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Do you recall balking at the price of skins when you were a newbie? I definitely remember thinking, no ways am I spending that much on a mere skin for what amounts to my virtual dollie.

Hoo boy, has my tune changed since then! I’ve since seen the error in my previous way of thinking. 🙂 (In fact, I am what my friend Gogo refers to as a “RaC Faithful”, hehe.) If you take any pride whatsoever in your avi’s appearance, having a good, quality skin that you are completely happy with is like having a really good makeup foundation in RL — it is absolutely necessary, utterly indispensable.

Enter my friend IsabellaMarie Oh into the picture: she has been in SL off and on for a few months now, but has never really spent much time in-world other than to rez the odd prim here and there. She was perfectly content with traipsing about in her default avi (the horror!) and the only reason why she now has a cute outfit from Last Call and a Minnu skin is because I nagged her and gave her some lindens.

Well, ever since getting her Minnu skin, Izzy has warmed up considerably to the idea of dolling up her avi. She’s remarked a couple of times on how she wouldn’t mind having different kinds of makeups, but she is still quite reluctant to blow L$1,000+ on a single skin, much less L$4,000 – 6,000 on a fatpack (even though it’s “cheaper” [per skin] that way).

So naturally, she was the first person I thought of when I saw that the new skins were put out at Another shop! These are hand-drawn skins, and they’re really quite adorable. They come in four skintones, and all of them feature freckles. The skins themselves are completely bare in the pubic area, but if that’s not your thing there are two pubic hair options that are thoughtfully provided; they go on the underpants layer and are called “full” and “landing strip”.

What really made me think of Izzy right away, however, was the price point — these are insanely affordable. Each skintone sells for only L$200, and your money gets you six (6) — yes, SIX — different makeups. Six!! Izzy ended up buying the Rd skintone, which she models in the pics below along with demos for the other three skintones:

another lineup 1

L to R in the picture above: Sd silver, Fd nude, Ld subtle nude, Rd subtle nude

another lineup 2

L to R in the picture above: Rd silver, Rd red, Rd pinup

Another shop!

L to R in the picture above: Rd nude, Rd dark, Rdº (this one’s a freebie!)

Izzy is also wearing the Phoebe hairstyle from ETD, the Indigo 2 eyes from Nomine, and a custom shape from me 😀 I am toying with the idea of offering custom shapes at my store, Mela’s; if you are at all interested in getting a custom shape done then send me an IM and we’ll talk. ^_^

Are you helping out a newbie friend with finding a nice variety of skins to play with but at a price that won’t single-handedly obliterate all of the linden dollars they’ve camped for? Or perhaps you want an affordable addition to your own collection of skins? Pay a visit to Another shop! in the Lippert sim:

P.s. Note to Izzy — I was just joking about your avi being horrifying, you were a pretty newbie :p

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