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B&B Skins – Rigging the Search Tool @ Skin Oasis

Someone posted an image on and I had to go see for myself, of course. I ended up with several shots, myself:

Gaming the Search Tool

This is such total BS. Other businesses hustle to promote their brand by paying considerable sums on advertising in SL, in magazines, on blogs and websites — this includes paying models, photographers, set designers, possibly even graphic designers and advertising agencies. They take the time to network with people, sometimes offering their items for review at websites like Linden Lifestyles and Second Style Fashionista or courting modeling/PR agencies. They try to attract customers with all sorts of innovative builds and special events, brainstorming different ways to get people to take note and get involved.

They work damn hard to make their business a success.

So yeah, it pisses me off when I see this kind of cheap stunt pulled because it seems like cheating to me. These people don’t care about the kind of lag they inflict on their visiting customers; all they can see are dollar signs associated with each green dot on the mini-map that isn’t an alt. And I sincerely doubt the avatars you’ll see in the following pictures are legitimate, paid accounts.

Clicking on the images will take you to their respective flickr pages, where you can view larger version. I’ve included the interface and HUD objects in the screenshots, but blurred out my linden balance because I don’t want anyone to see how poor I am. :p

Gaming the Search Tool 01

Gaming the Search Tool 02

Gaming the Search Tool 03

Gaming the Search Tool 04

Gaming the Search Tool 05

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The Girl Next Door AO!

While we’re waiting for Tao to add Gogo’s website to the feed, I’ve decided to add her to this blog because really, I tend to blog at a somewhat leisurely pace and awesome deals like a 1L AO should not have to wait for my slow ass to post them. :p

Now, with that said, please, if you’ve got a newbie friend or an alt and she needs an AO, just get this one. This is just my personal preference, but an AO that could pass for a frame out of Madonna’s Vogue music video just screams “noob” to me and looks… well, silly! I mean really, who goes walking around town with their hips constantly jutted out like they’re modeling at a photoshoot?

What’s great about this AO, too, is that the stands do not lock the head in place. I understand there’s probably a need for a stand that does that once in a while, but for everyday casual use I think a stand with a locked head looks unnatural. I’m talking from experience; I had a stand in my AO that does not allow my av to move her head when she’s looking at things or listening to people, and it’s a bit annoying.

Okay, I only meant to add a single sentence to the top of this post to explain why Gogo is now posting at Grid Expectations. :p Without further ado, please read on for Gogo’s announcement 😀 ~ mela

The Girl Next Door AO is now available at my shop on La Reina for $1L. This includes 5 low priority stands (the head/neck is flexible), 1 ground sit, and 1 chair sit. The AO comes fully mod so you can put any poses that you like into your current ao, or add more to it!

The Girl Next Door AO can be found at my shop on La Reina.

Also, Queen Coronet of ::::QC Designs:::: made this awesome New Year’s Tiara!! She sells a bigger version for $100L, but the small one I’m wearing in this picture is available for only $1L in her shop. Who can resist tiaras & feathers?! Come get your tiara here!

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Baiastice Haute Couture

I’m a sucker for gorgeous and luxurious gowns. Like, really. Case in point: when Simone held her 100L sale a few months ago, guess who was repeatedly hitting Right-click > Buy in the wedding gown section, even though she has no plans on getting married in SL anytime soon (or ever, for that matter). 😮 Yeah, laugh all you want, I know there’s tons of you out there who’ve done the same…

Anyways, I recently discovered Baiastice Haute Couture, a store owned by Italian designer Sissy Pessoa, and guess what she sells! That’s right, gowns and dresses. Okay, she sells a lot of other stuff, too, but trust me — when you arrive there, it’s the gowns and dresses that are going to grab your attention.

Here are two items that grabbed not only my interest, but my linden wallet as well (clicking on the images will take you to their respective flickr pages where you can view larger versions; credits and SLURLs are at the end of this post):

baiastice histoire

The Histoire gown is a floor-length strapless number in an unusual taupe print. Horizontal bands of slightly lighter material repeat from top to bottom, except for one darker band that lies just below the breasts. Also drawing your eyes to the cleavage baring gap is a different colored texture that seems to peek out at you from under the neutral print of the gown.

I should mention that the skirt prims were designed for an avatar that’s considerably taller than my own. (Fyi, my avatar is 5’9″.) Since the prims are modifiable and copiable, shrinking the prims to fit was a painless procedure. In keeping with the neutral tone of the texture, I opted for a terracotta shade of lip color, copper-ish nail polish, and gold bangles and earrings. Since the cleavage area already has a number of things going on there, I decided to forgo wearing any neck adornments.

baiastice alabastro

The Alabastro dress is the first dress that really took hold of my notice. This is a very flirty and very playful dress that shows off a lot of skin, from the almost completely bare shoulders and half-bared midriff to the exaggeratedly asymmetrical hemline and sheer front flexiprims that will show off your gams like nobody’s business. What keeps it from going over the top is the shimmery, almost monochromatic texture.

Because of the somewhat ostentatious feel of this dress, I felt it was only right that the rest of the outfit should keep up. I chose to accessorize the dress with diamond encrusted t-strap heels, diamond jewelry, and silver hair. Offsetting the glitzy look are a softer pink lipcolor and nail polish.

Those weren’t the only things that caught my eye, of course, but I didn’t want to go completely crazy in the store. :-p Two other outfits that I almost bought were the Greenwater gown and the Quiet Voice dress, which comes with a hat. I took the liberty of snapping a photo of the Greenwater poster:

baiastice greenwater

You can find these and other gowns and dresses at Baiastice Haute Couture in the Centro Italia sim.

P.s. When I went there today, the Christmas freebie gifts — a white gown and some lingerie — were still being offered. To find them, look in the hallway just past the second room on the ground floor. Since these freebies have a Christmas theme, I’m not sure how much longer they will remain there.

What I’m wearing:

1st image: Dress – Baiastice Haute Couture, Histoire; Hair – RaC, Southfork black; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Lashes – RaC, Black flirty lashes; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Manicure – RaC, Manicure 06; Earrings – Caroline’s Jewelry, Eva Gold Hoop Earrings; Bracelets – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gold Flexi Bangles; Shoes – Maitreya, Grace brown

2nd image: Dress – Baiastice Haute Couture, Alabstro; Hair – Armidi, Ginza silver; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Skin – RaC, Sofia; Body Shape – Mela’s, pink lady; Manicure – RaC, Manicure 01; Jewelry set – Muse, Limited Edition Dauphine set in silver/jet (group gift); Shoes – Paper Couture, strapped diamond heel granite

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The Naughty Eleven

Okay, since it’s Ryker asking me to do this meme and she’s already followed through on another meme I passed on to her, I figure I’m obligated to answer. :-p

Name the avatar that you would most like to have second life sex with for…

1. … their avatar: anyone with a good shape that’s wearing RaC Cliff, lol

2. … their mind: Vivi ^_^

3. … their poetic/mystical/creative spirit: Salazar Jack */me sings that Eiffel 65 song*

4. … their social success/success in SL: Codie ❤

5. … their libido: I will get into trouble if I answer this honestly 😮

6. … wanting them to go against type for you. That is, if they are normally a top, you would want them to be your bottom, if they are straight and you are same sl gender: Arahan Claveau

7. … and you would go against type for this: Screw dat, I’m going against type for No One ^_^

8. … and you would most want to do a nothing-but-sex week with, who you are not currently having sl sex with: Any of the Lindens; instead of whispering sweet nothings in their ear I’d ask them to rig the jira so that my votes count twice as much as anyone else’s :p

9. … and you want a threesome, which two: I don’t like threesomes 😀

10. … “The forbidden,” the one that, you’d like to publicly confess to, but the consequences would be toooooo awful. Examples would be your best friend’s partner, a professional contact, someone you know rl who is here… Someone who you want, but have never been able to confess it too. Don’t post… Just answer with whether they are online right at the moment that you post your answer: Online 😮

11. … nostalgia reasons: Marquez ❤ Don’t wanna shag him, I just miss him 😦

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Eloh’s Christmas present to everyone

It was not too long ago that I’d blogged about Eloh Eliot’s new line of “E” skins at her humble little store, simply called Another shop! Her hand-drawn skins were priced shockingly low; so low, in fact, that I was hesitant about blogging the price because I hadn’t confirmed with her whether or not that was an error.

Well, looks like I shouldn’t have worried about that! If you follow the Fashion Planet feed at all, then you’ve probably read Fab Free’s and Rykerized’s entries by now and are already aware that Eloh has made the ultimate gift to everyone: she’s giving away her entire line of E skins for free, and with full permissions.

It doesn’t just end there, by the way. When you view the folder’s contents, you’ll see three textures: the makeup-less texture “tattoo” for the head, as well as the texture files for the upper body and lower body. Eloh hasn’t just opened the door for you to go and tinker with the skin, she’s practically taking you by the hand and leading you through it. I think it’s safe to say that she wants people to be able to customize their skins as they see fit. Ever wanted to have your three top clothing layers available for an outfit mash-up and still be able to wear tattoos? Now you can superimpose your tattoo texture onto the skin. Or perhaps you’ve been wanting that perfect shade of purple eyeshadow that no one seems to offer? All you need to do is download the face texture to your machine and then open up the file in your image editing program.

Well, yes, you need a bit of technical skill, too, of course — but the point is this: a skin designer is not only enabling you, but is outright encouraging you to modify her work. In a world where past incidents of skin “franken-modding” has led to a considerable amount of drama, this sort of handing over of the reins of control over your skin is virtually unheard of and is indeed a rare opportunity.

My immediate reaction, like most people’s I believe, was something like, “Omg… has Eloh lost it?!” And then, after the initial shock wore off and I gave it some more thought, I realized that this move seems very much in line with how she operates. Her store is one of the simplest stores you will ever see in SL, sitting on a parcel that does not even measure a full 512 sqm; she does not run an ad; she offers freebies regularly and refuses to put the word “demo” on her demo skins lest she mar their aesthetic quality; she makes her work accessible to everyone with her pricing scheme; in her picks tab on her profile, she lists her little shop with this sentiment included in the description: “This is where I sell crap to support my expensive shoes & hair habit.” Couple all of this with her apparent perfectionist approach to her skins, and you begin to sense that while she probably enjoys whatever profit she may make from her work, this seems very much to be about her art and it’s contribution to the SL community.

Or maybe I’m wrong and she has indeed lost her marbles. :p Either way, it’s incredibly generous of her, so please, if you take advantage of this incredible gift remember that reselling a freebie is a big no-no and is frowned upon, and drop her a note of thanks or something. ^_^

P.s. It did occur to me, too, that perhaps she’s developing a new skin… so I snuck a peek at her flickr. 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing what the future of Another shop holds!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year <333

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for 2008 😀

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J’s shitkicker boots

Okay, so these aren’t really called shitkicker boots by the designer; it just sounds cool to me and it’s a phrase that I know my friend Vivi would use. :p

Here are some zoomed-in shots of the boots. (Btw, I’m using the angel3 and angel10 poses from the Juicy Angel pose set that Gogo recently released, as well as the naughty2 pose from the Juicy Naughty set. They were perfect for showcasing these boots up close and personal, and at 1L for each set you really have no excuse for not having them in your inventory!)

Clicking on the following images will take you to their respective flickr pages where you can view larger sizes; credits and SLURLs are at the end of this post.

Js Work Boots

Js Work Boots 02

Before I say anything else about the shoes at J’s, there are two caveats that you should be aware of first: (1) there are no demos available, and (2) these shoes run a bit small, even in their “larger” sizes.

These sculpty shoes are the Work Boots from J’s, located in the Tsukishima sim. Creator JB Gazov has done a great job with the sculpty shape of these boots and has taken care with the textures on these, from the upper parts to the brown leather on the flexi laces and the realistic brass of the grommets through which the laces weave. The two different colors of the rear pull-on loops are an interesting feature — the left shoe’s loop is red while the right shoe’s loop is brown. Finishing it off are thick, detailed outsoles that look like they’re ready to provide your avi with some serious traction.

I chose the flashier red color, of course, since red is my favorite color. 🙂 If that’s not your thing, however, then perhaps you’ll be interested in the more traditional black and brown versions.

The poster in the store says these boots are unisex but from what I saw, there’s no way these boots would fit most of the male avatars that I personally know; as I stated above the shoes at J’s run pretty small. (Machete bought the western boots, and despite the fact that different sized prims are included in the folder, he had to bring down his leg muscle and body thickness sliders in order to be able to fit into the largest versions.)

When I saw the red boots, I immediately thought of my Priestly Vestments coat from Amerie’s Naughty that’s been sitting in my inventory for several months. I love the coat but I’ve never really pulled it out of my digital closet and worn it for a reasonable amount of time… until now. ^_^ It’s a lot of red, for sure, but I felt the boots worked with the almost cartoonish attitude and drama of the coat. Since I want to keep the focus of this post on shoes, I won’t go into detail about the coat, but you can still read the excellent write-up Morrigan Repine did earlier this month at Style Hotline.

Js Work Boots 03

Although these boots have a chunky and somewhat masculine look to them, you can definitely work a feminine angle with these by choosing the right items. In the example above, I chose to offset the bulkier shape of the boots by emphasizing a sleek leg line, visually elongating it with black tights and a body-hugging mini-skirt. Topping it off is a cute and decidedly feminine half coat.

J’s features more than just work boots, of course. There are several other sculpty boots that are worth mentioning; while I would have loved to have bought all of them I exercised self-restraint and chose to buy the backribbon boots. 😀

Js Ribbon Boots

Js Ribbon Boots 02

Ladies, before I go any further, I feel I must warn you again right now: these boots were definitely made with a slender girl in mind. I think it has to do with the fact that most Japanese female avatars (at least the ones I’ve seen around) are all on the tinier side. After experimenting with a variety of body shapes, I’ve concluded that if you’ve got a body thickness upwards of 20 or if you’ve got the leg muscle slider set beyond 55, your avi WILL break through the largest non-modifiable sculpty prims.

I really like the height of the heels and the slim look of these boots, which is aided by the solid black coloring. A couple of elements accentuate the color block: zipper details that are part of the texture (not prims) run all the way down the insides of each boot, and on the back of the legs are brass grommets and black leather laces tied in a bow.

As soon as I saw the boots on my avi, I decided I wanted an outfit that would emphasize the leg shape even further. I chose a longish all-black sweater and a black mini-skirt. These two items, like the boots, are completely black in coloring but what really makes them visually interesting are the great cowl neck shape and the wrinkly-looking texture of the skirt. Finishing it off and providing a little bit of contrast is a colorful reddish hairstyle. ^_^

Overall, I’m happy with my purchases, especially the red Work Boots. I’m impressed with the quality of JB’s sculpties and will definitely be keeping an eye out for his future products. While I’m thankful that my new boots fit my avi without too much hassle, however, my only complaint is that I wish there were demos and and that there was more consideration for larger sized avatars. If your avi has a build similar to mines, then you should have no problem fitting these as well, but if your avi is somewhat larger then unfortunately I’d have to advise against spending on these, especially since they are not transferrable.

What I’m wearing:

1st & 2nd images: Boots – J’s, Work Boots red; Hair – Kin, Ash white; Skin – RaC, Trisha smoky; Eyes – Nomine, Orbital 4
Prim Lashes – RaC, black flirty; Manicure – RaC, Manicure No 04; Coat – Amerie’s Naughty, Priestly Vestments; Pants – PixelDolls, Black Pants freebie

3rd image: Boots – J’s, Work Boots red; Hair – ETD, Amber black; Skin – RaC, Trisha smoky; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Glasses – NeaBan, Retro S; Manicure – RaC, Manicure No 04; Coat – Kurotsubaki, Red half coat; Skirt – Last Call, torn mini jean skirt from the Yelena set; Tights – Blaze, charcoal tights from the 13-color bundle

4th & 5th images: Boots – J’s, Backribbon boots black; Hair – Kin, luv burgundy; Skin – Tuli, S4F cream brown brows ~ rosy lips/smokey blue (holiday group gift); Manicure – RaC, Manicure No. 04; Body Shape – Mela’s, upcoming release; Eyes – IC, older freebie gift; Sweater – Armidi, Au Fraize Boucle Sweater black; Skirt – ❤ Cupcakes, from the Black Gathered dress set;Hosiery – Paper Couture, from the free gift box in Barcola

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New pose set from Juicy!

Gogo has just released another pack of poses and as always, these are deliciously cute!

This is the Tiny Dancer pose set and once again, she’s releasing it for only 1L. Head on over to the La Reina sim to grab yours today!

UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion folks :p the poses are located inside Gogo’s store, Demoiselles.  ^_^

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Just in time for New Years!!! <33333

You *have* to watch this. 😀

My friend Hap Underwood of irkmade, the very talented, very creative dude behind the animated burlesque martini glass that I showed off my patterson shape in, has created the animated bubbly burlesque champagne glass, just in time for New Years! 😀

I’m totally tickled and flattered that he chose to have his model use the aurora II body shape that I have for sale at my shop Mela’s, because if there’s anything I know about Hap, it’s that he’s got the eyes of a hawk when it comes to detail. Anyways, she looks absolutely adorable in this vid! He has her done up very nicely with hair from Jetdoll, a dress from Pixel Mode, skin from Jezebel’s, hosiery from No. 9, and shoes from Jeepers Creepers.

Want to put on a sexy little burlesque show of your own? You can find these glasses at irkmade in the La Reina sim.

irkmade champagne glass

Okay, and since I have an excuse to post burlesque videos :p here’s my old one again… it’s not as pretty as Hap’s but I had fun making it. ^_^

And because it’s my blog, here’s me and Izzy 😀


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Oooh… pressies from Mischief and Icing!

My inventory is out of control, so I’ve been abstaining from the holiday freebie frenzy for the most part.

No one in their right mind, however, can say “No” to a freebie from Mischief and Icing. The update groups for both of these great stores are currently giving away two very pretty dresses, so if you’re not part of these groups yet… time to join! Janie Marlowe added in her notice this morning that another freebie will be coming out soon, and it sounds like it will be a menswear item. Ooh…

But enough of my yakking. Behold the pressies ^_^  As always, you can view larger versions of these images on their respective flickr pages by simply clicking on them, and SLURLs and credit info are at the end of this post.

The Mystified Halter Dress in snow, from Mischief…

Mischief Mystified Halter Dress

The lovely Twilight Gown from Icing…

Icing Twilight gown

Not part of these groups yet? Joining is super easy.

To join the Mischief update group (founded by Janie Marlowe), just hit Search > Group tab > type “mischief” and it will be the group at the top of the list with over 1900 members (as of this writing).

To get on the Icing update group (founded by Miko Omegamu), hit Search > Group tab > type “icing” and this, too, will be at the top of the list with nearly 900 members (as of this writing).

Additional info…

1st image: Dress – Mischief, Mystified Halter Dress in snow (group gift); Hair – RaC, Priss black; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Skin – Soda Boutique, Fiona beta (group preview freebie); Shoes – KK Outfitters, Lo-Top Kool Kicks Women’s Black; Bracelets – Caroline’s Jewelry, Black Flexi Bangles from the 3 Flexi Bracelets-Gentle Sway set; Body Shape – Mela’s, pixie

2nd image: Dress – Icing, Twilight gown (group gift); Hair – ETD, Vivian chestnut; Eyes – Simtropia, blue light; Skin – Celestial Studios, Vogue Skin in Champagne/Noir-Smoky; Necklace – Cake, Bezel Set Diamond Necklace; Body Shape – Mela’s, pacific rose

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