the newer faces belonging to Tasha (I love Tasha, too) and Sofia, have each been given six more makeups, all of them with smoky eyes.

As soon as the poster for my favorite skin appeared, I grabbed a pack and headed back to my sky platform to try them on. I know, I know; I’m really silly for getting this excited over a bunch of skins but I have been wanting more sophisticated makeup options for my RaC skin for quite some time now, so yayyyy! 😀

RaC Trisha smoky

Because I was so anxious to try on my Trisha skins, I didn’t grab demos for all of the new ones. :p I did take shots of the demos I managed to grab, however:

tasha sofia susan rita phoebe lily ida emma peach emma olive carina

Additional info: Hair in 1st image – Naughty Designs, Angel V black pearl; Hair in demo images – ETD, Madeline black; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Body Shape (used only for demo skins) – Mela’s, pink lady; Sweater – D!ff, Glitterold Stripe*d Sweater; Ears – Hybrid, Usagi Starter set

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