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mela’s fatpack

mela's fatpack

For a limited time only, I’m putting five modifiable body shapes in a single pack for only L$1,000. This package is available only at my main store in the La Reina sim (La Reina 154, 137, 24), and although I’m leaving the end date of this special sale open, I’m thinking I’ll probably end it Sunday night/Monday morning. If you’ve ever wanted to have a variety of body shapes, now’s the time to pick some up for really cheap!

mela's fatpack

Each modifiable and copyable shape comes with two dress shapes, a brow base, a copy of the poster texture and a notecard containing hair/skin/eyes information.

As I’ve said before, I tend to think of all of my shapes as my “babies”. 😀 I mean really, the analogy holds when I think about it — I lavish them with tons of attention, spending considerable amounts of time with (or rather, in) each one as I scrutinize their development, carefully correcting them and tweaking them for weeks before I feel they’re ready to go out into the world. I do not believe it’s possible for a shape to look good in *every* single skin that is out there, but it doesn’t hurt to try and achieve that anyways; therefore, I “test” my shapes in as many different skins as possible, painstakingly taking a picture of the shapes in each one and sharing the results in the notecards dispensed at my store. (My folder of skin demos is a mile long because of this.)

If you’d like more information on the shapes, visit my store in La Reina and click on the the posters for a notecard with all the pictures and details. Or, click on the following links to the various posts on my blog regarding these shapes:

pink lady body shape

the pixie body shape

crispin body shape

pacific rose body shape

patterson body shape

I’ve also been working on a new batch of shapes that I hope to release sometime next week. 😀

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