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New line of skins from Another shop!

Eloh Eliot, the owner of that humble little roadside shop in Lippert, has just released her latest “e” line of hand-drawn skins.

And oh my goodness… she has OUTDONE herself. Seriously.

First of all, the standard information: The “e” line of skins once again come in four skintones, named Fe, Le, Re, and Se. Here they are:

another e standing four

The skin packages just scream thoughtfulness and generosity, from the ridiculously easy method for changing your eyebrow color (just click and wear, folks, no need to go into Edit Appearance for this), the choice in eyebrow thickness, to the choice — in EACH eyebrow thickness, mind you — to have freckles or not.

another e brow thickness another e brow colors another e freckles another e no freckles

Whew, and I haven’t even gotten into describing the great quality of these skins yet.

Eloh’s attention to detail is impeccable. As I inspected the skin from head to toe, I kept finding new features to coo over. The ear details are clear and well-shaded, so you can wear that short ear-baring hairstyle with pride. The lips are gorgeous, with a little bit of shine/highlight. The nose is among the best I’ve seen in SL, with the nostrils in just the right place and the perfect amount of shading — as Aunty MariaLani would say, not too much, not too little, but juuuuuuuuust right. Unlike the “d” line of skins, this time around you are given a choice as to whether you want your cute face sprinkled with freckles or not.

another e earanother e lower face

Her sense of humor shines through in the way she’s named them, too. :p Each folder of skin contains eight makeup variations, one of which has a bare and natural un-madeup look. That makeup-less look has been named after the virtue Humility, while the other remaining seven, all of which have varying lip colors and eye makeups, have been named for the Seven Deadly Sins. 😀

It’s a comprehensive range of makeup looks, too: “gluttony” is delicate and feminine with the light eyeshadow and pastel lip; “envy” pairs the smoky eye with the nude lip, a look that I am a huge fan of; “sloth” is like Molly Ringwald, all pretty in pink; “lust” indulges in luxe red lips. I think the fact that you get all of these makeup options in one crack, and at such a low price, is an incredibly generous gesture.

another e makeup 1
another e makeup 2

And that’s just the face, folks. Let’s take a look at some features on the rest of the body that impressed me.

another e torso front & back
another e legs front & back

Subtle clavicle shading that doesn’t make your collarbone look too sharp? Check. Cleavage shading that’s done so that you get the right amount of definition without having your breast size overly exaggerated? Check. Nipples that are sized with SL fashions in mind? Check. A belly button that actually looks like a human navel and not just some random black hole stuck on the abdomen as an aferthought? Check.

Seriously, I could just drone on and on about everything I dig about these skins. The shading on the backside, from the shoulder blades to the spine to the cute butt, is done very nicely so that while your skin is not just some flat-looking texture, there aren’t any harsh shadows either. The knees (both the fronts and backs of them) are among the prettiest I’ve seen. We are all aware of how ugly SL feet generally are, but it looks like attention has been paid to make sure the toes/toenails line up properly; no pinkies or big toes with nails angling off in unnatural directions. 😀

The variety of makeups and freckle options and eyebrow options, the well-balanced shading work all throughout the body, and the pricing makes this latest release of skins from Another shop! virtually irresistible to anyone. Whether you’re looking to dress up your bajillion alts without breaking the bank (yeah, you know who you are :p ), or if you’re in the market for some new skins, or are simply looking to expand your collection of skins with some quality additions, you’ll most likely want to run over to Lippert and grab these.

Additional info: Hair – ETD Roslin, Eyes – Simtropia, Body Shape – Mela’s pink lady

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  2. These skins are amazing! Are they the same price as the skins you blogged about on 1-November? If they are, I’m buying the lot 🙂

    Comment by Lovey Munro | December 1, 2007

  3. Oh my goodness… they’re actually CHEAPER if you can believe it.

    Comment by melaniekiddofsl | December 2, 2007

  4. The face is gorgeous! The knees, buns, elbows and all the bits and pieces are fine. Only problem I have is how much darker the head is in comparison to the rest of the body.

    Comment by Ravishal | December 2, 2007

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    Comment by Idetrorce | December 15, 2007

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