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Three shapes and a freebie

Three new shapes in the store tonight… and one of them is a freebie! Hurry and grab your copy, because it won’t be free forever. ^_^ I am not sure how long I’ll leave the shape as a freebie; I never know how long I should time these things.

Let me show you the new shapes first, and then we’ll take a closer look at the shape that’s free. 😀

harcourt body shape

Harcourt is a willowy girl, standing tall and slender at 5’11”. Her generous pouty lips, coupled with large eyes and a dainty chin give her a unique look. The following images show her in full length, her facial profile, and in a dozen different skins:

harcourt poster

harcourt skinned 01 harcourt skinned 02 harcourt skinned 03 harcourt profile

aurora I body shape

Aurora I measures in at 5’9″. With her combination of generous curves, full luxurious lips, and pretty wide-set eyes, she is equal parts voluptuous vixen and sweet girl next door. Here she is in full length, her facial profile detailed, and in a wide variety of skins:

aurora I poster

aurora I profile aurora I skinned 01 aurora I skinned 02 aurora I skinned 03 aurora I skinned 04

aurora II body shape

Aurora II is 5’9″ and has the same attractive face (complete with full luxurious lips and pretty wide-set eyes) and the same basic “build” as aurora I, only there’s definitely more of her to love! Her shape was inspired by some of the lovely plus-size models that grace the world of fashion in RL.

Please note that nearly all of SL’s fashions are designed with the average, smaller avatar in mind. Because aurora II’s size is anything but average, you will most likely need to edit clothing articles and shoes/boots that come with prim attachments.

aurora II poster

aurora II profile aurora II skinned 01 aurora II skinned 02 aurora II skinned 03 aurora II skinned 04

All right, now about that freebie ^_^ The freebie I’m offering is the non-modifiable version of the aurora II body shape. The interesting mix of reactions that I got from friends who previewed this shape while I was still developing it was what led me to the decision to share aurora II with as many people as possible. She was shaped with “plus-sized” fashion models in mind, so although she isn’t anywhere near being obese she is definitely not a tiny girl. Here are some comparison shots so that you can see how she looks next to the aurora I shape:

aurora comp face

aurora comp body

If you’re in the mood for trying on a new shape, or if you’re a content creator toying with the idea of building clothing articles for a larger shaped avatar but never got around to developing a larger avi to design around… or heck, if you’re just plain curious about what it’s like to be a larger avi in SL, then stop by at my store in the La Reina sim and pick up your free aurora II shape. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, this offer will be good for a limited time only and then the shape will revert back to my standard L$200 price for non-modifiable shapes.

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  1. Oh, freebie you say? 😀 I’ll stop by and pick it up asap. I’ve never bought a shape in SL, but I like having a couple in my inventory so that I can see how clothes and attachments look on other shapes.
    And they all look adorable! I have to give you kudos for the way you present your product. The different skins, angles and lighting really gives you a clear idea on how they look. 😀

    Comment by antonia marat | November 19, 2007

  2. Beautiful shapes and it’s so smart showing the different skins. What skin are Aurora I and II wearing in the comparison pics??

    Comment by Mellyn McCarey | November 19, 2007

  3. Hi there beautiful shapes! BTW what eyes were used in the adds?????

    Comment by Abby Coalcliff | November 19, 2007

  4. Ty, antonia and Mellyn and Abby! ^_^ The skin is Tasha at RaC, I am in LOVE with that skin. The eyes are from simtropia; these particular ones are the blue light eyes.

    Comment by melaniekiddofsl | November 19, 2007

  5. Really great idea to show the shapes on different skins! Not only is it a shock to see how different it looks on them … but it’s a bit scary how easy it is to identify some of the skins. I had no problem picking out the ones I usually use, even though the face shape is very different from mine.

    Small point … it took me ages to find your store slurl – plaster it everywhere! lol

    Comment by Isobel DeSantis | November 19, 2007

  6. I love the ads you are doing. Showing them in the different skins is the smartest thing I have seen. It definately makes me more confident about making a purchase.

    Comment by cierratheriac | November 20, 2007

  7. […] totally tickled and flattered that he chose to have his model use the aurora II body shape that I have for sale at my shop Mela’s, because if there’s anything I know about Hap, […]

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