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New line of skins from Another shop!

Eloh Eliot, the owner of that humble little roadside shop in Lippert, has just released her latest “e” line of hand-drawn skins.

And oh my goodness… she has OUTDONE herself. Seriously.

First of all, the standard information: The “e” line of skins once again come in four skintones, named Fe, Le, Re, and Se. Here they are:

another e standing four

The skin packages just scream thoughtfulness and generosity, from the ridiculously easy method for changing your eyebrow color (just click and wear, folks, no need to go into Edit Appearance for this), the choice in eyebrow thickness, to the choice — in EACH eyebrow thickness, mind you — to have freckles or not.

another e brow thickness another e brow colors another e freckles another e no freckles

Whew, and I haven’t even gotten into describing the great quality of these skins yet.

Eloh’s attention to detail is impeccable. As I inspected the skin from head to toe, I kept finding new features to coo over. The ear details are clear and well-shaded, so you can wear that short ear-baring hairstyle with pride. The lips are gorgeous, with a little bit of shine/highlight. The nose is among the best I’ve seen in SL, with the nostrils in just the right place and the perfect amount of shading — as Aunty MariaLani would say, not too much, not too little, but juuuuuuuuust right. Unlike the “d” line of skins, this time around you are given a choice as to whether you want your cute face sprinkled with freckles or not.

another e earanother e lower face

Her sense of humor shines through in the way she’s named them, too. :p Each folder of skin contains eight makeup variations, one of which has a bare and natural un-madeup look. That makeup-less look has been named after the virtue Humility, while the other remaining seven, all of which have varying lip colors and eye makeups, have been named for the Seven Deadly Sins. 😀

It’s a comprehensive range of makeup looks, too: “gluttony” is delicate and feminine with the light eyeshadow and pastel lip; “envy” pairs the smoky eye with the nude lip, a look that I am a huge fan of; “sloth” is like Molly Ringwald, all pretty in pink; “lust” indulges in luxe red lips. I think the fact that you get all of these makeup options in one crack, and at such a low price, is an incredibly generous gesture.

another e makeup 1
another e makeup 2

And that’s just the face, folks. Let’s take a look at some features on the rest of the body that impressed me.

another e torso front & back
another e legs front & back

Subtle clavicle shading that doesn’t make your collarbone look too sharp? Check. Cleavage shading that’s done so that you get the right amount of definition without having your breast size overly exaggerated? Check. Nipples that are sized with SL fashions in mind? Check. A belly button that actually looks like a human navel and not just some random black hole stuck on the abdomen as an aferthought? Check.

Seriously, I could just drone on and on about everything I dig about these skins. The shading on the backside, from the shoulder blades to the spine to the cute butt, is done very nicely so that while your skin is not just some flat-looking texture, there aren’t any harsh shadows either. The knees (both the fronts and backs of them) are among the prettiest I’ve seen. We are all aware of how ugly SL feet generally are, but it looks like attention has been paid to make sure the toes/toenails line up properly; no pinkies or big toes with nails angling off in unnatural directions. 😀

The variety of makeups and freckle options and eyebrow options, the well-balanced shading work all throughout the body, and the pricing makes this latest release of skins from Another shop! virtually irresistible to anyone. Whether you’re looking to dress up your bajillion alts without breaking the bank (yeah, you know who you are :p ), or if you’re in the market for some new skins, or are simply looking to expand your collection of skins with some quality additions, you’ll most likely want to run over to Lippert and grab these.

Additional info: Hair – ETD Roslin, Eyes – Simtropia, Body Shape – Mela’s pink lady

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SJA Customboards

One of the nice things about Second Life is that you can indulge a bit of escapist fun. (Pardon my penchant for stating the obvious. 😀 ) So while RL weather temperatures may have been plummeting for a lot of SL residents within the past couple of months, we can all still hit the sun, sand, and surf in SL… and as with all things, we try to do so with a bit of style.

A couple of days ago my friend Sahra showed me a cute blue bikini, and I promptly asked where she’d bought it. Turns out her friend Schrottvogel Wei, who owns SJA Customboards, is now designing swimwear as well. Long story short: I asked to join his update group, and ended up with four of his new bikinis, one of which (the blue one) is a freebie. Yay!

He’s got a total of eight designs up right now, all of which are currently priced at an affordable L$100 (aside from the freebie). He passed the freebie to me along with his red “scull” bikini, after which I visited his shop and picked up the pink “hibiskus” and white “turtle” sets as well (additional credits and SLURLs are at the end of this post):

They are all string-tie bikinis, and I like how Schrottvogel added shading to all of the string parts to give it a more realistic look, the texture doesn’t just sit flatly on your avi’s skin. He’s also placed some nipple shading on the bikini tops — the degree to which the nipple shading shows is dependent on the color of the bikini. While the nipples were more pronounced on the blue and red sets, they were much more subtle on the white set and barely discernible on the pink set.

I have a huge pet peeve when it comes to bikinis: I hate, hate, HATE when I blow something to the tune of L$200 on a bikini/swimsuit, only to find that it does not cover my avi’s nether regions adequately. I’m happy to report that this is not an issue with these bikinis. While they are definitely sexy, what with the the string portion between the breasts and the ties at the hips, back, and neck, they are not crotch-and-ass-baring skanky. Your kitty and tush are all nicely covered up… well, maybe a very slight amount of crack shows but it’s not stripperific-type exposure. 🙂

My biggest praise for these bikinis is over the layering options. Tattoo users, rejoice! Schrottvogel has thoughtfully put these on every possible layer: jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, and underpants. I love when designers do that!

You can check out the surfboards and swimwear by SJA Customboards at Hedonistic Isle. While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab your freebie!

What I’m wearing…

1st image: Hair – BP*, more summer pony; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Bikini – SJA Customboards, Pink “Hibiskus”; Necklace – Aitui, Tapa Necklace; Flower – Aitui, Fresh Plumeria /White/; Tattoo – The Body Politik, Tribal Arm; Manicure – RaC, No. 04; Body shape – Mela’s, pink lady; Skin – RaC, Sofia

2nd image (featuring the freebie bikini): Hair – BP* more summer pony; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Sunglasses – Nea-Ban, Wayfarer; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Tattoo – Aitui, The Birds Dance; Piercings** – Zipz, eyebrow light metal spike micro twisted + nose titanium curved barbell + lip linked double light titanium captive steel rings; Bikini – SJA Customboards, Bikini Blue “SJA Logo”; Manicure – RaC, No. 04; Pedicure – RaC, No. 04; Slippers – KK Outfitters, Kickers Flippers Women’s Blue
** Piercings were originally three separate sets; modified and linked by myself to accommodate lack of sufficient facial attachment points.

3rd image: Hair – BP* more summer pony; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Tattoo – Aitui, The Birds Dance; Piercings** – Zipz, eyebrow light metal spike micro twisted + nose titanium curved barbell + lip linked double light titanium captive steel rings; Bikini – SJA Customboards, Bikini Red “Scull”; Manicure – RaC, No. 04
** Piercings were originally three separate sets; modified and linked by myself to accommodate lack of sufficient facial attachment points.

4th image: Hair – BP*, more summer pony; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Bikini – SJA Customboards, White “Turtle”; Piercings** – Zipz, eyebrow light metal spike micro twisted + nose titanium curved barbell + lip linked double light titanium captive steel rings;
Tattoo – The Body Politik, Asian Shoulder; Body shape – Mela’s, pink lady; Skin – RaC, Sofia

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Common Courtesy

[15:30] Random Avatar: Hello Shopping Avatar, welcome to Corporation XYZ 🙂

Imagine there is an avi named Shopping Avatar, and she has just TP’d in to a store called Corporation XYZ to do some shopping. She is greeted with the benign statement above upon entry.

Let’s take a look at that greeting again, shall we?

[15:30] Random Avatar: Hello Shopping Avatar, welcome to Corporation XYZ 🙂

What can we glean from this statement? Let’s analyze:

  1. Public chat log clearly shows the name of every typist.
  2. We can see from public chat that there is a person operating an avi by the name of Random Avatar.
  3. Random just greeted a customer on behalf of the store.
  4. Therefore, Random must be an employee of the store.
  5. Random added a smilie at the end in place of an actual smile, to convey friendliness.
  6. Logic dictates that this store employee extending a friendly greeting is doing so to convey helpfulness, should the customer require any.

I extended this very greeting just this afternoon to countless people. Most people will sacrifice the roughly five seconds it takes to type back a brief acknowledgment, such as “Hi” or “Hello”. Some will even indulge in a few extra keystrokes and tack on a smilie of their own: “Hello :)”. Others choose to ignore the greeting; perhaps they did not see the greeting in their viewer.

One person, however, chose to respond with this:

[15:30] Shopping Avatar Stupid Cow: Hello person.

Again, let’s analyze:

  1. Public chat log shows that Stupid Cow, f.k.a. Shopping Avatar, has indeed recognized the fact that she was being greeted.
  2. Stupid Cow has the luxury of taking a few seconds to type a response.
  3. Stupid Cow has replaced Random’s name with “person”.
  4. Stupid Cow is looking at the public chat log, which clearly shows the name of the person who greeted her; therefore, her use of the word “person” in place of a more courteous pronoun is obviously deliberate.
  5. Stupid Cow is being condescending, and quite possibly finds enjoyment in this.
  6. Stupid Cow really is a stupid cow.

Okay, so perhaps item six on that latest list is more of an opinion than anything else, but really, how hard is it to simply be nice? It’s not like my fragile heart was crushed by this glaring display of rudeness, but I was a bit annoyed. It’s one thing to completely ignore someone; it’s quite another to willfully go out of your way to be a twat.

I know, I know — this is Second Life, develop a thick virtual skin (as it says somewhere on the SL website, don’t ask me where). The thing is, SL is a community like any other, it just happens to exist in a virtual setting as opposed to meatspace… and like all other communities, behaving like a civil adult when the situation calls for it, and displaying just a little bit of courtesy, really goes a long way towards helping everything run just that much more smoothly.

(And goodness knows, SL needs all the help it can get in running right. o.O)

Another thing to consider (and this one really seems like plain ol’ common sense): behaving like a decent human being is also especially important if you plan on taking on a business venture. The person that we refer to in this post as Stupid Cow (I won’t give her real name but here’s a hint — it rhymes with “Sibbon Tye”) states in her profile that she’s a builder accepting commissions.

With that winning personality of hers, I’m sure she’ll get tons of work.

Hello Reader, welcome to my blog 🙂


Retrospect is a great thing.  ^_^  I realize now I should have added the part where she actually took the time to explain to someone why she had chosen to address me as “person”.  Here’s a copy/paste from the comments section of this post:

I probably should have added to the post that another customer who was present overheard her, and actually called her on her bad manners.

She had the nerve to justify her actions by implying that *I* was the rude person in this scenario for having dared address her without introducing myself first. o_O I guess her powers of observation are in dire need of a tune-up if she is incapable of connecting the obvious dots that clearly indicated what my name is (hello, it’s right there in chat) and the capacity in which I’d been greeting people.

Then she went on to say that I was a person, someone she didn’t know, hence her use of “Hello person”… and that if she’d wished to be rude, she would have called me something else.

/me rolls eyes

If I were to apply her logic, then next time I see her I will have to say, “Hello idiot”. :p


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The versatile White Lacy Shirt at <3 Cupcakes

White Lacy Shirt 01 I am a fan of mixing and matching numerous clothing articles from different designers; in addition to being just plain fun, it’s a way to get creative while expressing your own individual tastes and style.

As a result of this penchant for mixing up outfits, I’ve found that I’ve there are a handful of basic wardrobe pieces that I continually gravitate towards — items like the torn jeans miniskirt from the Last Call Yelena set; my Tres Blah jeans with the oh-so-perfectly shaded derrière; the Naughty Designs classic set of crop sweaters (that are modifiable! w00t for being able to control sleeve lengths); my continually growing collection of sneakers (they look like RL Chucks except for the logo) from KK Outfitters; the basic hoop earrings from Paper Couture (they’re free!); etc. They’re all incredibly versatile, enabling me to build my outfits in a myriad different ways.

I’ve recently added another item to my little list of clothing essentials: the White Lacy Shirt from ❤ Cupcakes! by Mimi Coral. (She’s also got lots of cute dresses — oh, soooo many sweet dresses, you end up feeling like a kid in a candy store!! — but that’s a whole ‘nother story, heh.) It’s incredibly versatile, and not only because of the basic white coloring. The shirt comes on all three system layers plus the underpants layer for tucking under the waistband of your pants and skirts, making it a super flexible and thus great choice for layering with other pieces. The fact that this shirt is also modifiable and copyable just adds even more value to this bargain of a shirt, because now you can create tinted copies. ^_^

The styling of the shirt itself is basically sweet, innocent, and romantic, what with the high collar and lacy front… totally makes me think of Anne of Green Gables stuff. :p The style is hardly limiting, however; you can still pull a diverse amount of looks out of the shirt. Here are a few outfits I was able to put together (credits and SLURLS are at the end of the post); they all use the same shirt (as well as the same Nicola Red Cameo locket from Caroline’s Jewelry; for some reason I felt compelled to keep pairing the two) but I feel they’re dissimilar enough so that you don’t “feel” like you’re recycling the same look over and over:

Outfit 1

White Lacy Shirt 02

Back when I bought the shirt at ❤ Cupcakes!, I also picked up a 2-skirt set that comes in pink and grey. The skirts have a very feminine feel, what with the hip-accentuating buttons along the side and all the gathers and ruffles in the texture. Offsetting this nicely are the dark browns and leaner lines of the boots and the tweed jacket (which has that great torn detail that I love ^_^). Topping it off is a smart-looking capped hairstyle, and I added a turquoise bangle for a just a teensy-weensy subtle contrast. 😀

Outfit 2

White Lacy Shirt 03

In this next outfit, I again layered the shirt under a jacket, but sort of reversed things — this time, it’s the top half that takes on a very feminine look with a hairstyle that is long, wavy, and shiny, as well as a jacket piece that takes on a very feminine form with it’s puffy sleeves and midriff-baring cut. Balancing things out again are the same brown boots paired off with figure-hugging faded jeans.

Outfit 3

White Lacy Shirt 04

After the girly skirts and jacket I wanted a leaner and sexier look, so out came yet another essential piece — the thigh-skimming little black mini skirt. Completing the look is a dark red leather jacket and black pantyhose, along with some rather naughty-looking black platform boots that cling to the legs. In keeping with the somewhat edgy look is the short red hairstyle that deliberately brushes some hair over the right eye. Note: I felt that wearing prim lashes with this look was imperative but texture weirdness resulted in the right eye’s lashes poking through the hair; I remedied this by modifying the set of lashes so that only the left eye would be adorned. (Don’t forget the rule of thumb; ALWAYS make a backup copy before editing!)

Outfit 4

White Lacy Shirt 05

It would be remiss of me to not pair this shirt with a skirt that’s equally romantic-looking. (Shorter avatars, please note that the prims on this particular skirt are somewhat longish; the body shape worn in this image is 5’9″ and the skirt fell to near the ankles.) Because I felt there’s already so much going on with the full shape and texture of the skirt, I refrained from adding any other jewelry and the only other adornments are the red manicure/pedicure on the glove/socks layers, as well as the simple sandals.

Outfit 5

White Lacy Shirt 06

Last but not least: a rather prim and proper yet dainty look that would work at the office. The slim black skirt, black seamed stockings, and solid black plain pumps create a nice long and leggy line. What keeps the outfit from venturing into overly-stuffy secretary territory is the bolero jacket that remains open and thus leaves most of the torso exposed, and that wonderfully feminine hairstyle. There’s so much to love about this hairstyle, not the least of which is the incredibly life-like healthy-hair texture. The waves are nice and full, the bangs are a great length, the double-stranded headband is a nice touch, and I LOVE that the ears aren’t covered, meaning that you can show off your earrings and still get to keep a great length in the back.

So there you have it, five different outfits. They all have their own unique feel despite having been built around the same, very basic piece. The White Lacy Shirt is incredibly easy to work with because of the thoughtful layering options, and at L$75 it’s practically a steal. ^_^

Credits and SLURLs

Outfit 1: Hair – ETD, Janine black; Eyes – Simtropia, deep brown; Lashes – RaC, black flirty; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Nails – RaC, Manicure 06; Necklace – Caroline’s Jewelry, Nicola Red Cameo Locket in Gold; Blouse – ❤ Cupcakes!, White Lacy Shirt; Jacket – Nylon Outfitters, Tweed Jacket in brown; Skirt – ❤ Cupcakes!, Skirt Pack skirt in pink; Bracelet – 67 angels, Bangle #01 Turquoise; Boots – Last Call Vamp, Liah boots in chocolate

Outfit 2: Hair – RaC, Southfork black; Eyes – Simtropia, deep brown; Lashes – RaC, black flirty; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Nails – RaC, Manicure 06; Necklace – Caroline’s Jewelry, Nicola Red Cameo Locket in Gold; Blouse – ❤ Cupcakes!, White Lacy Shirt; Jacket – Tuli, from the Ana earth set (group freebie); Jeans – Last Call, from the Frida set; Boots – Last Call Vamp, Liah boots in chocolate

Outfit 3: Hair – Kin, Ash red; Eyes – Simtropia, cerulean light; Lashes – RaC, black flirty (modded to be worn on left eye only); Skin – RaC, Tasha; Shape – Mela’s, Harcourt; Nails – RaC, Manicure 04; Necklace – Caroline’s Jewelry, Nicola Red Cameo Locket in Gold; Blouse – ❤ Cupcakes!, White Lacy Shirt; Jacket – SLink, Black Red Leather coat (sans prims); Skirt – Last Call, pants layer and skirt prim from the Ginny set; Hosiery – Blaze, pantyhose in charcoal from the 13 color bundle; Boots – Szentasha Fashions, boots-zipper-short in black

Outfit 4: Hair – RaC, Southfork black; Eyes – Simtropia, cerulean light; Lashes – RaC, black flirty; Skin – RaC, Tasha; Shape – Mela’s, Aurora I; Nails – RaC, Manicure 04 & Pedicure 04; Necklace – Caroline’s Jewelry, Nicola Red Cameo Locket in Gold; Blouse – ❤ Cupcakes!, White Lacy Shirt; Skirt – Material Squirrel, Patch Skirt; Sandals – Lassitude & Ennui, Signature sandals in black & silver

Outfit 5: Hair – RaC, Priss black; Eyes – Simtropia, brown deep; Lashes – RaC, black flirty; Skin – RaC, Trisha; Nails – RaC, Manicure 04; Earrings – Paper Couture, Antique Pearl Earrings (limited edition, no longer available); Necklace – Caroline’s Jewelry, Nicola Red Cameo Locket in Gold; Blouse – ❤ Cupcakes!, White Lacy Shirt; Skirt – Ingenue, skirt layer from the Paris Lullaby set; Stockings – Insolence, socks layer from the Clara Black Satin set; Pumps – Enkythings, Talyn black

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RaC Masquerade

A new division of clothing at RaC City has just opened up! RaC Masquerade, located next to the men’s clothing department, features a variety of unisex costumes — you can dress up as a pirate, a hippie (they’ve even thrown in a spliff lol), a cop… there’s more, but instead of having me make a boring list for you, you should just head down there and check them out for yourself. It’s more fun to look at the pictures anyways :p

I waffled for a loooooong time between the pirate costume and the cop outfit. The details on the cop’s jacket is what finally made me decide on that set 😀

RaC Masquerade

What I’m wearing: Hair – Honey from RaC Hair; Skin – Tasha from RaC; Eyes – gray deep from Simtropia; Manicure – Manicure No. 04 from RaC; Body shape – aurora I from Mela’s.

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Three shapes and a freebie

Three new shapes in the store tonight… and one of them is a freebie! Hurry and grab your copy, because it won’t be free forever. ^_^ I am not sure how long I’ll leave the shape as a freebie; I never know how long I should time these things.

Let me show you the new shapes first, and then we’ll take a closer look at the shape that’s free. 😀

harcourt body shape

Harcourt is a willowy girl, standing tall and slender at 5’11”. Her generous pouty lips, coupled with large eyes and a dainty chin give her a unique look. The following images show her in full length, her facial profile, and in a dozen different skins:

harcourt poster

harcourt skinned 01 harcourt skinned 02 harcourt skinned 03 harcourt profile

aurora I body shape

Aurora I measures in at 5’9″. With her combination of generous curves, full luxurious lips, and pretty wide-set eyes, she is equal parts voluptuous vixen and sweet girl next door. Here she is in full length, her facial profile detailed, and in a wide variety of skins:

aurora I poster

aurora I profile aurora I skinned 01 aurora I skinned 02 aurora I skinned 03 aurora I skinned 04

aurora II body shape

Aurora II is 5’9″ and has the same attractive face (complete with full luxurious lips and pretty wide-set eyes) and the same basic “build” as aurora I, only there’s definitely more of her to love! Her shape was inspired by some of the lovely plus-size models that grace the world of fashion in RL.

Please note that nearly all of SL’s fashions are designed with the average, smaller avatar in mind. Because aurora II’s size is anything but average, you will most likely need to edit clothing articles and shoes/boots that come with prim attachments.

aurora II poster

aurora II profile aurora II skinned 01 aurora II skinned 02 aurora II skinned 03 aurora II skinned 04

All right, now about that freebie ^_^ The freebie I’m offering is the non-modifiable version of the aurora II body shape. The interesting mix of reactions that I got from friends who previewed this shape while I was still developing it was what led me to the decision to share aurora II with as many people as possible. She was shaped with “plus-sized” fashion models in mind, so although she isn’t anywhere near being obese she is definitely not a tiny girl. Here are some comparison shots so that you can see how she looks next to the aurora I shape:

aurora comp face

aurora comp body

If you’re in the mood for trying on a new shape, or if you’re a content creator toying with the idea of building clothing articles for a larger shaped avatar but never got around to developing a larger avi to design around… or heck, if you’re just plain curious about what it’s like to be a larger avi in SL, then stop by at my store in the La Reina sim and pick up your free aurora II shape. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, this offer will be good for a limited time only and then the shape will revert back to my standard L$200 price for non-modifiable shapes.

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Celebrity Morph

Gogo wrote about this a while ago. I finally got around to playing with it and got Aishwarya Rai, Kristen Davis, and Rachel Leigh Cook. ^^

Erm, okay I guess wordpress doesn’t like dealing with shockwave and stuff. o.o Static version instead:

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Another shop! has another freebie skin

I just found out from Gogo (go check out her website btw!) that Eloh Eliot of Another shop! has generously shared yet ANOTHER freebie skin! This one sports freckles, just like the set of skins I’d blogged a little while ago.

The name of the freebie is Le0. I compared it against the Ld demo that I have, and while the skin tone is similar I’d have to say that the Le skin has a creamier, more “glowing” look to it. The shading is great — Gogo and I were going “ooh” and “ahh” over the details. Gogo pointed out the perfect amount of shine on the new lips, and I felt that the shading on the cleavage area and on the knees and legs are on par with some of the skins we see in the $L1000 range. Here are some quick shots that I grabbed (clicking on them will take you to their respective flickr pages where you can look at larger versions):

Snapshot_013 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_014

Go to the Lippert sim and grab your copy of Eloh’s latest free skin at her roadside shop!

Hair is from Cake, eyes are from Simtropia, shape is from Mela’s

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Rant: My Dumbass Neighbor

UPDATE:  Roughly two hours after my ARs were filed, the offending prims were removed.  W00t!  😀

[7:16] Melanie774 Kidd: Hi James, I feel I’ve been extremely accommodating, giving you more than ample time to move your items out of my property space; all it takes to move your items is nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse. Unlike RL, moving one’s house and belongings in SL is -NOT- a big hassle and takes mere minutes, if not seconds. I am tired of asking you to move your skybox and rock prims out of my space, only to have you wilfully ignore my requests time and again. I am going to file an Abuse Report with Linden Labs against you for property encroachment by sometime this afternoon SLT.

I sent that message to my neighbor, James Moran, this morning.

He owns a 512 sqm parcel, the corner of which touches a corner on my own property.

Some time ago, he rezzed a skybox over his parcel. No, I’m not complaining about the fact that he has a skybox; what bugs the hell out of me is the fact that his goddamn skybox consists of a 40×40 megaprim cube that OBVIOUSLY cannot possibly be contained within a parcel of that size. His ugly ass box overlaps into *every* other property that adjoins his. He rezzed it so that it goes up to exactly the 768m altitude, probably in the hopes that no one would notice it. Well, I tend to do most of my work up at around the 700m altitude, too, so yes, I’ve definitely noticed that he’s been shoving his elbow in my face and I do not appreciate it.

He’s also thrown a few prims into my space on the ground level, as well. I’m unable to return or delete them, however, because the root prim is on his property. This really irks me because I know that his prims are being deducted from my own prim allocation. How do I know this? Well, I discovered this back when I resided in the Peraut sim. I had emptied out one of my Peraut parcels while preparing it for sale, and to my surprise even after I’d cleaned everything out via auto-return, there were still two prims being used. Turned out those two prims were part of a plumeria tree my neighbor had rezzed in the corner of his property; one of the branches was overhanging onto my space. Hitting delete and return was ineffective; there was nothing I could do about it other than ask my neighbor, nicely, to please move it out of my space.

Which is precisely what I’ve done with my current neighbor: I have asked him several times, nicely, to please move his things out of my space. I dunno, I guess being nice just simply doesn’t work with some people. The last time I spoke with him, I told him that my only other recourse is to file an AR, to which he promptly replied that he would move his things. Yeah, well like the saying goes, talk is cheap, and his word is apparently worth zilch because he has yet to move his shit, hence my curt message to him this morning.

I reside on a continent. Yes, I realize that by choosing to live on mainland property, I open myself up to this sort of problem. I really really really hate that there is no zoning ordinance in SL; I seriously considered going into an estate sim for a long time, but… I just can’t do it. I can’t willingly subject myself to someone else’s one-hundred-and-one estate rules regarding how I may conduct myself on my own property. Hell, I’ve even thought about splitting up a sim with a bunch of friends but even that idea just introduces a whole new set of complications. -_-

Yeah, I guess I want to have my cake and eat it, too.

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Featured in Torley’s photography guide and Brutal Honesty ^^

I found out from Lex a few days ago that my object matte photo “me and ary” got a little mention in Torley Linden’s “Torley’s guide to high quality photography!” 😀

Here’s the pic:

me and ary in object matte

Yeah, it looks funny… but that is how the image was captured in SL, no post-editing work was done on it. To get this look, you must use the Snapshot function (the snapshot button at the bottom of the client or Ctrl + Shift + S) so that you can view the snapshot dialogue, so soz but “snapshot to disk” won’t work. (Yeah, no sneaking in any silent pics, lol.) You must also select the “Save snapshot to hard drive” option in order to activate the dropdown menu in the Capture field (which is located at the middle of the snapshot dialogue). The dropdown will show “Depth” and “Object Mattes”.

Here’s an example of a shot taken using the depth option:


Another mention I got was on the Brutal Honesty blog. 😀 One of the contributors to that blog, Tina Travanti, recently checked out my store Mela’s. In spite of some trouble with a poster I’d priced incorrectly, she had some very nice things to say about my store, for which I’m *really* grateful:

I love my new shape and even with the mix-up I was transformed in just a few minutes and very happy with my purchase. Mela the Slider Surgeon has a great product and has put a lot of time and thought into what she’s doing. You have to check out her store. I fully enjoyed myself and I will be sending people there for some slider work.

I do try to put a bit of thought into my store and what I make, so it’s super nice when someone says something positive about it. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Tina!

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